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Horizon Gymnastics Club offers members the ability to work Bingo’s to earn a $75.00 credit towards future class fees or birthday parties. No experience is necessary.


  • Carefree Bingo has an excellent snack bar. Aerials Gymnastics is a local booster club run by the parents of the gymnasts at Aerials Gymnastics in Colorado Springs.
  • This bingo card has a free space and 24 words: I Stuck my cartwheel on beam!, I made my kip!, I made 3 kips in a row!, I did my round off backhand spring on tumble track!, I had straight legs on my straight jump to the vault table!, I made 3 chin-ups in a row, I did 5 perfect leg lifts, I made up a leap series and did it 10x, I held a 1 min handstand against wall, I did extra stretches while.
  • Gymnastics Bingo bingo card with kip, front layout, hollow rocks, yurchenko, handstand, tsuk, giants, back extension roll, back walkover and squat on.
  • These bingo cards include words like you can create cards like these using BingoCardCreator How To Play Indoor Sports Bingo Cards. Print and go Indoor Sports, Customize or start from scratch with Indoor Sports bingo cards by logging in or registering your Bingo Card Creator; Give one card to each player.
  • Afternoon bingo events run from 11:00am-3:30pm

  • Evening bingo events run from 5:00pm-9:30pm

Please check out our calendar to see our upcoming Bingo's. If you are interested in signing up to work a bingo please email us at [email protected]


Additional Bingo Information


The Horizon Gymnastics Club is a member of the Kensington Bingo Association. All profits from a bingo event

we work are pooled monthly and all member clubs receive a cheque for the same amount, regardless of the

actual amount earned on a specific date. All bingos you will be working will be held at this location: 12538 – 132



Your commitment to work a bingo is essential to the success of each event. You have signed up based on the

number of hours your athlete trains at Horizon and it is an expectation you will honor this commitment. Bingo

deposit cheques or credit card help us to ensure your attendance and these will be processed if you do not work

your scheduled event or find a replacement worker.

Please ensure you have written down the dates of the events you have signed up for. You will receive an email

reminder sometime within the week prior to the date.


We all realize that this can happen from time to time. The important thing is what you do about it. You should

know that if Horizon Gymnastics does not supply the required number of workers for a specific event we are

subject to a fine for each person we are short. Your attendance, or someone in your place, is a must. If you

can’t find someone to switch with then you might look at paying someone yourself to work in your place. All

arrangements of this type are made between the two individuals; the club has no responsibility in the matter. In

the end, if all else fails and you have to cancel, please let us know at least 2 weeks in advance. Please contact us


at 780-453-3209 or [email protected] as soon as possible. You can also reach us at the bingo hall during

our event at 780-454-3635 and pressing 2 to reach the cash office. If you're planning on having someone else

(friend, family member etc.) work this bingo on your behalf, please let us know their name so we can

make bingo day less confusing.


Kensington is a large bingo hall with concrete floors. Please ensure you wear comfortable footwear. There is an

area for volunteers to have their break and there is a table where you can eat a meal. There is a concession

where we recommend you pre-order your food 5 minutes before the start of your break time. Volunteers will

be given a break with a maximum credit of $11.00 towards food and drink at the bingo hall’s concession.

Volunteers are required to complete a form at the concession when they order their food.


Operating and staffing a bingo event requires volunteers in numerous positions. The bingo chairperson will be

the volunteers who oversees the operation of the event. Here is a list of other volunteer positions:

Office Workers: Chairperson Paymaster Paper Controller Bonanza Controller

Floor Workers: Bonanza sellers 50/50 Sellers Double Action/Even Better Balls Sellers Speedo Sellers

OFFICE WORKERS: These positions require the individuals to be at the hall 15 minutes earlier than the floor

positions (10:45am for afternoon events and 4:45pm for evening events). These positions involve cash handling

and balancing and require working in the office area of the bingo hall. Volunteers scheduled in these positions

generally have experience in these areas but you may be asked to fill one of these spots. If you are new in a

position do not feel intimidated. The bingo chairperson will be there to teach you what you need to know.

FLOOR WORKERS: These positions require carrying a float, selling bingo cards, making change and checking

winning bingos. Depending upon what you are selling there will be busier times than others. Awareness is key

in these positions. Fast responses to customer demands directly affect the club profits. Spreading out

throughout the hall and being attentive to hands in the air all helps in this area.

UNDERAGE WORKERS: The Kensington Bingo Hall allows member clubs to have up to 4 workers between 14-18

years of age who are permitted to sell Bonanza and Speedo cards. The 14-year olds are required to complete

their volunteer activity by 9:00pm. A parent or guardian may pick up the 14-year-old at 9:00pm or the worker

may be seated in the volunteer break room until the conclusion of the bingo at approximately 9:00pm. Please

inform us when you sign up for your bingo shifts if you will have any underage workers present.


Expect to be at the bingo hall for approximately 4 ½ hours (until 3:30pm on afternoon events and 9:30pm on

evening events). While at the facility you are not only a representative of the Horizon Gymnastics Club, you are

also a representative of the bingo hall. Behaviour of volunteers must be professional at all times. Upon arriving

at the hall please find the bingo chairperson and check in. You will likely find him/her in the office area. At that

time you will sign in, be assigned to a position for the event and sign up for your break. Any training and

instruction you require will be given to you at that time. Feel free to ask questions, you are not expected to

know everything.

BINGO ETIQUETTE: If a customer asks you something you don’t know please check with another

volunteer or the Chairperson and get back to them. The Chairperson schedules breaks in a staggered

fashion, based on sales of specific cards. It is important that you begin and end your break time

promptly. This will serve to maximize the number of sellers on the floor at any given time. Try to avoid

standing and chatting in groups. This only serves to frustrate patrons who may be requiring service of

some kind. Keep circulating throughout the floor and if a patron wishes to purchase a card you are not

selling try to get the attention of the appropriate seller. Spreading out around the hall provides the best

opportunity for quick responses to bingos and sales….and that means profits! Don’t be afraid to have a

good time with the patrons, after all, it’s a long night…….

At the end of the afternoon events (not the evening events) all volunteers are required to help with cleaning the

facility. This involves throwing away all garbage from the tables and repositioning the chairs. If we do not fulfill

our obligation of cleaning up at the end of an afternoon event we are subject to a fine.

So, now you know almost everything. Ready for your first foray into the world of……BINGO!


Gymnastics Bingo

Kensington Bingo Hall
12538 132 Ave NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5L 3P9‎
(780) 454-3635

These cards are all about Indoor Sports . These bingo cards include words like you can create cards like these using BingoCardCreator

How To Play Indoor Sports Bingo Cards

  1. Print and go Indoor Sports, Customize or start from scratch with Indoor Sports bingo cards by logging in or registering your Bingo Card Creator
  2. Give one card to each player.
  3. call off words randomly from the cut-aprt call list automatically genarated when you print your Indoor Sports. You can either just call out the word or give more involved clue where the answer is.
  4. Players mark the word on their card.
  5. Get the prize bag ready! The first player to mark words in an entire row, column or diagonal wins!.

Timing Tips:

How long a bingo game lasts depends on what pace you read the clues at and how many players you have. If you read faster, such as for older or more experienced students, or if you have more players, the game tends to end more quickly. In general, I suggest allocating between twenty and thirty minutes to a bingo game. Since they can potentially end as early as the fourth word called, though that is quite rare, I encourage you to keep playing in the event of the game being over earlier than you expected it to be. Almost 90% of bingo games with a 25 word list and 25 players will see their first bingo within 7 to 11 words being called.

Craps chips

Card Customization Tip:

You can use Bingo Card Creator to change the card size. This will help if you do not have a lot of time or for younger audiences.

You can use Bingo Card Creator to add pictures or change the free space to make a truly personalized bingo game .

Words List For indoor sports Bingo Cards

Gymnastics Bingo Sheets

  • Aikido
  • Kendo
  • Kung Fu
  • Racquetball
  • Roller Skating
  • Roller Derby
  • Boxing
  • Billiards
  • Darts
  • Dodgeball
  • Fencing
  • Gymnastics
  • Ice Hockey
  • Judo
  • Jujitsu
  • Karate
  • Ice Skating
  • Wrestling
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Table Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Bowling
  • Weight Lifting
  • Curling
  • JaiAlai