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Fu Dao Le comes with four different progressive jackpots, ranging from the mini to the minor, major, and maxi jackpots. This isn’t the kind of game that will make you millions, but the maxi jackpot can be worth many thousands of dollars for a player lucky enough to win it at the right time. The first way to grab a progressive is simple. Mar 23, 2016 Fu Dao Le is a video slot machine created by Bally Technologies. It offers a number of features like 5 different progressives jackpots, free games bonus, and more. Its huge curved screen really immerses you in the game with its great graphics and audio. In this review we’ll go over the game’s basic mechanics and our take on the popular slot. Fu Dao Le is a Chinese themed slot game from Bally Technologies with 5 reels and 243 ways to win. The game features multiple progressive jackpots, as well as a free spins feature to help you play for longer periods.

Fu Dao Le Meaning


Fu Dao Le

Fu Dao Le is a popular game. This makes a great addition to your home game room floor.

Bally Alpha 2 V32

This machine is one of the newest slot machines on the used market for home use customers. The Bally Alpha 2 V32 features a 32″ widescreen HD LCDs as well as bright LED strips running along the monitors to really catch your attention. The machine can use the Bally iDeck button panel. This huge amount of technology plus the more powerful Alpha 2 board and beautifully designed new game themes make this a top of the line machine. If you’re looking for something truly spectacular in the pre-owned slot machine industry, this may be one of the best you can find. This is a great way to really impress your player base.

Bally has been creating slot games for casinos since the 1960s, and at some point you would think that they would run out of original slot themes, however that has not happened. Fu Dao Le is yet another unique offering from Bally and one that is complete with bright graphics and noises that really attract attention.

While the Chinese/Asian theme itself is not unique by any stretch of the imagination, Fu Dao Le feels different than the prototypical Asian-themed slot game. Meaning “good fortune has arrived” in Chinese, Fu Dao Le has plenty of ways to hold true to its name. With progressive jackpots and bonuses, there is no shortage of ways to win.

The symbols on this game include poker rankings ranging from 9-A, child riding a fish, red dragon envelopes, a variety of fruits, Wonus (green, ornate Chinese symbol), and other traditional Chinese symbols. Naturally, the more unique symbols (Wonus, Chinese lantern, golden dish, etc.) pay out better than poker card symbols and some of the fruit.

Fu Dao Le is a 5-reel slot game with 3 symbols on every reel. Because it is a penny slot, the minimum wagers can be around $0.40 (40 credits), but that means the house edge is very high. When it comes to paylines, they do not exist. Rather, Fu Dao Le utilizes a payout technique that is growing in popularity; where all winning combinations will net you some sort of winnings regardless of where the symbols are on the reel.

Fu Dao Le Video Slot Bonuses

Fu Dao Le lives up to its exciting imagery and sounds through its different bonuses available. Within the bonus rounds a player can multiply winnings drastically, and this is why Fu Dao Le is quickly becoming a player-favorite.

Expanding Wilds – When playing the normal, base game, a partial stack of 3 purple Chinese characters will be nudged upward or downward to create a full stack of 3 symbols. One or more purple Chinese character stacks in a winning combination is wild and will substitute for all symbols except for the Wonus and red dragon envelopes.

Free Game Bonus – 3 scattered Wonus symbols will trigger a free spins bonus round consisting of 8 free spins. Golden nugget live dealer. What’s even better than the free spins is that every spin’s wager is double the wager placed in order to trigger the bonus round. During the free spins round it is possible to earn even more free spins, and even a sole Wonus on the 5th reel will trigger one additional free spin. Within the free spins bonus round there are “2x” and “3x” symbols which, when found in a winning combination, will either double or triple the amount won. It is important to note that the free games bonus feature boasts symbols that differ from those used during the base game.

Jackpot Bonus Feature – A full stack of 3 purple Chinese characters appearing on reel 3 can randomly initiate the Jackpot Bonus Feature. During the Jackpot Bonus, all 15 symbols will be replaced with a Chinese coin symbol. You are then to begin manually clicking each coin until 3 like jackpot symbols are unveiled. The game has progressive jackpots ranging in size from mini, minor, major, and maxi. The first 3 like symbols unveiled will reward you the jackpot bonus named on the symbols.

Fu Dao Le Video Slot Jackpots

The Red Envelope Jackpot feature is a jackpot win triggered by a left-facing red dragon envelope on reel 1 and a right-facing red dragon envelope on reel 5. The Red Envelope Jackpot amount changes, but winnings are awarded proportionately to the amount wagered.

Fu Dao Le

Length of Bonus Rounds

Fu Dao Le Slot Wins

In terms of the bonus rounds offered by Fu Dao Le, they are not very time-consuming at all. During the traditional 8-spin free spin bonus, you will find that it takes no more than a minute or so to complete. If additional free spins are won during the round, it goes without saying that the time spent in a bonus round can increase.

The Jackpot Bonus Feature is also relatively quick, however the speed at which it is completed correlates with how quickly Chinese coin symbols are uncovered by the player.

Fu Dao Le Online Slots Play

Play Fu Dao Le Slot Online

Play Fu Dao Le Slot Free

Fu Dao Le is a wildly popular online slot and can be found at a plethora of online casinos. The online version of the game is slightly different from what you will experience at a brick and mortar location, however the gameplay and rules are identical. Find a free play version of Fu Dao Le and you will be able to play the game without ever risking any of your own funds.

Fu Dao Le Riches

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