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We're booked on a flight to Europe next year on a Delta flight that has the new DeltaOne Suites seating in front. Our seats are two adjacent center seats (B & C). From the picture on the Delta site, these are really like individual compartments, so we're wondering if the center partition lowers so that we can easily see and talk to each other.

  1. Delta One Boeing 777 200
  2. Delta One Suite 777 Review
  1. For the moment Delta One suites are available on all the Airbus A350, the new A330-900neo, the refurbished Boeing 777 and a few refurbished Boeing 767-400. If the seat map on Seatguru looks like this in a 1-2-1 seating arrangement.then it is operated by the Delta One Suite cabin.
  2. These retrofitted Boeing 777 planes have an updated cabin and new seats with four separate classes including First, the enclosed Delta One Business Class Suites (a great choice), a new Premium Economy seat named Delta Premium Select and a new, if unexciting Economy class seat. The new Delta One Suite and Premium Economy can also be experienced.

There is good reason why Delta won both “Winner Best Design Airline North America 2017” and “Most Improved Airline” at our awards last year. The latest addition to their fleet, a retrofitted 777-200 is a prime example of how the airline is going above and beyond to offer a truly exceptional passenger experience.

At the front of the cabin, the new Delta One Suites come to life with their staggered 1 x 2 x 1 configuration featuring all aisle access and closing doors for added privacy. Unlike the A350, the 777-200 retains its centre set of overhead bins which means the ceiling will feel lower, especially in the centre seats, but thanks to the configuration there is still a sense of space.

Delta one suites review 777

The whole premium cabin features a myriad of textures featuring interpretations of the Delta symbol, which add depth through the clever lighting design of the cabin.

All of Delta’s 18 777-200’s will feature the new suites, as well as the new Delta Premium Select cabin. In the business class cabin, there are 7 rows featuring 28 seats, and immediately behind the airline’s new premium economy cabin takes centre stage in a 2 x 4 x 2 configuration.

The 48 ‘Premium Select’ seats are real premium economy seats, unlike the ‘economy plus’ that used to feature on the aircraft with a dedicated service that sets it apart from the rest of the cabin.

However, the most impressive news is in the back of the aircraft. To the delight of almost every economy passenger, the airline is the only one to opt to keep the 9-abreast cabin instead of the industry standard 10-abreast.

Delta One Boeing 777 200

This means that the 220 seats in the back become a really attractive option for those looking for a price-sensitive purchase. Delta could even afford to charge a small premium against their competitors for a similar seat, knowing that there is more space per passenger to be had. However, only as long as the carrier truly markets the advantage of their cabin against their Northern American counterparts.

Delta One Suite 777 Review

Delta international business class seats

It seems that Delta have taken an active decision to bring their fleet, no matter what the age, up to a key international standard, and it will pay dividends, as no matter what cabin class passengers travel in, there are passenger experience benefits to be found.

July 2 will see Delta’s first retrofitted 777-200 enter into service. The plane will operate flights from Detroit to Beijing throughout July, alternatively swapped with the carrier’s A350, which offers a similar cabin configuration. Delta will announce at a later stage where it will deploy the new cabins.

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