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This fun Healthy Eating Food Bingo activity is an interactive way of getting your classes thinking about different healthy foods that are essential to their diets. This teacher-made resource is great as a whole class activity, providing cards featuring illustrations of foods like bananas and lettuce for you to call out, as your pupils try and cover the ones they have on their food bingo boards.

Wellbeing bingo Have a go at playing our wellbeing bingo with your pupils or colleagues and see if anyone has done the same little acts of self-care in the last week as you. Go to resource Save resource Go to resource Save resource. Kids make their own food group bingo game. Complete print and play for up to ten players. Nutrition themed bingo game for kids featuring each of the five food groups: milk group, vegetable food group, fruit food group, grains food group and protein food group. Great for the whole family or in the classroom. It’s Time For Healthy U “Wellness Bingo!” Thanks for Choosing a Rousing and Personal Wellness Challenge of “Healthy U Wellness Bingo! Your Goal Over the Next 30 Days Is to Completely Fill Up Your Bingo Card and make a Black-Out!!

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  • Happy almost October!

    We’ll be welcoming October in a couple of days and what better way to keep crushing those health and fitness goals with a friendly game of bingo. Check out the bingo board at the bottom of this page – print it, save it on your phone, do whatever works best for you. Then let’s gooooooo!

    Wolf run slot machine download. A couple of things…

    • Make sure you have My Challenge Tracker App downloaded on your phone (& you’re invited to our current group – reach out to be added)
    • You’ve scheduled your workouts into your day
    • Review the meal plan/guide and have a plan for YOU (I’m here to help)
    • Take note of the bingo board to create your plan of attack for a black out
    • Cheer everyone on in the app

    The game will run from October 1 to October 31. Each week I’ll post a “check in” in the app so we can see how we are doing on our board. You are responsible for filling (Xing) your own board out. You’re also responsible for your own actions towards crushing those goals. I’m 100% here to cheer you on, but only you can put in the work.

    Reach out with any questions, otherwise, I’m excited to see all the black outs October 31. Wahoo!!

    Mental Health Bingo Cards

    I’m 100% sure prizes will be involved for those with a black out.