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What is the Free Postcode Lottery? This lottery is a little different compared to the sites we usually review. Unlike the national lotteries, the Free Postcode Lottery is a free online service that allows companies to advertise space and allows players to sign up for free by submitting their postcode. Jul 27, 2020 Free Postcode Lottery is a unique lottery site that throws everything you know about online lottery out the window. It was founded by Chris Holbrook, a web developer who isn’t fond of lotteries and gambling in general. An “anti-gambling website” according to Holbrook, players don’t risk any money to win.

Free Lottery

Free postcode lottery winners

You won’t hear about many lottery winner sucess stories where the winner won a big prize by playing a FREE LOTTERY because no such thing really exist! Today we will tell you all you need to know about “free lotto” games and “free lottery tickets online” and we will also give you the real lotto strategies for winners. We will even give you a short into on what we believe is the best way to win the lotto with! Last but not least we will also show you our new promotions page (I want to go there now already!).

Back to our main subject now, is there such a thing as a free world-wide and international lottery game? Is there a true way to get free tickets to a big lottery game such as the US Powerball or European Euromillions?

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How to Get Free Lotto Tickets?

Free Lottery Games Online – Are They Real?

There are a few websites that offer so called “free” lotteries – they ask you to sign up with your information and promise that once a week someone who signed up will win a large sum of money.

We can save you the time and effort and tell you in advance that all of these so called “free lotto” websites are just one big sham, they are just another type of “phishing” scheme to get people to give up their personal information for free.

These so called “free lottos” then will take all of the personal information that they have compiled each moth, from people who have signed up to their fake free lottery games and sell them as lists to telemarketers and online data mining companies.

In short, these types of virtual online, free lotto games are not real %99 of the time and you will only waste your time with them.

Free Postcode Lottery Winners

What About the UK “free postcode lottery”?

Free Postcode Lottery Winner – 250 British Pounds

There is only 1 genuine online, free lottery game in the world that we know of but they can only be played by local people who live in the country where the free lottery is played.

The lottery game is UK based and can only be played by UK residents. It is the UK “free postcode lottery” and the prizes are usually only around 200 to 1,000 British pounds.

Other than the UK “free postcode lottery” for UK residents, all other “free lottos” are probably fake.

Just think about it, how can you win money without buying a ticket?

Free Lottery Tickets

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Free Postcode Lottery Stackpot

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The Only True Way to Get Free Lotto Tickets

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Real Lottery Winning Strategies

What about winning strategies? If you are going to have to invest some of your money on real lottery tickets – you probably want to know some strategies to increase your odds of winning don’t you? Read the following articles to know all you need to know about how to win the lottery.

Strategies and Tips