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So, getting trained will prepare you to audition for this career of a lifetime! View our Dealer School Orientation online to learn more about the industry, area casinos and classes at AACC. Begin by signing up for an introductory information session to learn about free classes available to eligible new students. Craps Lessons Golden Nugget, craps bet the 7 strategy, poker odds definition, holdem all in strategy. Germany 0- Elk Studios. YayBingo Casino.

Craps is found in all Las Vegas casinos that have more than a handful of table games. The rules are generally the same from one casino to another except for the odds permitted online bets and whether the Field pays double or triple on 12.

Playing Craps at Online Casinos
If you are ready to start playing craps but are not currently in Las Vegas, we can show you some of the Top Rated Online Casinos where you can start playing craps for real money.

Las Vegas Craps Minimum Bets

Las Vegas craps minimum bets range from $1 to $50. Here is a list of all Las Vegas casinos that spread craps with its minimum bet. These minimum bets were recorded on weekdays. Higher minimum bets may be found during peak hours.

$1 Craps
  • Club Fortune
  • Jokers Wild
$2 Craps
  • Arizona Charlie’s Boulder
  • Jerry’s Nugget
$3 Craps
  • Fiesta Rancho
  • Fremont
  • Sam’s Town
$5 Craps
  • Plaza (Crapsless and traditional game)
  • 4 Queens
  • Aliante Casino
  • Arizona Charlie’s Decatur
  • Bally’s
  • Binion’s
  • Boulder Station
  • California
  • Cannery
  • Downtown Grand
  • El Cortez
  • Ellis Island
  • Fiesta Rancho
  • Gold Coast
  • Golden Nugget
  • Green Valley Ranch
  • M Resort
  • Main Street Station
  • Orleans
  • Palace Station
  • Rampart
  • Santa Fe Station
  • Silver 7’s
  • Silverton
  • South Point
  • Suncoast
  • Texas Station
  • The D
  • Tuscany
  • Westgate
$10 Craps
  • Bellagio
  • Circus Circus
  • Encore
  • Excalibur
  • Hard Rock
  • Harrah’s
  • Red Rock
  • Park MGM Casino
  • Sahara Las Vegas
  • Treasure Island
  • Wynn

Las Vegas Craps Odds

Most craps tables on the Las Vegas Strip offer 3/4/5 times odds. This means that a player can wager three times the flat bet on a 4 and 10, four times on a five and 9, and five times on a six and eight. The maximum win with odds on any of these numbers equals six times the flat bet. A notable exception is The Cromwell, where players may take odds for up to 100 times the original wager.

Downtown Las Vegas and the locals market tend to spread 10 times odds. There are some exceptions. Below is a list of each odds grouping with the amount permitted by each house.

100x Craps Odds
  • The Cromwell
20x Craps Odds
  • Main Street Station
  • Sam’s Town
10x Craps Odds
  • Aliante Casino
  • Arizona Charlie’s Boulder
  • Cannery
  • Boulder Station
  • Eastside Cannery
  • El Cortez
  • Ellis Island
  • Fiesta Henderson
  • Fiesta Rancho
  • Golden Gate
  • Green Valley Ranch
  • Jokers Wild
  • Palace Station
  • Plaza (craps only, not crapsless, which is 2x)
  • Rampart
  • Red Rock
  • Santa Fe Station
  • Silverton
  • Stratosphere (crapsless and traditional)
  • Suncoast
  • Texas Station
  • The D
5x Craps Odds
  • 4 Queens
  • Arizona Charlie’s Decatur
  • Binion’s
  • Downtown Grand
3-4-5x Craps Odds
  • Aria
  • Bally’s
  • Bellagio
  • Caesars Palace
  • Casino Royale
  • Club Fortune
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Encore
  • Excalibur
  • Flamingo
  • Gold Coast
  • Golden Nugget
  • Hard Rock
  • Harrah’s
  • OYO
  • Linq
  • Luxor
  • M Resort
  • Mandalay Bay
  • MGM Grand
  • Mirage
  • Park MGM Casino
  • New York New York
  • Orleans
  • O’Sheas
  • Palms
  • Paris
  • Planet Hollywood
  • Rio
  • Silver 7’s
  • Treasure Island
  • Tropicana
  • Tuscany
  • Venetian
  • Wynn
2x Craps Odds
  • Plaza (Crapsless table)
  • Railroad Pass
  • South Point

There are also alternatives to playing Craps for real money if you are not in Las Vegas. Check out our live casino page to find out more about playing craps online.

Complete Las Vegas Craps Survey 2019

CasinoGameMin BetMax Bet# of TablesOddsField 12Video
PlazaCrapless Craps5100012 xTripleNo
StratosphereCrapless Craps102000110 xDoubleNo
StratosphereCraps102000210 xDoubleNo
4 QueensCraps550025 xDoubleNo
Aliante CasinoCraps51000310 xTripleNo
AriaCraps25500083-4-5 xTripleYes
Arizona Charlie’s BoulderCraps21000110 xTripleNo
Arizona Charlie’s DecaturCraps550015 xTripleNo
Bally’sCraps5300043-4-5 xDoubleYes
Bally’sCraps15500013-4-5 xDoubleNo
BellagioCraps10500013-4-5 xTripleYes
BellagioCraps25500083-4-5 xTripleYes
Binion’sCraps550035 xDoubleNo
Binion’sCraps320012 xDoubleYes
Boulder StationCraps52000310 xDoubleNo
Caesars PalaceCraps25500013-4-5 xTripleNo
Caesars PalaceCraps50500053-4-5 xTripleYes
Caesars PalaceCraps200500013-4-5 xTripleNo
CaliforniaCraps5100042 xTripleNo
CanneryCraps51000210 xTripleNo
Casino RoyaleCraps10100013-4-5 xDoubleNo
Circus CircusCraps10100022 xTripleNo
Club FortuneCraps110013-4-5 xTripleNo
CosmopolitanCraps25500063-4-5 xTripleNo
CosmopolitanCraps15500013-4-5 xTripleYes
CromwellCraps2550004100 xDoubleYes
Downtown GrandCraps5100025 xTripleNo
Eastside CanneryCraps3500110 xTripleNo
El CortezCraps51000210 xTripleNo
Ellis IslandCraps5300110 xDoubleNo
EncoreCraps10500053-4-5 xTripleNo
ExcaliburCraps10300043-4-5 xTripleYes
Fiesta RanchoCraps3500110 xDoubleNo
Fiesta RanchoCraps5500110 xDoubleNo
Fiesta HendersonCraps31000110 xDoubleNo
FlamingoCraps15500013-4-5 xDoubleNo
FlamingoCraps25500043-4-5 xDoubleYes
FlamingoCraps100500013-4-5 xDoubleYes
FremontCraps5100042 xTripleNo
FremontCraps5300012 xTripleNo
Gold CoastCraps5100033-4-5 xTripleNo
Golden GateCraps52500210 xTripleNo
Golden NuggetCraps5500053-4-5 xTripleNo
Golden Nugget (Pool)Craps10500012 xDoubleYes
Green Valley RanchCraps55000410 xDoubleNo
Hard RockCraps10300043-4-5 xDoubleNo
Hard RockCraps15300013-4-5 xDoubleNo
Harrah’sCraps15500033-4-5 xDoubleYes
Harrah’sCraps25500043-4-5 xDoubleNo
OYOCraps10100013-4-5 xDoubleYes
Joker’s WildCraps1500110 xTripleNo
LinqCraps15500063-4-5 xDoubleYes
LuxorCraps15300053-4-5 xTripleNo
M ResortCraps5300035 xDouble/TripleNo
Main Street StationCraps51000320 xTripleNo
Mandalay BayCraps15500073-4-5 xTripleNo
Mandalay BayCraps25500013-4-5 xTripleNo
MGM GrandCraps10500013-4-5 xTripleNo
MGM GrandCraps25500063-4-5 xTripleYes
MGM GrandCraps50500013-4-5 xTripleNo
MirageCraps25500063-4-5 xTripleYes
NYNYCraps15300033-4-5 xTripleNo
NYNYCraps25300013-4-5 xTripleYes
OrleansCraps5200063-4-5 xTripleNo
O’SheasCraps15500013-4-5 xDoubleNo
Palace StationCraps53000310 xDoubleNo
PalazzoCraps25500052 xTripleNo
PalazzoCraps50500032 xTripleNo
PalmsCraps10500033-4-5 xDoubleYes
ParisCraps15500063-4-5 xDoubleYes
Park MGM CasinoCraps10300053-4-5 xTripleNo
Planet HollywoodCraps10500063-4-5 xDoubleYes
PlazaCraps51000210 xTripleNo
Railroad PassCraps350013-4-5 xTripleNo
RampartCraps51000210 xDoubleNo
Red RockCraps105000510 xDoubleNo
RioCraps10500043-4-5 xDoubleYes
Sam’s TownCraps31000420 xTripleNo
Santa Fe StationCraps51000310 xDoubleNo
Silver 7’sCraps550013-4-5 xDoubleNo
SilvertonCraps51000210 xTripleYes
Sahara Las VegasCraps10300033-4-5 xDoubleNo
South PointCraps5200022 xTripleNo
South PointCraps10200022 xTripleNo
South PointCraps15200012 xTripleNo
South PointCraps25200012 xTripleNo
StratosphereCraps51000210 xDoubleNo
SuncoastCraps52000310 xTripleNo
Texas StationCraps51000310 xDoubleNo
The DCraps55000210 xTripleNo
Treasure IslandCraps10200043-4-5 xTripleNo
Treasure IslandCraps110012 xDoubleYes
TropicanaCraps15300023-4-5 xDoubleNo
TuscanyCraps550013-4-5 xDoubleNo
VenetianCraps25500052 xTripleYes
VenetianCraps50500032 xTripleYes
WestgateCraps5200033-4-5 xDoubleNo
WynnCraps10500073-4-5 xTripleNo
WynnCraps25500013-4-5 xTripleNo
WynnCraps1001000013-4-5 xTripleNo

One of the most popular destinations on any casino floor is the craps table.

No matter where in the world you happen to be, the craps table is likely to be a boisterous affair, with a ring of players surrounding the game and whooping it up. You’ll hear cheering, a scream or two, and eventually, a collective groan when the shooter sevens out.

But unlike other casino games like blackjack and video poker, the scene at a craps table is always lively and full of excitement. New bingo sites. Simply put, the classic dice-throwing game is one of the most fun experiences you’ll find in the casino setting.

So why do so many gambling rookies stand to the side, watching a craps game unfold while sticking to the sidelines?

The answer to that question is experience. For players who have never stood at a craps table before, witnessing a game progress can be like stepping into a foreign country.

Rather than a single dealer to supervise the game, craps requires four casino employees for that task. The number of players in the game balloons from the six at most you’ll see in blackjack to a dozen or more.

And when the slang terms start flying. “yo 11” and “the hard way” and “horn bets” are just a few. Even an experienced casino gambler can’t help but feel out of their element.

At first glance, the game of craps can seem like one of the most complicated gambles out there.

The table is massive, with seemingly dozens upon dozens of betting spaces and squares to choose from. Bets are made in odd increments like $6 and $12, and chips seem to be flying around the table at hyper speed.

And that doesn’t even cover the pressure of rolling them bones…

All things considered, it’s easy to see why so many players stand near the craps table, watching and waiting, while never actually sidling up for a session. If you haven’t had the luxury of a full-fledged craps lesson, throwing yourself into the fray of a frenetic game, one where players have serious money on the line, can be daunting, to say the least.

With all that said, learning craps isn’t as hard as it’s cracked up to be. In fact, the easiest way to learn the game is to do exactly what I just said and throw yourself into the fray.

Below you’ll find a walkthrough on the game of craps designed for beginners approaching the table for their very first time. You’ll also find craps book and software recommendations to help you get started.

Craps Books

  1. No-Nonsense Craps: The Consummate Guide to Winning at the Crap Table
Craps Lessons Near MeCraps lessons near me this weekend

No-Nonsense Craps was written by Richard Orlyn and published in 2008. Orlyn’s book focuses on debunking the myths related to craps and taking a straight approach at it with a two dice probability theory that can be easily learned by amateur players. Orlyn also covers money management, betting skills, and the Table Time Plus strategy.

  1. How to Play Craps

How to Play Craps was written by Travis Carpagio and the 2nd edition was published in 2016. Carpagio focuses on breaking down the table and game play into an easy to understand fashion for beginners. He covers:

  • How to get the best odds
  • Specific types of bets
  • When and what to play
  • Basic rules
  • Playing sequences
  • Terminology
  • Strategies
  1. How To Play Craps and Win!: The 3 IRREFUTABLE Plays that Will Make You a WINNER!

How to Play Craps and Win was written by M. Mitch Freeland and published in 2016. Freeland’s book focuses on three strategies that give you an edge at the casino. Topics covered include:

Craps Lessons Near Me Location

  • Easy to understand betting methods
  • Birddog
  • Superstitious players
  • Pass line
  • Come bet
  • Maximizing your profits
  • When to walk away
  • Who to play with
  1. Craps for The Clueless: A Beginner’s Guide to Playing and Winning

Craps for The Clueless was written by John Patrick and published in 2001. Patrick’s guide focuses on beginner craps players and explains all aspects of the game in an easy to understand fashion. Topics covered include:

  • Wagers permitted
  • Interpreting posted rates
  • Betting with or against the dice
  • Basic strategies

Patrick’s book also includes diagrams and charts.

  1. The Basics of Winning Craps

The Basics of Winning Craps was written by J. Edward Allen and published in 1992. Allen’s book focuses on people who have never played craps or are just starting and explains various aspects of the game in easy to understand language. Allen’s book has 12 chapters that include:

  • 20 illustrations
  • Bets available
  • How to place bets
  • House odds
  • Playing strategies
  • Rules of craps
  • Money management

Craps Software

  1. WinCraps

WinCraps is a craps simulator for Windows that allows you to play craps and teaches you better strategy as you play. Some features include:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Unique tools that analyze your play and teach you along the way
  • An auto betting feature
  • Statistic screens
  • Experiment with various layouts, dice probabilities, and pay offs
  1. Smart Craps by DeepNet Technologies

Smart Craps is targeted to players who use dice control as their winning strategy. It includes statistical information about how your rolls influence dice outcome, the optimal dice sets, bets, and how to get an edge over the casino with controlled rolls. Other features include risk of ruin calculators and simulations, an over 100-page document about craps, and more.

Take a Craps Class

Believe it or not, most major casinos offer complimentary craps classes to help bring new players onboard.

These tutorials tend to be held in the early morning or afternoon hours, before the rush hits and all tables are needed for live play.

You can ask the casino concierge about these craps lessons, or even better, a dealer or pit boss.

Once you’re signed up and ready to go, a basic craps class will combine a few rookies like yourself for a simulated game. The table, chips, and dice are all real, and the only difference between this and genuine craps is there’s no risk involved.

Instead, the instructor will take you step-by-step through the mechanics of a craps roll. You’ll learn about the table layout, the rules and gameplay, the game’s basic wagers, and all of those crazy long shot bets in the middle.

Nothing beats actual experience, and taking the dice in hand without a pressure-packed environment to stress you out is the best way to gain such experience.

Don’t forget to tip your teacher a few bucks too, as that’s one casino gambling lesson everybody should learn.

Watch and Learn

Before you ever take the dice in hand, I suggest doing exactly what so many craps outsiders already do: stand near the game and observe.

You won’t be bothering anybody if you choose a spot a few steps away from where the players stand. From there, do your best to avoid passive observation. The goal here isn’t simply to see how a craps game plays out, but to understand what is happening at the table.

You may even want to take notes by using your phone’s text app on how the action unfolds.

Starting with a fresh roll, record what you learn about that first dice toss (known as the come out roll). Which numbers are winners and losers there, what happens when a neutral number lands, and who gets paid out are all good questions to ask about the come out roll.

Next, pick a player who seems to be skilled at their craft and try to monitor their betting patterns. Are they taking the Pass Line like everybody else, or betting on the No Pass Line instead? How many chips do they use when making odds bets? Are they messing around with the “exotic” wagers or playing conservatively by backing the 6 and the 8?

By becoming a student of the game, you’ll start to develop a natural feel for the rhythm and flow of a craps table. Soon enough, you’ll be able to tell where players are putting their chips without a second thought. But more importantly, you’ll know why they’re making those decisions.

When you reach this point, it’s time to step off the sidelines and mix it up with money on the line.

Location, Location, Location

I can still remember my first craps game like it was yesterday, even though that must have been 20 years ago.

One reason the memory remains vivid even now is the friendly faces I happened to meet on that day.

I had taken some time to read a book or two. Yes, I had to read an actual book back then to learn craps, so I wasn’t a complete and utter neophyte. But even so, all of that book learnin’ goes right out the window when you walk up to a loud, crowded craps table with the action already underway.

To make things easier on myself, and on my tablemates. I waited until a spot opened up near the dealer area. These table positions are essentially the “end spots” on either side of the table. You’ll know you’ve found it because you’ll be rubbing elbows with the guys and gals running the game.

I chose this spot for a reason, as I figured any mistakes I made, or questions I had, would be more easily addressed if I was right next to the people in charge. Even then, I suspected that the craps regulars at the table would have little patience for a newbie slowing things down, so I stood near the dealers and quietly asked anything I needed to know.

This might sound like a cop-out, but at the time, I needed all the help I could get. All of those pages on craps game play and strategy I had read before meant little with the dice tumbling, chips being pushed to and fro, and players living and dying with every toss.

By situating myself close to the dealer, who in this case happened to be a very helpful gentleman hailing from Italy, I ensured myself easy access to any information that escaped me in the moment.

A quick glance at my new friend, a look of puzzlement, or even just a shrug, was enough to let him know that I needed a quick assist.

And you’d be surprised how willing the casino staff is when it comes to helping new players. Sure, the regulars might not be so patient, but the dealers on hand will generally go out of their way to “hold your hand,” showing you where to place your odds bets, how many chips you need to back a certain number after the come out roll, and all the rest.

This is just business, after all, as the casino wants new players entering the high volatility arena of the craps table. But dealers are humans too, and by and large, they’ll be glad to lend a helping hand when a beginner looks to be out of their depth.

Timing is Everything

I’ve made mention of this once or twice now, but it bears repeating: craps regulars won’t be very patient when a rookie comes in looking to learn the ropes.

That’s just the nature of the beast, so don’t take it personally.

Instead, try to time your exploratory sessions and hit the tables when they’re not buzzing with activity. Generally speaking, a weekend night will see every craps game in the house crowded with players. These nights aren’t conducive to learning, as you’ll likely be surrounded by veterans who simply don’t have time for teaching when their money is at risk.

On the other hand, heading over to a craps table on a weekday afternoon will present an entirely different scene. Depending on your casino of choice, the games might even be emptied out entirely, or have just one or two players lazily tossing the dice around.

These windows are your best chance to gain some valuable instruction time because the pressure of a packed game won’t be present.

Playing in these off-peak hours is a great way to brush up on the basics. You can feel free to ask questions, make mistakes, or even stand back and observe. All without fearing that you’ve jammed the game up for everyone else.

Talk it Through

I don’t recommend doing this with just anybody, but if you happen to find some friendly folks at your local craps table, it can’t hurt to ask them for a few pointers.

Believe it or not, most people are decent and kind by nature, even in the casino setting. If it’s clear that you’re still trying hard to learn the game, a typical craps veteran (who isn’t on a bad run at the time) won’t be bothered if you ask them a thing or too along the way.

Now, don’t go overboard of course. Let them roll the dice in peace, and choose your spots wisely. Which simply means to avoid asking questions after somebody has suffered a loss.

The best time to pepper an experienced player for advice is directly after the dealer has pushed them a large pile of chips. These players are “feeling themselves,” to borrow a phrase, and they’ll usually have no problem at all regaling you with tales of their craps acumen.

I don’t advise seeking out strategy tips in this manner though, as many craps regulars subscribe to silly superstitions or ineffective “systems” for sustaining success.

But, if you find yourself wondering how a particular bet is made, or why the last roll produced a certain payout, there’s no harm in asking your tablemates the score.

Try, Try Again

My first craps session provided lifetime memories. But that’s about all.

Craps Lessons Near Me Cinemark Theatres

I wound up making a few extended rolls, but without a wider knowledge of how to press my edges, I didn’t take full advantage of the good fortune. As a result, my $100 stake lasted for about an hour, before being chipped away and claimed by the house.

Even so, to this day I consider that hundred bucks to be a lasting investment because that initial craps session spawned thousands more over the last two decades.

In fact, craps has become one of my favorites, if not one of the most profitable casino games I play.

But that wouldn’t be the case if I had decided to quit after one losing round.

Craps Lessons Near Medford


Craps is a volatile game by nature; one which can easily lead to a quick loss of your entire stake, or an even quicker triple up. As a beginner, you can’t expect to play perfectly your first time out, so don’t get caught up in the actual results during those first forays to the table.

Instead, have fun with it and enjoy the game for what it is: the most exciting game in any casino.

Craps Lessons Near Memphis

Once you’ve developed a better understanding of the fundamentals, you can head back to the table with confidence in your game, and confidence can go a long way when it comes to craps.