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Then I went to Diamond Miner spent about 100k and got 3 Cherries. Later I spent about another 100kish. Keep in mind my mindset was to be a millionaire or go broke cause i mean i started with 50k and i wanted to limit test the machine. Thankfully I did because my 300k dropped to 60k and boom jackpot. 2.5 Million in my pocket. Winning The Largest Jackpot On EVERY SINGLE GAME At The Diamond Casino & Resort In GTA 5 Online! Cheap GTA 5 Shark Cards & More Games: Each machine has different themes: some are based on TV shows from the GTA universe; others are based on movies or locations like Vice City or Egypt. Every slot machine is blaring loud. Arcades are a business venture introduced to Grand Theft Auto Online in The Diamond Casino Heist update. 1 Description 2 Locations 3 Customization 4 Setup 4.1 Setup: Equipment 5 Features 5.1 Main Floor 5.2 Basement 6 Gallery 6.1 Official Screenshots 6.2 Graphics 7 Trivia Arcades are introduced to the protagonist after meeting Lester Crest at Mirror Park. The player can purchase any one of six.

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In this GTA Online Casino Money Farming Guide, we will show you how you can get chips in the newly released Diamond Casino and Resort DLC in GTA Online. Chips are the new type of currency introduced with the Casino DLC, that allows you to participate in the various activities the Casino offers. Chips can also be exchanged for in-game money if you decide to trade them in for real money.

Gta 5 Slot Machine Glitch

This guide will list all of the activities that the Casino offers for you to engage in, and earn Chips in return for winning games. We will also list a couple of money farming glitches that many players have been using to farm the Chips. With the glitch, you can earn more 50,000 Chips in a single turn of a game.

GTA Online Casino Money Farming Guide

Casinos online 888 free casino games slot machines. Below we have listed the money farming glitches and the ways you can earn Chips fast in GTA Online Diamond Casino and Resort DLC.

Money Farming Glitch

As of right now, there are a couple of glitches that you can exploit to earn a decent amount of Chips in the Diamond Casino. The trick is to go and play the card games and guarantee a first turn win.

If you want to earn 50,000 Chips, you need to go play Blackjack and beat the dealer in the first turn. Once you are at the Blackjack table, bet 50,000 and play the first turn. The first turn is supposed to be an easy win even if you have a faint idea about Blackjack. When you beat the dealer in the first turn, your next step is to walk a few steps away from the dealer table and force the game to save at this point.

Gta 5 Slot Machine Glitch 2021

You can do this by changing your outfit from the quick menu and then waiting for the save icon on the bottom right of the screen. Once the game has saved, you can then repeat the step all over again. This will give you around 200,000 Chips in less than 5 minutes.

You can basically go for this glitch with most of the games the casino offers, and with the same process by saving the game after the first turn.

All thanks to KingAlexHD who found the glitch.

How to Get More Chips

As mentioned before, there are many new activities that the new Diamond Casino and Resort offers players in GTA Online. From Casino Games, rewards to finding hiding playing cards that you can find all around the world of GTA Online.

Casino Games

There are many games you can play in the Casino, from blackjack, poker, roulette, Lucky Wheel, and the Horse riding virtual track.

The Lucky Wheel can be found on the casino floor near the Cashier Services. This wheel spin option is rewarded to you every day where you can spin it for a reward. These include various rewards like money, chips, XP, and cars.

You can also find Slot Machines in many places in the casino, however, other card-playing games can offer you more chances of earning Chips. You can go for Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette if you are feeling lucky and might fancy your chances of winning it big.

There is also a new virtual horse riding track in the Casino, where you can participate in by betting on horse racing. You can try the Single Event that runs every 5 minutes and can be played solo against other players in the session. The horse races allow you to pick a horse and place your bet.

Gta 5 Casino Slots

Hidden Playing Cards

Hidden playing cards are something new to the game as it comes with the new Casino DLC. These are playing cards that you need to find as treasure. Hidden Playing Cards can be found all throughout Blaine County and Los Santos. Once you have collected all the playing cards, you will be rewarded with RP and extra Chips.

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This concludes our GTA Online Casino Money Farming Guide. Post your comments below.