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Baccarat is a simple game with straightforward betting rules and modest payouts. However, many punto banco games come with a variety of side bets which offer bigger returns for riskier propositions. One such side game is the Dragon Bonus. Whereas standard player bets and banker bets pay the same odds every time, this additional wager. SA Gaming offers casino hot picks including Baccarat and many more. Our HTML5-powered games appeal to all types of players with various features such as Multi-Bet and real-time game stats. SA Gaming’s Live Games and its live studio have been tested by GLI, a gaming certification laboratory trusted by various jurisdictions. The players of Dragon Tiger and Baccarat Super 6 are typically loyal and long-lived, who will always come back for the atmosphere of a real casino that BetConstruct keeps boosting with a number of essential tools. To drive higher bets, operators can activate and customize up to 16 types of side bets within both of the new games.

Ez Baccarat Dragon

When it comes to casino games, some games are the domain of generally lower stakes players. Slots are a good example of this, where players will wager a generally small amount per spin in the hope of converting that into a significantly bigger win.

Alternatively, there are games that tend to be played by players that like to bet a bit more each time, but have a greater chance of landing a win, even if the win is only an even money bet or similar. Blackjack is a popular game like this but so is Baccarat and in truth, Baccarat is perhaps the game most commonly associated with higher rollers. It was the game that James Bond played in the original Casino Royale against Le Chiffre after all.

Habanero Games have taken the game of Baccarat and simplified it still further to produce their new Dragon Tiger Card Game, which is available to play right now at the popular Spartan Slots Casino. So is this new game going to be one you want to play and do you need a grounding in Baccarat to be able to understand the nuances of the game?

In this review, we intend to find out and lets begin by taking a closer look at the key factors involved in playing the Dragon Tiger game.

How do I play Dragon Tiger?

The Dragon Tiger game is based on Baccarat but is a much more simplified version of it. It is essentially a single draw betting game with some very simple rules regarding what a winning card is, what a losing card is and the amount you are paid out if you make the correct bet at any point.

Dragon Tiger Baccarat Ball

The game begins with the player selecting their chosen coin denomination that they wish to play with and the options are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50 and 100 chips. Once this denomination is set, then the first thing the player needs to do is decide which of the available bets they would like to place on the table. Players can place as many bets as they like per hand on as many options as they would like.

The bets that you can place are basically split into the following four groups:

  • Dragon or Tiger - This is a bet on which of the two players will draw the higher card. This bet pays out at even money and in the event of a tie, then the player receives back 50% of their bet.
  • Tie - This is a bet that neither the Dragon or Tiger will receive a higher value card and that the game will result in a draw. This bet pays out at 8/1 when successful.
  • Big or Small - This is a bet that the card drawn for the selected player (Dragon or Tiger) will be either Big in value (from 8 through to the King) or Small in value (Ace through to 6). Guess correctly and your bet will pay you out at even money. If the card drawn for your player however is a 7, then your bet automatically loses.
  • Suits - This is a bet on what you think the suit of the card will be drawn for your chosen player. The four different card suits are available, Spade, Heart, Diamond and Club and if you guess correctly with your bet for the drawn card, then you will be paid out at odds of 3/1. However, if the card drawn is a 7, then your bet loses regardless of the suit of the card.

To help assist you with your decision-making, there is a record of the result of the last ten hands displayed on the screen and this table displays all the information you need about the last ten hands including whether the Tiger or Dragon won the hand and what suit the winning card. You can also view the last ten cards drawn for each of the Dragon and Tiger options.

You can extend the number of hands shown to 50 by clicking on the roadmap tab at the bottom of the screen as this then expands the number of hands shown to 50 for all three of the options outlined above.

Once your bet is placed, then the card for the Dragon and the card for the Tiger is then dealt and the hand is then decided based on the card drawn. Any winning bets are paid out and then the player can click on the New Game button to play another round.

Where can I play Dragon Tiger?

If you are looking for a top quality casino to join that offers the new Dragon Tiger card game from Habanero then take a look at the excellent Spartan Slots. This well-known casino enjoys a fine reputation among players thanks to the wide range of different games it offers from a large number of top software development houses.

Alongside its impressive roll-call of games, the site is also well known for offering excellent promotional offers to its customers regularly and one such offer that is particularly pertinent to new players, is the site's outstanding introductory offer.

What Introductory offers are available for me at Spartan Slots?

As a new customer with Spartan Slots you can take advantage of the sites great value introductory offer. This Welcome Package starts with 25 Free Spins simply for signing up with the casino but things get a little more interesting when you make your first deposit as you will also receive a huge 200% Deposit Bonus, which will treble the amount of money you have available to spend at the casino.

That's not all though as you will then receive a further 100% Deposit Bonus on your second, third and fourth deposits, plus a massive 175% Deposit Bonus on your fifth.

Is bitcoin accepted at Spartan Slots?

Yes, if you are a bitcoin customer then you can enjoy all the fun of Spartan Slots using bitcoin as your currency of choice. However better than that, Spartan Slots offer you a fantastic Bitcoin Welcome Bonus, which is a massive 400% Deposit Bonus and is payable on your first three deposits with bitcoin.

This is a great value offer which will give you five times your deposited amount of cash to spend on your first three deposits, simply by choosing to play via bitcoin. Imagine how many extra bets on the Dragon Tiger card game that would get you!

Dragon tiger baccarat game

Would you recommend the Dragon Tiger game?

Yes, Dragon Tiger is a very simple card game which doesn't require any skill and which when played at a lower wager level, is very much like a slot game. The ability to back different bets makes it more interesting than a slot and the fact you can track the progress of the hands is also a useful feature.

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