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Evolution Live Blackjack is the fastest, slickest, richest-featured online Blackjack game available anywhere. Everything’s optimised perfectly for the best possible playing experience on desktop, tablet and smartphone – and on the largest selection of live tables or at dedicated tables created exclusively for any operator.

Our numerous Blackjack variants meet the needs of both experienced and new players. Providing even further choice and variety are unique new takes on Blackjack, such as our super-fast Speed Blackjack, as well as our Infinite Blackjack games. Most Blackjack tables are based on our regular seven-seat Blackjack with the option to Bet Behind, while all our games in the Infinite family offers unlimited seats at the table.

The Evolution Gaming live blackjack table choice is massive. They house and live-stream tables from dealer studios located in Latvia, Malta, Romania, Georgia, Canada and Atlantic City USA. Despite the large and growing number of studio locations, game delivery is exceptional and playing interfaces are uniform no matter what table you are playing. Evolution Live Blackjack: Evolution Pedigree. Evolution Gaming is known for creating industry-leading casino gaming experiences, and they’ve been recognised as one of the best live casino game providers for quite some time now. The Live Blackjack service is certainly no exception and rarely disappoints.

Live Blackjack

As fast and as fun as it gets, our standard seven seat Blackjack offers the largest number of standard and VIP tables from a single source for players on multiple devices. It’s the fastest, slickest, richest-featured regular online Live Blackjack game anywhere.

Endlessly entertaining, with added-value features such as optional 21+3 and Perfect Pairs side bets, plus initial decision, Bet Behind and a ‘DEAL NOW’ button to quicken the pace and pulse still further and add huge scalability. Our friendly, professional dealers greet players and interact throughout the game. Players take their virtual seat and try to achieve a hand that’s closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand. It’s really simple to enjoy the game with its choice of optional Insurance, Double Down and Split Pair bets.

Our Live Blackjack tables include a wide range of tables from low stakes up to VIP to suit all player types.

Speed Blackjack

Speed Blackjack is our fastest Blackjack yet and the latest addition to our Speed family of games! The game follows the same rules as regular Blackjack but with a key difference – the dealing order when it is time for the player to make their decision.

Each player’s first two cards are dealt as normal. When the dealing is complete, all players are simultaneously offered the opportunity to Hit, Double Down or Split. The player who makes the fastest decision will get their next card dealt first.


Massively scalable Live Blackjack with unlimited seats at the table, low bet limits, four optional side bets (Any Pair, 21+3, Hot 3 and Bust It) and the Six Card Charlie rule.

In the main game a limitless number of players are dealt a common initial two-card hand. Thereafter, each player has complete freedom to play that hand just the way they want.


Part of our Infinite range of games, Free Bet Blackjack is based on the most popular variety of Blackjack played in land-based casinos. The game includes the big added attraction of selected free Double Down and Split bets.

In Free Bet Blackjack players get a free Double Down bet on two-card with hard totals of 9, 10 or 11. Added to that are free Split bets on all pairs except 10s. What’s more, the free bets are automatically offered to the player whenever their hand qualifies, so there’s no effort required by the player.

Free Bet Blackjack comes with four optional side bets (Any Pair, 21+3, Hot 3 and Bust It) and the Six Card Charlie rule.

Power Blackjack

The latest instalment in our Infinite range of games where an unlimited number of players have the chance to win big. The game includes the opportunity to Double, Triple or Quadruple Down on any two initial cards, even after a split!

The game is played with 8 decks, where the 9s and 10s have been removed from each deck but picture cards remain in the deck. This means 64 cards less in the shoe and the opportunity for Blackjack players to try new strategies.

Power Blackjack comes with four optional side bets (Any Pair, 21+3, Hot 3 and Bust It) but there is no Six Card Charlie rule.


Our elite, super-elegant online private gaming environment offering high maximum bets and enhanced control for your most discerning, high wagering players (subject to minimum bankroll requirements).

Heightened levels of VIP customer service include a VIP Room Manager present at all times, In addition, the player has control over choice of dealer, the shuffle and game speed using a ‘DEAL NOW’ button.


VIP Blackjack adds even more allure, offering the kind of experience high rollers enjoy in the very best casinos.

In our distinctively styled VIP environment, high wagering customers can play with like-minded players.

Blackjack Party

A low-stakes, party-style variant of our world-leading Live Blackjack, complete with massively scalable Bet Behind. With music and bubbly chat and game guidance from our TV-trained duo of dealer and co-presenter/hostess, the focus is firmly on fun for the greatest number of players.

Added to this, a virtually unlimited number of players can bet behind the hottest players while they wait for one of the 7 seats to become free. Seated players can also Bet Behind any other seat or seats – and all with lively encouragement from our dealer-presenter team!

Dedicated Blackjacks

With Blackjack tables and environments dedicated exclusively to a single operator we provide virtually limitless opportunities to strengthen your brand.

The environment can be branded and customised in every aspect to meet your business needs. Design options includes physical backdrops, lightbox backdrops, 3D graphics and blue screen.

Bet Behind

Bet Behind allows players to place bets behind one or more of the main 7 players seated at the table. This adds massive multi-player scalability and huge revenue potential to our 7-seat games. Players can Bet Behind while they wait for one of the 7 main seats. Alternatively, a player in one of the main seats can choose to bet behind any other seat.


Low stakes for the Bet Behind option can encourage new players to sample the thrill of Live Blackjack.

Side Bets

The Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets add extra interest and betting opportunities.

Perfect Pairs side bet: The player can win increasing payouts if the first two cards they are dealt make up a Mixed, Coloured or Perfect Pair.

21+3 side bet: The chance to win on a whole range of Poker-style card combinations made up of the player’s first two cards and the one open card (upcard) in the dealer’s hand.

Initial Decision

Initial decision* cuts waiting time by allowing players in seats two to seven to make initial decision bets. In other words, players don’t have to wait for their turn – they can make their initial decision to Hit, Stand, Double Down or Split at the same time that the player in seat one is asked to make his or her betting decision.

*Please note that initial decision is not available on Infinite, Free Bet, Power Blackjack and Speed Blackjack.

Dedicated Live Blackjack Tables and Environments – exclusive to your brand and your operations.

Evolution Gaming presents Live Speed Blackjack, a blackjack table where speed is essential! This game of Blackjack follows the rules of classic blackjack, with a revolutionary twist: after the first two cards are dealt, the next player to receive a card is the one taking the fastest decision!

Are you ready to feel the adrenaline? This is a much faster game of Blackjack, one that doesn’t leave any time to chat about. Forget abut waiting forever for other players to make their decisions. Welcome a new and faster way of playing, which embraces cards being dealt in no particular order. only the speed of decision-making determines who comes next!

Read our Full review of Live Speed Blackjack and learn all you need to know to be successful at this game!

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Evolution Gaming Live Blackjack

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Once you come by a new exiting game you want to play, the next step is finding an online casino site that lets you enjoy it at the best conditions. We are talking about a casino where playing is absolutely safe and where new players can find competitive bonuses for Live Speed Blackjack.

There are plenty of good casino sites out there, that’s why our team of experts have tested all of them. Here we offer a selection of outstanding online casino sites, where you can play Live Speed Blackjack and a wide selection of live casino games, like table games and online video-slots.

These casinos have been selected because they offer a fantastic gaming experience, thanks to their perfect design and usability. On top of that, these sites offer incredible welcome packages to new players, including match bonuses up to €/£/$1000 and up to 150 free spins for slots fans!

What is Live Speed Blackjack?

Live Speed Blackjack is a game where speed is key. A groundbreaking release for Evolution Gaming, this version of Blackjack is a game changer!

The game follows the usual rules of blackjack with the difference that the fastest player in reacting to their cards goes first. Myfreebingocards. In this version of blackjack, after the first two cards are dealt, the player who makes a decision first is dealt his next card.

This means that another important change in Live Speed Blackjack is the way cards are dealt. When you Strat playing you immediately notice that the dealer does not follow the usual order when distributing cards.

It might take a minute getting used to cards being dealt all over the table. However, once you get used to it you will love the speed of this game!

How does the game work?

After the first two cards are dealt, the first player to take a decision will be dealt the next card first. The dealer then follows a random order, based on the speed of players. That’s why you are not going to see cards dealt in any particular order. In this game player 2 might comes first, then player 5, player 1 and so on.

The only one who has to follow an order is in fact the dealer. He has to simply wait for everyone to finish their game before he can see his own cards. Evolution Gaming surely hires the best dealers out there, skilled professionals who can follow the right order of the game without a fail.

Blackjack Online Live

This is the perfect game for players who are tired of waiting for others to take their decisions before the game can proceed. Live Speed Blackjack cuts playing time by an astonishing 30%, guaranteeing a much faster game for resolute players!

Return to Player

Live speed Blackjack follows the same rules of blackjack - the only thing changing here is the order cards are dealt. That’s why the RTP is the same as regular blackjack.

Live speed Blackjack RTP: 99,29%

The RTP of side bets is as follows:

  • 21+3: 96.30%
  • Perfect pairs: 95.90%

Rules of Live Speed Blackjack

When it comes to rules, this game does not change in any way from regular blackjack. Live Speed Blackjack is essentially a game of blackjack with a genius twist. Who decides first what to do with their cards is dealt their next card first.

The games follows Vegas rules, let’s have a quick look at the main aspects of it:

  • Each table hosts 7 seats
  • Dealer gets 2 cards
  • Blackjack pays 3:2
  • Insurance pays 2:1
  • Dealer stands on all 17s
  • Split aces only get one card
  • Only one sit per player
  • Splits are permitted and dealt like all other hands

As we mentioned, the game follows the same rules and the same procedures as regular blackjack, Vegas style. The RTP stays the same, as there is no basic difference in the odds the player and the dealer enjoy.

Live Online Gambling Casino

Hit, Split or Double

After they are dealt the first two cards, players are presented by four different options: Hit, Split or Double. These are the classic choices you have to make at the blackjack table, the only difference here is the speed - here you have to be as fast as possible.

Evolution Live Casino

  • Hit: you get another card
  • Split: you can split a pair of card with the same value and make separate decisions depending on the cards that are dealt next
  • Stand: you are happy with your cards and do not want to be dealt any more
  • Double Down: you can double your bet and receive one more card

These are the four decisions you are confronted with while playing Live speed Blackjack. You have a maximum of 7 seconds to decide what to do. If you don’t make up your mind the autoplay system will make a decision for you!

Differences between normal Blackjack and Evolution Gaming Live Speed Blackjack

If you’re a seasoned player of Live Blackjack, you know by now that waiting time can be a problem. As players are dealt in order from 1 to 7, there might be some waiting time before the game proceeds and you can finally see the dealer’s cards.

Live Speed Blackjack is the solution for all players who enjoy themselves with a faster-paced game. In this version of the game there is no time for chatting with the dealer or thinking much about the card you are given and the odds you have.

In this version of blackjack the game is sped up - your maximum decision time is 7 seconds, the timer starts after the first two cards are dealt. Faster players are dealt first, there is no waiting time and the game is shortened by 30% compared to a normal blackjack game!

The game works on a first comes, first served philosophy - whoever makes their decision first is served his/her next card. In Live Speed Blackjack there is no more waiting for other players to make their decisions!

Autoplay Feature

Evolution Gambling

How does Evolution Gaming guarantee that this version of blackjack is faster than others? First of all they rely on the inner instinct of all players: they want to get there first and they’re going to make that decision very fast!

Besides the competitiveness of all gamblers, Evolution has also thought of implementing an autoplay system that operates when players do not make up their minds fast enough.

We are talking about the autoplay system that operates after 7 seconds of inactivity. If players do not respond in time, the game will take their decision for them.

These are the decisions that are taken automatically in case players do no act in time:

Hand with 11 ore less: the players is dealt again automatically

Hand with 12 ore more: the player stands automatically

Thanks to the autoplay system, Evolution Gaming is able to keep the rhythm of the game very high and maintain a faster game for all players.

How to play Side Bets

Live Speed Blackjack includes side bets as well as normal bets. Side bets in blackjack operate independently from the main bets and are usually paid handsomely - that’s why you might want to try them. However, the odds these bets are quite low, so be careful if you’re on a budget.

That said, let’s have a look at the side bets available to players in Live Speed Blackjack:

  • 21+3: this side bet is made combining the dealer’s first two cards and the player’s first two cards. If they form a valid poker combination, they are paid up to 100:1
  • Perfect Pairs: the two initial cards form a pair. Cards of the same colour and same suit pays 25:1! Other possible combinations pay differently: a pair of the same colour pays 12:1, while a different colour pays 6:1
  • Bet behind: this is a useful trick if you notice another player is having a lucky day. You can bet on his hand, but you won’t have a say on what he/she does. This way you can profit from their lucky streak!


The essence of Live Speed Blackjack by Evolution Gaming is speed. And this is the main quality that differentiates a normal table of Live Blackjack from the sped-up version of it. When the timer is running off is easy to panic and take a bad decision.

However, it’s useful to keep in mind that this game is no different in its rules from any Blackjack game. Therefore, if you have a strategy you usually adopt at a blackjack table, we recommend you keep using it. This is ever more important when things have to be decided in the fastest manner. Just stick to the strategy and avoid taking bad decisions.

If you do not have a clear strategy in mind, we recommend you decide for one before you start playing. During the long history of this game, expert players have come up with just so many different strategies for beating the dealer. They are surely intriguing, but also confusing for new players. This is the reason why we suggest you follow a basic strategy if you are not an expert at blackjack.

This way, when you are confronted with fast decisions, you will know what to do. Improvising and following gut feeling are not good strategies at all, especially in a game in which speed is essential and all players are under pressure.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is a company known in the online casino business for being the worldwide leader in reducing live casino games. Based in Malta and Latvia, Evolution Gaming has a long history of successes, providing live table games for the best casinos all over the world. If you’re a fan of playing live, you surely have tried their games before.

You can easily recognise games produced by Evolution Gaming because of their quality. EG cares about every detail, building ad-hoc studios for each game, inserting special effects and CG animations and offering the perfect user experience from all devices. Together with games being hosted by skilled and funny presenters, Evolution Gaming has found the perfect way of entertaining players all over the world.

Titles produced by EG include many table games, like: Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, Live Casino Hold’em, Live Caribbean Stud Poker, Live Three Cards Poker and Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

However, Evolution Gaming has become incredibly famous only in recent times, when they have released groundbreaking titles such as Lightning Roulette, Lightning Dice, Live Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live and Live Deal or No Deal. These games offer a terrific gaming experience, thanks to a formula that blends familiar table games with unexpected rules. On top of that, these games are real live shows, with brilliant presenters entertaining you with a fast paced action and special effects.

Other games in the “Speed Series”

Evolution Gaming Live Blackjack Real Money

Evolution Gaming is known for creating series of games with the same qualities. The most successful operation so far has been the “Lightning” series, including titles like Lightning Roulette and Lightning Dice, games that have become incredibly famous in online casinos all over the world.

From what we understand, Evolution Gaming is planning to develop more games in the “speed” series, speeding up the experience of different casino games. We are looking forward to it!

Live Speed Blackjack: our final thoughts

Live Speed Blackjack is the ultimate game for blackjack lovers. We thought that speeding up the process at a blackjack table was impossible, but Evolution Gaming has pulled it off again. This is a fantastic game for all players who want a faster and thrilling experience at their blackjack table!

This has been achieved by introducing a new way of dealing cards. Once you get used to cards being dealt all over the table, following no particular oder but the one determined by the decision making of participants, this game becomes a real hit.

We highly recommend it to seasoned players who want to change their usual experience at the blackjack table by speeding it up and feeling the adrenaline of fast decisions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Live Speed Blackjack is the latest blackjack release from Evolution Gaming. This game is thought for players who want a faster experience at the blackjack table.

The RTP of Live speed Blackjack is 99,29%. The RTP of side bets is 96.30% for 21+3 and 95.90% for perfect pairs.

The best online casino for playing the game are All British Casino, CasinoCasino.com and Fun Casino.

Live speed Blackjack follows the rules of regular blackjack, Vegas Style. There is no difference in the set of rules, the main factor differentiating the “speed” version is the order in which cards are dealt. In Live speed Blackjack after the first two cards, the player who reacts faster is dealt first.

The speed version by Evolution Gaming is 30-40% faster than the regular version.

Live Speed Blackjack is developed by Evolution Gaming, the worldwide leader in the production of live casino games.

This game offers a wide range of bets, allowing players with all budgets to try the thrill of a faster blackjack experience.