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Donk Bet
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A Donk- Bet is a somewhat unorthodox bet made by an out of position player who was not the aggressor in the previous street. “Eric called preflop, then lead out with a donk-bet on the flop.”.

The poker term 'donk bet' was actually coined relatively recently, only coming into prominence over the last decade or so.

When the term “ donk bet. ” first began to appear in the world of poker, it was a decidedly negative term. It was used to describe bad plays made by unskilled players. Since then, the term has evolved to describe a specific type of bet that isn’t necessarily. A donk bet is a poker bet (often small, half pot or less) that goes against the flow of the action. They are most often used by recreational poker players and they do not indicate a very strong hand. You should typically call or raise a donk bet. What Do Donk Bets Mean? As a reminder a donk bet is a bet where the preflop defender (player who just called) is out of position and leads the betting on the flop. This has traditionally been considered as bad play, hence the name “donk”. Pluribus was in a position to donk bet 568 times and did it 11 times, so 1.9%.

It started out as a somewhat derogatory way of describing a bad play (strategically speaking), although over time the term has been used more generically to describe a specific type of postflop bet.

PokerNews recently caught up with 888Poker Ambassador Dominik Nitsche who offered a quick explanation of donk betting and how the move fits into larger strategic concerns in no-limit hold'em.

As Nitsche explains, a 'donk bet' refers to a postflop bet in which a player who is out of position is 'leading into the preflop aggressor.'

In other words, say a player in late position raises before the flop and another defends the big blind with a call. Then after the flop the player in the big blind leads out with a bet — called a 'donk bet' because (as Nitsche explains) 'usually inexperienced players would do it,' not realizing the importance of position when making that leading bet.

'Typically this is thought of as a bad play, but there's a lot more to it,' explains Nitsche, who goes on to distinguish between situations when leading with a so-called 'donk bet' can actually be a good play and times when it clearly is not. Take a look:

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  1. What Is A Donk Bet In Poker?

The table is full. Lots of players have limped in, and the pot has gotten surprisingly big. Now, it's your turn, and you want to bet. The question is, how much?

If you're new to the game, you might think to bet the minimum. It makes sense: you don't want to do anything crazy, so why not just tip your toes in the water?

Donk Bet Turn

The problem is, a bet that small into a pot that big doesn't make anyone fold. In fact, you might have just gotten everyone more excited and now they have the right pot odds to chase that big hand they weren't really interested in before. You didn't scare anyone out, and you didn't look strong. You made a donk bet.

A donk bet is a small bet made into a big bet that doesn't change the stakes of the hand: instead, it makes everyone think you don't really know what you're doing, and they're all in it to take your chips away from you. You look like a beginner or a lousy player: a donk.

Donk Bet Meaning

In most cases, the best move is to make a bet proportionate to the size of the pot. If the pot is already really big, you might have to bet quite a lot to do it, but you need to show strength to make other players fold or at least be hesitant.

Donk Lead Poker

Now, maybe you're not a beginner; maybe you're at a new game and you've got a big hand in front of you and you want everyone at the table to think you're a donk so they start betting hard into a made hand. In that case, you might just consider making yourself look like a donk, if it means a big payout.

Donk Bet

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