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If you’ve read our Dream Bingo review, you may already be having fun playing bingo at that very site. But did you realise there are other sites like Dream Bingo to enjoy as well?

To dream that you are playing bingo (or if your dream features a bingo card) suggests that you may be relying too much on fate. Try taking more responsibility for your own decisions, but don’t be too hard on yourself if things don’t always go perfectly. My Dream Interpretation myjellybean. Welcome to Dream Bingo, a Microgaming powered bingo site featuring a rewarding 300% deposit bonus and plenty of ongoing promotions. But is this website a dream or a nightmare? Keep reading our. Bingo is a way to enrich at the expense of small investments. This method works out for two people out of a thousand. So, if you dream of a Bingo, and even win it, it is the best to treat this dream as a good night vision, which you can retell to your colleague, nothing more. A dream is a game of the subconscious mind. Bingo is a game in reality.

Best similar sites

Dream Bingo offers an array of perks to all players, but which other sites meet those same exacting standards?


The first thing Wink Bingo has in common with Dream Bingo is a huge array of promotions. Here are just some of them:

  • A great welcome bonus
  • Guaranteed bingo jackpots
  • Lots of bingo rooms
  • Progressive jackpot opportunities

The onus here is very much on the player having a great time, which is true at Dream Bingo too.


Say Cheers to a great time at this particular bingo venue. They have the two same bingo games in their rooms as Dream Bingo does:

  • 75 ball bingo
  • 90 ball bingo

They’ve got other things in common too:

  • A generous bonus on your first deposit
  • Loyalty schemes
  • A nice collection of chat games

Lucky Touch

Both 90-ball and 75-ball bingo are included at Lucky Touch, which is the same as you’ll see at Dream Bingo. You can also get: Genting casino live.

  • A large selection of promotions to choose from
  • A good welcome bonus
  • Free bingo games and rooms

Lucky Touch Bingo has some nice slot games available as well, if you want to play more than just bingo from time to time.

Dream Bingo Sisters

The Microgaming name is well-known and loved among online slot players. But there’s also a Microgaming bingo network comprised of several superb bingo sites with lots to offer. Immortal Romance bingo sites are popular for including the bingo version of the popular slot game as well.

Glossy Bingo

This is truly a glossy site that lives up to its name. just look at the games you’ve got to play for starters:

  1. Bingo
  2. Slots
  3. A selection of blackjack games
  4. Video poker roulette
  5. Scratch cards

The slots section alone has some great titles, including games that offer 243 ways to win!

  • Karate Pig (yes, really!)
  • Tomb Raider
  • Immortal Romance
  • Battlestar Galactica

Dotty Bingo

You’ll go potty for dotty when you join this site in the Microgaming network. They’ve got some great bingo games here every day of the week, with promotions on every day. But it’s not all about bingo because you can play these other games as well:

  • Keno
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Progressive slot games
  • Video slots

They’ve got the Immortal Romance slot too, which is proving very popular. Watch for their Dotty Promotions and join now to get a good deposit bonus as well.

Butlers Bingo

Get a warm welcome from Jeeves at Butlers Bingo, who is looking to give you a first deposit bonus when you join. The fun doesn’t stop there though, because he’ll also grant you access to play some of these amazing games:

  • 90 ball bingo
  • 75 ball bingo
  • Chat games
  • Casino games

Among the casino games you get a chance to play some good titles:

  • An array of scratch card and instant win games
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Poker games

Slot games on this site are also many and varied, as you’ll see when you try just some of the 200+ titles that await.

Enjoy your dream bingo experience online now

In truth, whatever site you visit, you’re bound to have a nice time there. Dream Bingo is a great site to play bingo at, but it’s nice to realise there are other sites that also provide you with a lovely gaming experience. The only question is which one will you choose?

Dream Interpretation Bingo Dream Meanings

To dream that you are playing bingo (or if your dream features a bingo card) suggests that you may be relying too much on fate. Try taking more responsibility for your own decisions, but don’t be too hard on yourself if things don’t always go perfectly.

My Dream Interpretation myjellybean

Bingo Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream:Bingo


For a Christian person, seeing a church in a dream signifies a house of worship, religion, knowledge, devotion, work, ascetic detachment, fear of wrongdoing, penance, lamentation and it could mean crying.

A church in a dream also could mean distress, trouble, slander, innovation, injustice, a business club, a meeting house, bingo, wine, alcoholic consumption, communion, weddings or a wife. In a dream, a church also can represent its parish, diocese, ministry, clergyman or a chaplain.

If one sees a church turned into a synagogue, or a synagogue turned into a church in a dream, it means mistrust, an argument, or a scheme for tax evasion. Seeing oneself in a synagogue in a dream means that one may become a Jew.

If one’s house turns into a church in a dream, it means that he will bring its business to his house, or it may mean a fight with one’s boss. Seeing a church in a dream also denotes a cemetery, confession, a prostitute, a music house or a place of confinement. Ifa woman sees herself attending a wedding or a funeral service at a church in a dream, it may mean the same in wakefulness.

(Also see Cincture; Temple).. Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

10 Common Dreams


My most popular requests for dream interpretation are by far, dreams about teeth falling out. Apparently this is quite disturbing to people who have this dream..they simply MUST know what it means! In my experience, a dream about one’s teeth falling out usually symbolizes that the dreamer is having a challenge getting their voice heard, or feelings acknowledged. This may be referring to their conversations with a particular person such as their significant other, boss or friend; or can be generalized for people who are shy; to include almost everyone they come in contact with. The dreamer needs to brush up on conversational skills, believe in the value of their own opinion, learn how to be less intimidated by aggressive people, and become more assertive in making their voice heard. Once they do that, this dream (which is a common recurring dream) should evolve, show improvement or disappear altogether.


Every person that appears in a dream is supposed to represent an aspect of One’s Self, and not actually be about that other person at all. Rather, it is a quality or characteristic about that person that your dream is focusing on, and how it applies to YOU.

Try to think about what aspect(s) this could be. It can be something you admire and wish to follow or incorporate into your own personality. It could be a more negative characteristic that you may dislike intensely in your waking life, but which is telling you something about yourself and your beliefs, judgments or attitude. It could be a call to alter your thinking in some manner, in order to be more open-minded and accepting of this aspect in others and your own personality, because it is hampering your spiritual growth & making life harder for yourself. The other person in your dream is always mirroring something back to you about YOURSELF.

Try to discover what that something is, and go from there. Once you get it through your head that the other person’s appearance in your dream is NOT about them, but really about YOU, then you will be much more successful interpreting your own dreams. This takes constant reinforcing - I still find myself wanting to think it’s about that other person instead of me.


usually represents freedom from the physical body, as we experience in sleep & while dreaming where we don’t use our physical bodies but instead use our mental & spiritual bodies to experience our dreams. Everybody seems to have a natural inclination to want to fly, unless that is changed by a fear of flying due to a frightening incident in his or her waking lives. Flying = freedom. This could mean a desire for freedom, an “escape” from restraints in your physical life (like a mini-vacation for the mind) or any number of possibilities. Tie it in with the context of your dream..what were you doing in your dream besides flying? How did it make you feel? Also, the type of flying I’m referring to here is the person flying on their own without an airplane or any aircraft at all. Airplanes & other aircraft are different symbols dealing with spiritual awareness, among other things.


This type of dream relates to your current “lesson in life,” and if you learn how to interpret it, you’ll find out how you are progressing..yes, folks, you’re still taking tests and getting graded! Our “true selves” are our souls, and not our physical bodies. You are a spirit / soul having a physical dream, not the other way around. Ever feel like your life is like a play, and you are acting out some role that you don’t even understand, even surprising yourself with your actions sometimes? Bingo! When we sleep, that proverbial “Veil of Forgetfulness” that prevents us from “cheating on the test” is lifted, and we are shown what type of progress we are making (or, GULP, not making) and given guidance on what to do next. We always have free will in our waking physical lives, though.

If we stubbornly refuse to finish our tests, then we have that right - but we are doomed to repeat it until we pass it. And each time we turn away from the test, the next time it will be more unpleasant until finally we are forced to acknowledge it’s importance for our growth. The things we consider vitally important in our waking physical lives are not nearly as important as the TRUE reason we are here, which is to overcome our shortcomings so that we may get closer to our Source / God / Higher Power. To avoid learning the lesson is like forcing your soul to a fate similar to the mythical Greek god named Sisyphus who was doomed to keep rolling a boulder uphill for eternity, only to watch it roll back down & have to repeat the same tedious hard chore again & again. That sounds like school to me! So pay attention to the messages in dreams about schools, and you may advance faster. Do you really want to repeat kindergarten again?


This is supposed to symbolize you in your waking life, in your physical body. Your physical body is used by the soul pretty much like we use a car..it’s driven for awhile and we give it gas / nourishment & repairs as needed until it stops running, and then we go back home. Pay attention to your car, which symbolizes your physical body. Are you behind the wheel, or is someone else in control? You want to be in charge of your life, naturally. What is the color & condition of this vehicle? Do you seem to be driving it the right way, on a safe road in good condition, or is the road rocky, winding, or suddenly ends at a cliff? That would signal that you need redirection. The bigger the vehicle, the more energy you may be successfully using for your daily lessons, depending on the context of your dream. Note all clues as to how you are faring, and make adjustments accordingly.


You drive a car, but typically you LIVE in a house/apartment. Dreams about a house symbolize a larger aspect of your Self, and the aspects of self, which make us whole. Each room is said to symbolize a different aspect of your Self, for example:

An Attic symbolizes your Higher Self, and your spiritual development & progress. Look at other symbols in the attic of your dream, and try to evaluate what they mean. Also pay attention to the feeling(s) you experience in your dream..is it serious, enlightening or what, exactly? All these things are clues for you.

A Bathroom would symbolize the need for cleansing / purging / elimination of something in your life that isn’t quite working, or that has served it’s purpose and now it’s time to move on.

Dream A Kitchen would symbolize the need or act of supplying nourishment or food for the body / mind / soul..whatever is currently “cooking” or developing in your life.

If the food is plentiful, you have what you need.

If the cupboard is bare, time to go shopping for new nourishment, and you need to figure out what is needed for that “shopping list.”

A Dining Room is similar to the kitchen, but has more to do with immediate needs for supplying & utilizing nourishment, and less with the preparation or taking stock of those needs.

The Main Room or Living Room symbolizes your daily interactions with others, and often you will have other people appearing in your dreams in this room. Remember, they represent aspects of YOUR Self, and not themselves.

(See PEOPLE, above)

Bedrooms symbolize the unconscious mind aspect of your self, rest, dreams, sometimes and sexuality issues in your life.

The Upstairs symbolizes your spiritual awareness aspect of self, or the Higher Self that holds all the keys or knowledge to this life’s role you are acting out, and always has your higher good looked after, no matter how it might seem otherwise.

The Downstairs / Basement symbolizes your subconscious mind / aspect of self, which deals with habits, old coping skills, self-regulation, ego.

That’s usually the part of our Selves that makes us feel “torn” between knowing we should do one thing, and inexplicably ending up doing the opposite.

(Don’t you HATE that?)

Old belief patterns & fears have to be corrected, if that is the case. Tackle & overcome it, and you will feel much more peaceful about your life.

The Ground Floor of a house represents your daily agenda; what’s currently going on in your life.

Revisiting Old Houses from Childhood or Earlier Times: this points to issues that probably are resurfacing in your current life, and need to be looked at, analyzed, and healed so you can move forward and not backward.

If you find yourself repeating the same old tired mistakes, or dealing with the same old tired fears, chances are you will have this dream.

A Hallway symbolizes that you have reached an area that is necessary to journey through in order to get to the other side, and it may be a narrow path that has to be traversed with care and awareness.

If you have that “closed in, claustrophobic feeling” then you need to expand your awareness/open your mind to more possibilities for completing this phase of your journey.


This symbol points to emotional turmoil, as in a “whirlwind of emotions”; and / or rapid or sudden changes in your life.

It is a sign to “get a grip” on what is possibly spinning out of control & deal more effectively with your emotions. Meditation and finding some private “thinking time” for yourself might be a good idea.


Pink: the color of love in all its forms. Often used to show healing through love.

Red: passion or anger.

Black: the unconscious mind; void; death of the old.

Grey: fear or confusion. White: truth, “coming clean,” purity; can also be symbolic of death & new beginnings.

Green: healing, growth, newness.

Blue: spirituality; could be a metaphor for “being blue” (look at context of dream).

Yellow: peacefulness, hope (as in “sunny disposition”); could be a cowardice metaphor.

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I am not a numerologist, but I will put a few basic numbers here

One: unity, completeness.

Two: balance of yin-yang principles, or male / female energies-either it’s needed or it’s achieved.

Three: (common dream symbol) the trinity of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit, and the 3 principles uniting in harmony, as in body-mind-spirit harmony. This dream has an important spiritual message for you - pay attention!

Five: changes!


Newness or creation in your life, a new aspect of self is being formed and coming into being!.. Common Dreams

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