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  1. The game begins with you making a pass line bet. This is the minimum wager that is allowed. You cannot play or make other bets at live online craps unless you have made the minimum bet. In virtual games the minimum bet is usually $1. The live craps online game will probably have a higher minimum.
  2. Online Craps Games You can locate the craps tables in live casinos by listening for the cheers. This is often the liveliest game – players put together long sequences of winning dice rolls, cheering each time they hit the ‘point’.

Craps is a caught on dice game which has become more outspread in recent years. It is a crowd-pleasing table game, as the shooter is often surrounded by an enthusiastic group while he tosses the dice. As an online game, Craps will keep you head over heels as there are many bets you can place, like odds bets, proposition bets, as well as hardways.

The game of Craps has been around for quite some time and has come a long way to become as popular as it is today. It is a game focused on a pair of dice and unlike some other table games, one cannot win by bluffing. Craps is considered a game where the outcome is based solely on players' luck.

Although the game seems easy at first, it can be more complicated than one expects as the rules and odds of winning are different from any other game you might have played.


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The entire process of becoming an expert in playing craps begins with a thorough understanding of all dice combinations as well as the odds. The first important rule to remember is that the combinations determine the odds as well as the payout.

Most casinos use red dice although you can also come across green or blue ones. Even if you have never played Craps before, you should notice that all dice are transparent. This way, it is easier for the casino staff to identify any imperfections and substitute the dice with another one with the aim of ensuring game fairness.

There are five important figures in a game of Craps, the Boxman, the Shooter, the Dealer, the Stickman, the Bettor.

Every Craps table has “on” and “off” stages. When a table in an Off stage, it means that the shooter has not rolled the “come-out point” yet. Players are not allowed to place bets on the “pass” or “don't pass” line when the table is in Off stage. The table is in an Off stage when the shooter repeatedly rolls 7, 11, or craps numbers 2,3, 12.

The table is On when the shooter rolls a number different from the aforementioned ones. Players are allowed to place their bets.

When you sit on the Craps table, you have to put your money in the Come bet area. The dealer will take the money and give you the respective number of chips in exchange.

The dealer is not allowed to take money directly from your hands. If you run out of chips but you would like to continue playing, you can just put more money on the table and the Boxman will give you more chips.

Craps Line

In case someone is rolling when you join the table you are not allowed to place bets until the shooter rolls a 7. When the new shooter is about to take over, you can place your bet.

Dice Combinations

Nowadays, the dice used in casinos have a really fine shape. They resemble a perfect cube and each of the sides is approximately ¾'.

The cube has six equal sides and each of them has a certain number of spots representing numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, respectively.

If you take a single dice and drop it onto the table so it falls randomly, the chance of hitting a particular number, for example, 3, is 1 in 6 or 5 to 1. In other words, the probability of hitting another number is five times higher than the probability of rolling out 3.

When you throw two dice, the numbers that can result are 11.

Let's presume each dice has six sides, which makes for 36 possible combinations. These combinations will total one of the aforementioned 11 numbers. For example, if both dice come up with 1 spot, that makes a total of 2. In case one of them comes up showing 3 and the other one 4, that makes 7. In point of fact, the combinations that total 7 are more than any other. You have 6 chances to roll out dice totaling seven (1-6, 6-1, 2-5, 5-2, 3-4, 4-3).


Odds are defined as the probability of one thing happening although it is not certain as to whether it will happen or not. What determines the odds of the bets, the payouts as well as all bets on the layout are the dice combinations as well as their probability of occurring.

However, you have to be informed that regardless of the bet on the layout, the house always has an advantage over the player except for the bet type known as “free odds”. The latter bet is available on all casino games although it is not likely to appear on the layout. Anyway, the free bet is the only bet where the casino does not have an advantage over the player and it definitely needs to be exploited.

Playing Craps Basics

All Craps tables that are available for players have their betting limits displayed. It is possible for some notes to be displayed on plastic cards inside the table. They are intended to show the minimum and maximum bets applicable to a certain table.

Although players are attracted mainly by the low limit tables, casinos usually raise the betting limits when the tables are fully occupied.

You are advised to carefully select the table that matches your bankroll criteria and feel comfortable during your gameplay.

When the table is open for new bets, the Stickman takes a tray of between 5 and 9 dice and the player who is on his left side rolls them out. Depending on “shooter's” roll, the bets are collected or paid out.

If you are the player sitting immediately on Stickman's left, but you are unwilling to roll the dice, you can politely reject the offer and the Stickman will move to the player next to you. All players on the table will be given a chance to shoot. The dice proceeds clockwise and the shooter is supposed to pick up two of the dice from the tray. The remaining dice are taken back to the tray.

When the shooter throws the dice, it needs to be thrown to the opposite end of the table. In order to ensure the fairness and randomness of the roll, at least one of the dice must bounce off the angular-shaped wall. The shooter is supposed to roll the dice with one hand only. The shooter must throw the dice in the air rather than sliding it across the table. According to statistics, if one of the dice is thrown to the end of the table, the outcome cannot be controlled or predicted.

In case your shot is short, the Boxman might still allow it to count, but the player, supposed to be a shooter after you, will be reminded that the dice must reach the opposite end of the table.

Craps Line

In case the shooter after you also registers a “weak” shot, the Boxman will remind the rules once again and if the short shot practice continues, the Boxman has the right to disallow rolls.

You are supposed to make the so-called “line” bet and its amount must be at least the minimum bet set for that table. The “line bet” is required for shooting the dice. It is made on the pass or don't pass line.

Many players who do not have enough experience in playing craps, ask why is the line bet necessary?

If the player does not make a line bet and has only one ”standard” bet on the table, they might lose that bet and leave the game. However, the other players might be in the middle of their gameplay and their profits may depend on the rolls of that shooter.


If the player has a line bet at risk he/she is more likely to complete the game. The shooter throws the dice until he rolls a seven after an established point.

If you intend to play craps at a land-based casino, you can visit it at any time. The best casinos have at least one Craps table open round the clock. The more players come to the casino, the more craps table become available.

Playing Craps

Playing Craps is one the most exciting activities in the casino. These days you can also play craps in online casinos. The fact that it is such an exciting game may have something to do with reactions of players and the crowd whenever the dice is rolled. Craps may seem a difficult game, but the only thing players actually have to know, are the different betting possibilities. Take your time to read through the craps game rules and you start rolling the dice instantly.

We will also study the different payouts, and you can take a look at our craps strategies to decide what is the best thing to bet on and what betting possibilities you should stay away from. You can’t play craps in many online casinos, all the more reason to try it out in an online casino! But not before you’re familiar with the craps game rules and craps strategies of course!

Free Craps Dice

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