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21 Hilarious But Sexy Camel Toe Fails

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Gracious, camel toes. It’s a sensitive subject, however somebody needed to bring it up. Once in a while, women, we have to understand that our jeans and stockings are simply excessively tight and they don’t fit so we should simply surrender. Or then again be prepared for the results.

Camel toe, so persuasively characterized by Urban Lexicon as “when a lady’s jeans are so tight or moved up that you can see the state of her p**** which resembles a real camel’s toe.” at the end of the day, the jeans or shorts are twisted in such a way, that other individuals can’t resist the urge to gaze at a lady’s under area. Shy of being exposed, or, you know, wearing a neon sign with a bolt indicating their woman bits, there’s no other path for a lady to attract eyeballs to her.

What’s more, some of the time camel toe can turn out badly. Like, it’s such a major ordeal, that it’s a greater amount of an elephant toe-sized misstep. Here are only a couple of the most exceedingly awful camel toe goofs we’ve seen. Appreciate. What’s more, simply make sure to look in the mirror before you go out or inquire as to whether you’re pulling a definitive design blooper.

1. Megan Fox deep cameltoe

Megan Fox is boarding a private plane and naturally she’s put on something a bit more comfortable!

Megan Fox would looks super sexy even in a towel but going with tight pants is much better idea. Especially, if there’s a photo opportunity – this cameltoe is going into the history books!

2. Celebrity cameltoe: Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton wearing panties? Some thought this is too good to be true. It looks like she sports quite a fat cameltoe!

3. Maria Sharapova camel toe

Maria Sharapova is a camel toe gold mine! We need to thank the wind for this amazing photo of her fat pussy lips.

4. Candid swimsuit cameltoe

Sometimes candid cameltoes are the best! Here’s an amazingly deep cameltoe courtesy of a dancing girl at some beach party!

5. Lindsay Lohan wet cameltoe

Lindsay Lohan is dripping wet and we get to see an excellent wet cameltoe as well as a nipple poke. Now who said Lindsay doesn’t shave? Of course, Playboy had a chance to show her fully naked but passed it, so we have to rely on our imaginations, duh!

6. Selena Gomez upskirt

Selena Gomez is no longer with Bieber (according to rumors), so what better what to celebrate this great news than with this amazing upskirt.

7. Caroline Wozniacki tennis cameltoe

Caroline Wozniacki is taking tennis cameltoes to a whole new level combining super-tight panties and shaved pubes.


8. Lindsay Lohan cameltoe

Lindsay Lohan takes a long walk in Venice, just in time for the festival there.

Lindsay Lohan is taking home any awards, though. Unless there’s a reward for Best 80′s Cameltoe.

9. Rihanna wet cameltoe

Rihanna is having some time off in Barbados (where else?).

Apart from the fact her white bikini is amazing, there’s a slight wet cameltoe!

10. Ilary Blasi cameltoe

Ilary Blasi is sporting a bright red bikini and a subtle cameltoe. She’s also a chain smoker, but I guess that’s OK in Italy.

11. Kelly Kelly cameltoe

Kelly Kelly is doing something of a promotional photo shoot.

It’s hardly surprising that she’s in the tightest bikini she managed to fit into!

12. Porsche Briggs cameltoe

Porsche Briggs is a starlet from Big Brother 13 (UK Edition).

The cameltoe is subtle but Big Brother was watching!

13. Miley Cyrus cameltoe

Miley Cyrus has sexy cameltoes even before she went on her “Jailbait” tour!

14. Johanna Lundback cameltoe

It looks like it’s lingerie-model week. Johanna Lundback is a uber sexy Scandinavian model, who takes see-through underwear to the next level.

It’s not just Johanna’s dark nipples, it’s her see-through panties and shaved pubes!

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15. Carla Ossa cameltoe

Carla Ossa is a top lingerie model and as you can see, her fame is much deserved!

16. More Beach volleyball cameltoes

OK, it’s the same team from the last time, the famous (or infamous) Russian cameltoes of volleyball.

These are the most amazing sports cameltoes… they trump even the tennis stars. I’m pretty sure the zoomed versions could be arranged like the Olympic circles!

17. Selena Gomez cameltoe

Selena Gomez is visiting the LA Zoo and considering there’s kids around, she donned a matching outfit.


The cameltoe is not very obvious but at least her tights are suggesting what her cameltoe might look like.

18. Beach volley cameltoe

There’s been a ton of speculation about beach volleyball becoming an Olympic sport. It’s really easy to understand where the attraction comes from!

Check out the Russian beach volley team in all their cameltoe glory.

Extreme Pokie Oops

19. Sandra Bullock cameltoe

Sandra Bullock is taking a leisurely walk and so is her cameltoe.

20. Kim Kardashian cameltoe

Kim Kardashian’s fat camel toe makes a come back! Kim’s butt has become so famous, it almost eclipsed all her other … assets. Kim Kandarshian’s claim to fame is her sex vid, so I’m sure she could do better … in camel toe terms that is.

21. Cerise deep cameltoe

Cerise is probably NOT a celebrity but with a cameltoe like that she has every right to her 15 minutes of fame! She has a sexy body and although her face looks a bit blurry, I like her.

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