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This poker skill test is the first and only of its kind. Our unique scoring system measures your overall poker skill level and assesses performance in 13 sub categories, revealing key strengths and weaknesses. Developed by poker professionals, this test is for no limit Hold'em cash games and tournaments (MTTs and SNGs).

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Donk-betting is the only way to prevent in-position player from checking back and realizing the equity of his overcards. On low to middling dynamic flop textures — ones with many turn cards that could change the distribution of equity — it is more acceptable to donk in order to prevent Villain from taking a free card. A donk bet is a poker bet (often small, half pot or less) that goes against the flow of the action. They are most often used by recreational poker players and they do not indicate a very strong hand. You should typically call or raise a donk bet. Standard Lines: Donk bet Introduction In this article. Definition of donk bet; Heads-up against the flop raiser; How to trap multiple players? Definition of donk bet The term donk bet is derived from the word donkey, suggesting that this kind of action is a stupid or at least an odd one. The exact meaning of the word may vary somewhat.

BLdSWtTRs (High stakes pro) 150

Taylor 'Green Plastic' Caby (High stakes pro) 143

Ryan Daut (High stakes pro, '07 WPT winner) 143

Bryan 'B_Buddy' Sumner (High stakes pro, recent WPT winner) 140

Dustin Dirksen (High stakes pro) 137

Eric 'p3achy_keen' Liu (High stakes pro) 137

Born2DogBaby (High stakes pro) 134 Emu pokies on tv.

Alec 'traheho' Torelli (High stakes pro, 2nd '08 WSOP $10K HU) 133

Ben 'Sauce123' Sulsky (High stakes pro) 132

Vanessa 'fslexcduck' Selbst (High stakes pro, '08 WSOP bracelet winner) 131

James '' Mackey (High stakes pro, '07 WSOP bracelet winner) 131

Jason 'KRANTZ' Rosenkrantz (High stakes pro) 131

Noah 'Exclusive' Boeken (High stakes tournament pro) 129

Matt Matros (High stakes tournament pro) 127

'My score was 143, which was better than 97.2% of people that took the test and it claimed I was a 'High Stakes Pro,' but 2 points shy of a 'Poker Genius.' At this point in time, I would say that is pretty accurate.'
--Taylor Caby, high stakes pro 'Extremely good test. I agree with almost every answer.'
--BLdSWtTRs, high stakes pro 'This poker skills test gave me a really honest assessment of my play. I think we all want to test higher than the limits we've actually been successful at, I certainly was hoping to, but this pegged me very well. If someone said to me, 'I can't seem to win. My opponents keep sucking out on me,' I would recommend this test as an objective assessment of their current status.'
--Clark, mid stakes cash pro 'This test is awesome. The first poker IQ test I've taken that wasn't a total joke. Some genuinely difficult situations.'
--Wild Bill, high stakes pro 'Fun waste of an hour.. almost as fun as playing.'
--Jason, recreational player 'I used to think there was no way to to create a poker skill test because situations are so variable, but each question outlines enough of each situation such that a reasonable player can logically pick the right answer. The test was very comprehensive and well designed -- a lot better than I thought it would be.'Poker
--Eric 'p3achy_keen' Liu, high stakes pro 'I'll definitely be back for donkey test two.'
Princess donk poker --Jason 'Pr1nnyraid' Rosenkrantz, high stakes pro 'It's a great test. I like it.'
--Borntarun, high stakes pro 'While I was taking the test I didn't think it was a very good one. I changed my mind after seeing the results and that the areas my score was pretty low in are indeed the weaker parts of my game.'

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--Bob, internet player 'My poorest IQ score was for tournaments. I think the test is correct -- I don't really play tournaments. Sometimes I play them, but honestly I'm losing more than I'm winning.'
--Adam, internet player 'This is actually quite a neat little test. Definitely biased towards NL Cash, but I like how the test was written, it requires some critical thinking for sure.'
--Chris, medium stakes tournament player 'Ur test is bullshit 91 iq yaa right fu.'
--Tom, Italian tournament player

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'Really stupid test poker is situational not structured this test gives no insight into what a good player is there is no way I'm only a 89 its just stupid.'
--Sean, call station

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