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Crazy Money slot review From an American team who started out making arcade games in their basement and who later moved on to making land-based machines, Crazy Money is the latest in a line of simple online slots games from Incredible Technologies. The Crazy Money II slots game will offer you a reward of up to 25 credits if you land three or more George Washington $1 bill symbols on the reels. You can earn a payout of up to 125 credits for three or more Abraham Lincoln $5 bill symbols, and up to 250 credits for three or more Alexander Hamilton $10 bill symbols.


How to Win on Crazy Money High Denom

This slot has a total of 15 win lines, although a number of these are not what you would consider to be usual due to the ‘Angle Pays’ system. This means that some of the win lines pay diagonally. The theory of poker. Examples of this include landing three diagonal symbols starting from the top of the middle reel running in a straight line down to the bottom of the right hand reel. The first time you play with this system these wins can come as a nice surprise – and it certainly makes for a unique game.

There is no real need for a pay table at this game as you’ll simply win what appears on the reels, as the majority of the symbols are bank notes. For example, if you were to land five $1 bills on a win line, you’d pick up $5, while three $50 bills in a row will pay you $150. This makes the game very straightforward and explains why the ‘Crazy Money’ slots have gained so much appeal.

The bank notes on the reels look exactly like the real thing, featuring George Washington on the dollar bill for example, or Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. This makes identifying the payouts even easier and makes the payouts more ‘real’ perhaps.

Crazy Money High Denom Feature Round


Crazy Money Slots Online

Alongside all of the bank notes on the reels you’ll also find a variety of coins. Along the bottom of the reels you’ll find five empty slots and if you can land five coins on any spin you’ll fill all of these slots and activate the bonus feature. This feature sees a golden bank vault appear from the bottom of the reels and take up much of the screen, before opening and revealing the game itself. This feature sees bank notes flying all around and you’ll try and collect as many of these as you can by tapping the screen. Your aim is to catch as many as 25 bills and you’ll have the opportunity of winning between 563 and 1687 credits.