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The Over/Under 2.5 goals market is one of the most popular for betting on football. It's where more than 2 goals (combined between the two teams) need to be scored in order to win a particular bet. You might also see this betting market displayed as 'Over 2.5 goal line' - it means the same thing. An Under 2.5 goals market bet can be made on two. With goal line betting the oddsmaker sets a total number of goals to be scored in the match (this includes both teams totals). You can then wager on whether there will be more or fewer goals scored than the indicated goal line. Let’s look at an example. Here is a screenshot of the goal line from Bet365 on the Confederations Cup Final. Biggest Winners KR70,251.36 with 1 KR KR118,633.05 Win KR398,492.55 Win.

The Goal Sports Betting House and the company behind it Goal Sports Betting Limited, were established in 2012 and have been serving faithfully thousands of customers all over Uganda for over five years now. It is one of the biggest gambling companies in Uganda with over 150 employees, which clearly indicates that Goal Sports Betting. Gal Sport Betting App While in the other countries the betting operator’s mobile versions are with basic functions and do not show any images or graphics, Gal Sport Betting Tanzania Mobile is a very colourful and multifunctional website where all the banners, live statistics and almost everything else from the desktop versions are shown.

Goal Sport Betting

Football predictions on teams to score at least 2 goals in a game shouldn’t be a major challenge right? But! It is! It is a very big challenge that has seen even the best-attacking teams come up short in scoring.


BelgiumKortrijk vs LiegeOver 1.5
BelgiumCercle Brugge vs OostendeOver 1.5
ChampionshipRotherham vs CardiffOver 1.5
League OneBlackpool vs BurtonOver 1.5
National LeagueBarnet vs HalifaxOver 1.5
PortugalFerreira vs PortimonenseOver 1.5
Coppa ItaliaJuventus vs Inter MilanOver 1.5
FA CupBurnley vs BournemouthOver 1.5

The over 1.5 goals predictions we offer can help you win bets on a regular basis based on the predictions we make on the day. Sa lotto plus results history.

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The over 1.5 goals predictions or football tip is one of the most popular football betting predictions and it demands that at least two goals must be scored in the game before the final whistle. However, winning is only in view if they are accurate over 1.5 prediction tips.

The only downside of this wonderful option where at least two goals must be scored in a game in 90 minutes is that you’ll have to accumulate many games,.as the odds majorly attached to the option is very small when compared to other betting options.

We’ve seen games where teams that are supposed to produce an attacking masterclass fall short of the hype and sometimes play 0:0 and this is heartbreaking. This is one of the experiences you’ll get as an over 1.5 goals punter and this is a fact.

In this betting option, both teams don’t need to score, all that is required is that a minimum of 2 goals must be scored in a game.

This might seem easy to the eye, but it is not the case. It also requires careful analysis and luck has a major part to play.


Gsb Ug

We’ve seen where potentially exciting games end in goalless draws or with just one goal being scored in the game.

A scoreline like 2:0, 1:1, and above will see the best over 1.5 goals prediction materializes. However, a scoreline like 0:0 and 1;0 means that the option is busted.

Do well to take advantage of the best over 1.5 predictions we offer. This tip is one of the best you can find on any prediction site. Enjoy our reliability in offering accurate over 1.5 tips.

What is Odd or Even Goals Betting?

Odd or even goals betting is where you will be betting on if the amount of goals that a match produces is an even or odd number, simply by adding them together. Odd or even goals bets is something relatively new that bookmakers have started to offer to their customers and it is becoming increasingly popular among betters because of the good odds it provides. However it can be very difficult to predict as it only takes one goal to change your coupon from a winning to a losing, which is why most of the good betters stay away from options like these.

The odds will usually be around 1.9 for both options, giving the bookie a small edge against betters who are interested in betting, but it is possible to beat the bookie if you do some statistical research before you place your bets, as it will show a pattern of the team's performance goal wise.

Almost all bookmakers offers Odd or Even goal betting, including the US-friendly sites Bookmaker and TwinSpires, as well as the rest-of-world bookies Bet365, 888 Sports, Paddy Power and William Hill.

Why Should I Bet on Odd or Even Goals?

You should bet on odd or even goals if you like to have two possibilities only when betting and odds that are very close to make you breakeven in the long run. Furthermore if you have a love for statistics, it is possible to make a good profit long term by analyzing these numbers in depth.

However if you do not prefer this kind of betting where you have to analyze a lot to make a profit, then this is not for you in any way. It takes a lot of preparation and work to make a profit on odd or even goals, as it will otherwise be a 50/50 bet where you only get 1.9 times your money back.

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Can I Make a Profit Betting on Odd or Even Goals?

Gal Sport Betting

It is possible to make a profit if you choose to bet on odd or even goals. The way that most people do it is due to them getting lucky for a period of time, but if you want to remove the luck factor it is still possible. You will need to devote a decent amount of time to analyzing previous results, look at current form of the teams and their attackers and so on. By doing so, you will have an edge in the long run, which will give you a decent sized profit and return of investment.