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Whether you’re after Saturday night Jackpot Bingo, comedy Bawlers Bingo or Brunch Bingo with friends – we’ve got it all. Throw in some delicious food and drink and let the good times roll. So check out our shows, book online today and get dabbing at Dabbers Social Bingo, the Home of Bingo. Bar Bingo is a great adult game that takes place in bars or pubs. You don't even need to drink anything to complete this game, only to use your observation skills, a phone with a camera, and social skills.

  1. Drinking Bingo Rules
  1. B-I-N-G-O And Drinking Is the Game-O. We already know just how fun the game of bingo can be. But we've finally found a way to make it even better. Grab this Drinking Bingo Set and let fate decide how your night will go. Everyone gets their designated colored shot glass and then the fun begins.
  2. As President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden face off in Cleveland at 9 p.m. EST, sip along with VinePair’s Presidential Debate Night Bingo card. Fill your glasses and drink each.

This Drinking Bingo Game is about as simple as it gets!

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This Drinking Bingo Game is about as simple as it gets!

Each player gets a colored shot glass and if that colored ball comes up, they drink.

Michigan lottery keno live draw. You have to figure a game of Drinking Bingo is not only simple, but quick and fun!

Great for parties and celebrations!

Party animals will love this bingo drinking game that injects even more fun into taking shots. The set includes a wire bingo ball spinner, 48 balls – eight balls each in six different colors – and six color-coordinating shot glasses. When a ball is selected from the wire spinner that matches the color of your glass, it’s time to drink up. Packaged ready to gift, it makes the perfect addition to any celebration.


  • 48 colored balls and
  • 6 shot glasses (as shown in photo)

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Drinking Bingo Rules