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Signing up at Cyber Bingo is super easy and can be done by following the 5 simple steps given below :

  • Navigate to the official Cyber Bingo website by clicking on the 'Visit Site' button given on the right hand side of your screen.
  • Then on the official site, click on the green register button
  • Doing so toggles a sign up form.
  • Fill in required credentials like Email ID, Full name, Contact Number, Full House Address, Gender etc.
  • Click on the green Sign up button at the end of the page.
  • You're now a registered player at Cyber Bingo.

Play Cyber Security Bingo

Timeline: November 14th – January 11th, 2019 @5pm

From 1-25 December, you can win from a whopping $1,000 in daily prizes. In order to enter, players must play the hourly bingo games in the Christmas Bingo Room. Read more Autumn Bingo. When it comes to bingo, Cyber Bingo Casino is your favored destination. Although it’s bingo-oriented, you’ll find some titles in casinos. This is a great balance if you’d like a change. The website is razor-cut, simple, and downright straightforward. The bear mascot is quite amusing and takes you back to when you were a child.

DOWNLOAD: UCI 2018 Bingo Cybersecurity Bingo Card

Complete this bingo card and turn into the Help Desk at Aldrich Hall 115 by January 11th, 2019 at 5pm to be entered into a drawing. There are three different ways to play (see below). Each drawing will have a different prize based on the complexity of the bingo type. Every individual who turns in a bingo card will receive a small security gift.

  • Internet bingo games are very convenient and you can play at any time suitable to you. Internet bingo offers you a choice to play bingo either for real money or even just for fun. Fun games do not need you to pay any cash to play your bingo games. You have to pay to play real money bingo games. Internet bingo also offers huge jackpots.
  • Consolation bingo pots on weekly $250 & $500 guaranteed games; More at about Cyber Bingo. At Cyber Bingo, you don’t have to wager much to win big as bingo cards can be purchased for as little as $0.05. As for the prizes, there are regular jackpots of $10,000 as well as a $25,000 Bingo Freeroll room featuring free bingo games each evening.
  • Cyber Bingo Casino 2020 No Deposit Bonus $25 + 20 Free spins. Bonus Code: Not Needed.

Three Ways to Play: (Put a mark on each task when completed)

  • Four Corners – Complete each task in each of the four corners of this bingo card.
  • Inside Square – Complete each task within the inside square of this bingo card.
  • Black Out – Complete every task on this bingo card.

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