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 Brain to Books now hosts “Book Release Parties.”

When you hire Brain to Books to host your Book’s Birthday Party, you get:

  1.  Complete walk through and directions on what you will need to do.
  2. Full event invites sent out through Google+, Goodreads, and Facebook organized and managed by Angela B. Chrysler
  3. Your own Goodreads group dedicated to your release. This Group will belong to the author and later becomes your Goodreads “Fan Club” base where you can post news on future releases. Brain to Books will promote and help drive members and attention to your group.
  4. Twitter advertizing on both Brain to Books and Angela B. Chrysler
  5. Assistance organizing your blog tour.
  6. A Spotlight in the Goodreads Group “The Bookshelf” (375+ members) along with a book reading for the month.
  7. Full interviews and promo launched and posted at Brain to Books and Angela B. Chrysler


There is no cost for these services and I can not guarantee any sales. However, due to the amount of work that goes into an event like this, I am asking for a donation as this takes a large amount of time away from my writing. A donation is not mandatory, nor does it increase your chances of success. All members will receive the same level of commitment from me regardless.


Please contact me 30 days prior to your release. Inquiries made within two weeks prior to your release can not be guaranteed all the services listed above.

Angela B. Chrysler reserves the right to decline any and all inquiries based on her own deadlines, family events, and work load. However, once you are booked, she will follow through.

Email Angela B. Chrysler at



Last updated on 20 May 2015

Here is the officially HOME for news of the Goodreads Author & Reader Cyber Convention (the annual A&R CyCon for short). Starting right away I will be working on the 2016 Book Cyber Convention for next April.

A few notices…

First…I wish to send out a warm thank you to everyone who participated in 2015 Cy-Con! We had a grand turn out on our first year with 161 members! I encourage you all to keep in touch and keep an eye out for next year.

I will be altering the name slightly to communicate clearly to readers that the Convention is geared to readers. Do not underestimate the power of word of mouth! Don’t hesitate to tell people about the event and send them this way!

I will be sending out quarterly newsletters through the Goodreads group to update members on the progress and supply the new link for 2016 when the time approaches. I am also looking into opening a Facebook page for the event. More details to follow!


The 2016 Author & Reader Cyber Convention will be held on April 8,9,and 10 of 2016!

Be sure you join the Goodreads ADMIN group here to partake in discussions for next year!

Go ahead and join the group on Goodreads (You must join the group to comment). Mod Angela will be sending out quarterly notices to update members for the next convention.

Check out this DELIGHTFUL article written by one of the authors who appeared at the convention!

Winners of the giveaways are listed below!

Merry Monday Morning, Mina!Sending out one more Thank you to you all for attending/participating in the 2015 Author Cyber Convention!I have the winners for the Giveaways! A few reminders before I list our lucky winners!Authors. If you posted a book as a prize, you will need to follow up with the winner. Also, be sure you announce you get in touch with your winners on your booths.

Getting the prizes to the winners is my number one priority until every book has been received. My email address is Contact me on Goodreads, Twitter @abchryslerabc, or email to resolve any issues that may arise.

If you are listed as a winner, the authors will need to get in touch with you. If you have any difficulty getting in touch with your author/winner contact me please. Our readers are precious and we want this to be handled professionally.


And the winner of the 15 book FANTASY GIVEAWAY IS RYAN GUY

Congratulations to all of you who won!

A few more memos and then I’ll let you go on with your lives :)

The 2016 Author/Reader Cyber Convention will be held on 8, 9, and 10 of April 2016. I will be working on preparations in January 2016. Until then, I will probably begin brainstorming for next year. I welcome all volunteers and ideas! Follow updates at / under “Goodreads Cyber Convention”

This coming November, I will be organizing another large lottery-styled giveaway for Cyber Monday. Mark your calendars and receive updates here…

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out the Bookshelf on Goodreads. Another great tool for authors to reach out to readers!…

Thank you again, so much to all of you for a wonderful Convention this year!

Be well, best of wishes, and may the kindest of words always find you.

Angela B. Chrysler