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DAVID BENYAMINE broke? Apparently he was seen at the hustler casino in LA playing 5/5 no limit.isnt this the dude who use to buy in for 900k in games??wow all these 'pros' are really nothing. Benyamine played high stakes online poker under his own name at “Full Tilt Poker” till the site shut down. He is a Pot-Limit Omaha specialist. In 2010, his total live tournament winnings exceeded $4,500,000.

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David Benyamine

David Benyamine at the 2008 World Series of Poker.
Nickname(s)Napoleon, Degenyamine
ResidenceParis, France
Born July 5, 1972 (age 40)
World Series of Poker
Money finish(es)10
Highest ITM
Main Event finish
58th, 2010
World Poker Tour
Final table(s)4
Money finish(es)11
European Poker Tour
Final table(s)1
Money finish(es)2
Information accurate as of 16 September 2010.

David Benyamine (born July 5, 1972 in Paris, France) is a French professional poker player with a World Poker Tour title. Benyamine was a professional tennis player in his early career but had to retire because of shoulder pain. He was also a successful top ten billiards player in France.[1] He learned poker at the age of 12 and plays high-stakes cash games on a regular basis. Benyamine was deported from the United States during 2004[citation needed]. His name was the same or similar to one on the terrorist 'watch list', but the resolution was that he was deported for not having a work permit.[2] Benyamine lives in Henderson, Nevada.

World Poker Tour

Benyamine has made four final tables in World Poker Tour (WPT) open events: the 2003 Grand Prix de Paris (second season) - 1st place (€357,200); the 2004 L.A. Poker Classic (second season) - 6th place ($132,355); the 2008 Bellagio Cup IV (seventh season) - 2nd place ($840,295) and the 2010 WPT Championship (eighth season) - 4th place ($329,228)-He won the Premier League of Poker IV.[3] He is also the winner of the WPT Battle of Champions II invitational event, where he defeated a final table including Hoyt Corkins, Mel Judah, Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak.

World Series of Poker

Lotto max winning ticket sold. Benyamine is primarily a cash game player, but due to comments from his friends, he started playing tournaments more regularly during the 2008 World Series of Poker.[4] He has made four WSOP final tables, three of which were in 2008, as well as his one bracelet.

World Series of Poker bracelets
YearTournamentPrize (US$)
2008$10,000 Omaha Hi-Low Split$535,687

Other poker activities

Benyamine played high stakes online poker under his own name at Full Tilt Poker until the site what shut down. Benyamine is a Pot-Limit Omaha specialist. As of 2010, his total live tournament winnings exceed $4,500,000.[5] His 10 cashes at the WSOP account for $1,206,561 of those winnings.[6]

David Benyamine Erica Schoenberg


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David Benyamine is a French professional poker player with a World Poker Tour title.

David benyamine instagram

Born in 1972 in Paris, France, Benyamine was a successful tennis player and billiards player in France before getting involved in poker. He first learned how to play poker when he was 12 but he didn't get seriously involved until a friend who worked at the Aviation Club de France brought him along to play.

He started playing low-limit games and worked his way up from there. He gradually developed into an accomplished player who climbed up the ranks of professional poker. He racked up several win when touring the European poker circuit while also playing in highest-stakes cash games in the world.

His first big finish came in the 2003 Grand Prix de Paris held at the Aviation Club during season 2 of the WPT when he came in 2st place and won $430,969. His next big finish was another final table he made during season two of the WPT at the L.A. Poker Classic where he finished in 6th place for $94,540.

His next notable finish was his 7th place finish in the 2008 Bellagio Cup IV during season 7 of the WPT where he finished in 2nd place for $840,295.

He is also the winner of the WPT Battle of Champions II invitational event, where he defeated a final table including Mel Judah, Hoyt Corkins, Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak. He has 10 WPT cashes (including 3 final tables) for total WPT winnings of $1,560,029.

Benyamine won his only WSOP bracelet in the 2008 $10,000 Omaha Hi-Low Split, earning $535,687. He has 8 WSOP cashes for $1,053,870. He has made four WSOP final tables, three of which were in 2008. He has said that he would like to win the WSOP main event one day.

Benyamine is a Pot-Limit Omaha specialist and is primarily a cash-game player. He plays high-stakes online poker under his own name at Full Tilt Poker and is sponsored by them. As of 2009, his total live tournament winnings exceed $3,400,000. He is engaged to professional poker and blackjack player Erica Schoenberg.


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David Benyamine Wife

This guy is one of the best high stakes players at the table. He totally embarassed Jamie Gold with a huge bluff, while he was holding 27. Solid player who wins lots and lots of $$$$$$$$$$!

bad_dog76 on November 30, 2007

alan on June 10, 2007

he's a great player - though underappreciated. you don't see him in a lot of the tv/highly televised stuff - but the cash games he does extremely well!

surlymermaid on September 22, 2006

alan on August 22, 2006

poop man

alan on August 4, 2006

This guy eats hay and plays cards, hee haw hee haw

DonkeySlayer on August 2, 2006

may be one of the top 15-20 players in the world today

????? on July 17, 2006

Originally Posted by alan
why would you say that?

Unregistered on July 16, 2006

David Benyamine is the wrost player in history

alan on July 11, 2006

HPG ADMIN on July 3, 2006

May be much better player than most realize!

????? on July 3, 2006

HPG ADMIN on June 15, 2006