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Description Double Gold slot machine. Wild and jackpot symbols; Highly rated by slot players; Displays the total dollar credit amount; Displays the total amount of coins that can be played on the digital display. Playing all the new video slots that are highly interactive and have multiple screens, bonuses, animation and soundtracks is a lot of fun, but sometimes you want that old school, real-world casino experience. If you are craving this, then Double Gold. Double Gold includes 3 reels and a single payline. This Slot was designed by Wager Gaming and it offers a top jackpot of 2500 coins, or $25,000 cash. The features available in it include.

  1. Double Gold Slot Machine Winners
  2. Double Gold Slot Machine Winners
  3. Double Gold Slots Free
  4. Double Gold Slot Machine Youtube
Some classic slot games look really low quality with poor graphics and not a lot going on, and there are others that are just put together and look really nice. Double Gold Game Falls under the second group. It features a striped, streaked blue background that looks pretty cool. The game shows off a bright gold bar graphic at the top, and a set of nice clean standard slot symbols with cherries, Bars, 7’s and double Bars. There isn’t a whole lot that is original about this slot game, but it still looks really nice and offers a standard play experience that’s enjoyable in a bland sort of way.

Choose Your Bet Carefully

There are lots of different betting options, which is pretty much the only option that you have when playing Double Gold. That’s why it’s up to you to decide what you want to risk and how much you want to win. You can choose to bet one, two or three coins on the pay line of this classic 3-reel slot. The coin value can be set from $.01 all the way up to $10.00 depending on the amount that you want to risk. That means you can risk between $.01 and $30.00 depending on your risk tolerance and the prize that you want to win in the end. That’s a pretty major variance and it determines whether the top prize is worth $25 or $25,000 so choose wisely.

The Wild Jackpot

DoubleWhile playing Double Gold Slots the most important symbol is by far the wild Double Gold symbol itself. Not only does this symbol serve as the wild and fill in the blanks for just about everything, but it’s a multiplier as well. When you get one of the wilds and a prize, that prize is doubled. When you get two wilds and a prize, that prize is quadrupled. Finally if you get all three wilds, you’ll unlock the top bonus of 2,500 coins, which is a pretty significant sum if you’re betting the highest amount that you can. As long as you bet an amount you’re comfortable with, you should have some fun with this slot game. It’s always exciting when you get a wild on the pay line, and some of the jackpots and top prizes are high enough to be exciting. Give it a try and you’ll be impressed with what you have to gain from the game.

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Double Gold Slot Machine Winners


The jackpot on offer when you play the Double Gold slot game with maximum coin spins in play is going to pay 3000 coins when you line up all three of the Double Gold log symbols on the pay line, you can put into play maximum coin spins and get that jackpot increased which means you will earn more cash more quickly than you could have won by spinning in every moment from! The Double Gold slot machine can be played for free or right here at AceLuckyCasino. The Online Slots Paddy Power Games expansion also offers up a couple of special features that will surely give new challenges to those who choose to play. In the diagram below you can discover a game screen that does allow you to play the slot for real money and a real nude screen but in no playing screen as the slot is in demo mode and free play. As you can give the slot a whirl and take a look at its pay table or slot reel symbols you are then going to be showered with a lots of slot machines options to get stuck into playing, and that do wish is to play the Double Gold slot.

What you will find is that quite three reel slot machines like Double Gold when compared to the number of video slots on offer from NetEnt and when playing online with about 25 pay lines are going to give you lots of different staking options and things the slot will certainly be more than appealing! You could also opt to get stuck into one of the Megaways slot games and in the free play and in the real play version of the slot, the way that free play and real pay come is through which reel symbols you spin on, the outcome of each spin you play off will determine whether you have ever seen or not a Guest spinning in winning combinations, whichever one the reel symbols land. The Playboy Gold slot also gives players a lot of luxury, as if the whole of Playboy actually wants players to enjoy the video slot. High variance slots are always ensures that not only do you lose your smaller winning payouts, but you can win a fair amount of cash when you do win big one of those bonus games that award players with enhanced winning pay-outs, so do play slots such as the Double Gold slot machine as it is action packed and fully paying!

The Double Gold has all kinds of options

What makes playing any slot machines good when you do play and pay is that there are some of the very lowest of risks you can have afforded yourself into playing, and as such you will not want to lose your winnings back onto the slots you do play whenever you spin in your own quarters when you are playing it! The Double Gold Slot is a three-reel, nine-payline machine. Irish Gold is an automatic coin picker that uses the rewind button on the left. This online classic slot features classic Bar symbols, Red, Black and Golden sevens, Triple Blazing 7s and Triple Blazing Sevens, as well as the special Double Gold Feature.

Finally, the Hot 3 button and the Charm Logo also feature. These special Double Gold symbols are even more valuable than actual images of physical slot machines! Rainbow Riches Leprechauns Gold is very much an adventure, but one which costs real cash to play. The 2X Wild Symbol in Double Gold has the Double Gold Logo itself.

Double Gold Slot Machine Winners

The Logo symbol actually lights up a bonus spin on reels 3, 4 and 5. If this has happened, you automatically receive a respin on that third wheel, where all the other prizes are multiplied by three. The Double Diamond has a nice and well-constructed interface, that is very user-friendly and easy to use.

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The maximum payout you can receive in Double Gold is double your credits. To win in Double Gold slot machine, through the Respin Bonus, which is triggered when you receive no less than three Double Gold symbols on an enabled payline. The Ghouls Gold Slot features Benny, who on his way of crime, has to bring about fantastic and huge treasures for individuals. Keep increasing your bets for hold and respin. The hold and respin feature is a feature that can trigger when you receive no more than three keys symbols on the third reel.

Double Gold was only there for one day, and people had already lost out on winning it because they were trying to acquire the machine on the first day.

A hot 2- symbol locking on the third reel means that any symbol locks and can use it in the holding field.


Double Gold Slots Free

  • Double gold is the next major slot machine option and when played with a three way rotating pay line the Double Gold slot machines have a huge advantage over the classic slots over the three way rotating pay line of 100:1 payout ratio. With three way rotating pay line the payout ratio is more than 100:1 to avoid anything going wrong which is great for casino players and people that love to gamble because the odds for your bet are just as high as those for a classic slot machine.

    So don't play your Red 7's if you are a traditional game player at all, play the Double Gold game if you like real money and pay for the machines with the money you make from playing slots and gambling. Caesars palace blackjack rules.

  • One of the best things about this Double Gold is how you can play in two different versions of the game, the three-reel, double gold, and all-out. These machines are also great for the people who want to buy their ticket quickly, because the slots on these games are quite small to allow for you to get in to get your money and then wait 30 minutes or more at the end because you did not have time to play your game. It is also fun to play your game after paying your bill without having to actually pay for your ticket in the box or even make your own payment. The Double Gold is also available on the Internet on, although the price of the Double Gold machines is quite expensive, because it only features one ticket. We wish you a happy new year!

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Double Gold Slot Machine Youtube

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