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Coin values can change year over year, but it is always good to know the approximate value of your coin. This knowledge is good for both beginner and experienced collectors. There are several coin values listed, but these are only a microcosm of the number of coins available to collect today. Coincheck is a bitcoin wallet and exchange service headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, founded by Koichiro Wada and Yusuke Otsuka. It operates exchanges between bitcoin, ether and fiat currencies in Japan, and bitcoin transactions and storage in some countries. In April 2018, Coincheck was acquired by Monex Group for 3.6 billion yen. is an online database that provides both numismatic and intrinsic coin values. In addition we have created some great tools and written many original articles detailing the most important aspects of coin collecting.

The cryptocurrency market cap is $1.19 T.In the last 24 hours, the total crypto market cap recorded a -1.91% gain loss. The total cryptocurrency market volume in the last 24 hours is $453.94 B, which is -11.83% larger smaller compared to the previous day. Visit the Change Checker Shop for everything you need to find and collect the UK's commemorative coins from your change. Including the Official Change Checker Collector's Album, accessories and coin issues from The Royal Mint.

Indian dreaming pokie machine for sale. If you are into coins, or just dropping by we should not be your last stop. We provide reasonably accurately broad data and values for coins. If you find you need further assitance please give your local coin dealer a visit for more information.

If you are rolling coins or just buying coin rolls, knowing how many are in each is super important. If a roll is over a few coins you are literally giving away money.

This article details the number of coins in each roll for all denominations as well as the face and melt value for those coins where applicable.

The US has produced a large number of coins in its history, with many of them discontinued due to age or mint errors, and sometimes even as part of a change in government policies. Various collectors around the world now possess many of these historic coins, and some of them are so rare that for a long time their existence was considered folklore.

However, the advance of time and the growing interest in numismatics has brought some of these rare coins back into the fore, as more people start to dig them out of their collections. Below is a list of some of the rarest US coins you can find to date and their values.

If you had to picture one of the fastest growing markets in the country, perhaps the last thing you would think about is the rare coin market - yet it is undoubtedly one of the largest growing investors markets in the country. Every year billions of dollars change hands as coins are bought and sold by collectors in both public and private auctions.

The market is hard to follow as not many people are interested in the strength of the market or how trade was affected on a month to month basis. It is possible though, to paint a picture of what the market looks like today, and what it may evolve into in the future as it continues to grow.


Collecting coins is slowly becoming one of the world's greatest past times. As more and more people get involved in this lucrative hobby, buying and selling rare coins is becoming all the rage in certain circles, especially as many coins are hard to find.

Knowing the value of your coins is essential when you want to sell or even purchase them. That is where coin grading comes into play. Before you begin a lucrative coin exchange, you need to understand exactly what coin grading is and why it is important. This article will shed some light on the subject.

OK you've spent years possibly decades creating a collection. Or maybe you've just inherited a few coins from Grandma, Grandpa, or your Aunt Mildred.

Whatever the case may be you are interested in trading them in for for cash. Let me first tell you what not to do. Don't take them to a pawn shop, don't take them to a 'Cash 4 Gold' type of store (unless they are Cull), and for heavens sake.don't spend them at face value.

If you are a coin expert and find our prices or other details off the mark, please suggest changes in the user section and we will make them.

The most comprehensive list of valuable United States coins online!

Coin Checker Album

Name DescriptionReview Score ICO Price Pre ICO Price Soft CapHard CapStart Date End Date
Umbrella Network
Securely bringing the world’s data on chain
0.05 USD $ 250,000 2021/02/01 2021/02/09
Tauri Finance
Protocol for tokenizing on-chain assets
85 USD 100000 USD 1000000 USD 2021/01/20 2021/02/10
Arbitrage Center for Cryptocurrency
0.16 USD 2500000 USD 4500000 USD 2021/01/12 2021/02/13
An adless app revenue model
0.05 USD $300,000 $6,000,000 2021/01/14 2021/02/14
The first token that cares for your health
0.1 USD 800000 USD 5000000 USD 2020/12/31 2021/02/15
Born to reward people when they use their time watching television or other applications
0.01 USD 215680000 215680000 2021/01/15 2021/02/15
YPro Token
Start getting reward for Farming, Swapping and Staking cryptocurrency!
0.8 USD $ 100,000 $ 250,000 2021/01/24 2021/02/16
Vibexxx is an adult platform for viral user
0.0002 USD 1,000,000 USD 14,000,000 USD 2021/01/17 2021/02/17
A perfect DeFi collateral
20 USD 139,920 USD 1,400,000 USD 2021/01/25 2021/02/22
Innovative DeFi and NFT platform
1.8 USD 960,000 USD 600,000 USD 2021/01/25 2021/02/25
Utility coin for tagging identity to blockchain packets
2.65 0.000349 USD 50,000 ETH 2020/12/27 2021/02/25
Welcome to future of interactive advertising
1.65 0.1 USD 0.05 USD 4,000,000 USD 2020/08/18 2021/02/26
Decentralized, community-driven AI platform
4.70 0.14 USD 4,200,000 USD 10,500,000 USD 2019/03/01 2021/03/01
Innovate, work, invest
4.15 0.07 USD 0.07 USD 1,400,000 USD 19,160,000 USD 2021/02/01 2021/03/02
Will you take the 888 cycle challenge?
1 USD 1 USD 1 USD 2021/02/01 2021/03/02
The BitClassic Marketplace combines exciting features in DeFi and NFTs to create an innovative social platform.
0.05 USD 6000 USD 50000 USD 2020/12/10 2021/03/10
The Blockchain Solution for Every Cashless Transaction
2.95 0.05 USD $1000000 $20000000 2021/01/01 2021/03/31
Decentralized sharing economy protocol using the Ethereum blockchain
3.30 0.00004 BTC 1st round: 200 BTC; 2nd round: 450 BTC 2021/02/01 2021/03/31
The Currency of the Beginning of a New Digital Era
2.65 0.2 USD 30000000 100000000 2021/01/11 2021/04/11
The first and only HybridCoin
1 USD 100,000,000 USD 2019/05/15 2021/04/15
The safest way to buy and sell cryptocurrency in a few minutes.
2.70 0.15 USD $6,560,000 $13,130,000 2020/12/14 2021/04/25
Student Coin
Build and manage your own token. It's simple.
 0.005 USD 2,100,000 USD 21,000,000 USD 2021/02/01 2021/04/30
Equifund Token
Join venture in derivative payments.
2 USD 50000 USD 100000 USD 2021/02/02 2021/04/30
The first community governed DEX with NFT mechanics
3.20 0.11 USD $ 4.00M $ 4.00M 2020/11/02 2021/04/30
The first platform that enables users to transact on cryptocurrencies without internet connection
0.2 USD 680,000 USD 15,000,000 USD 2021/01/09 2021/05/05
We change the world
3.70  0.01 USD 100,000 USD 300,000 USD 2020/12/01 2021/05/31
Anyon Token
Create the future of digital banking
2021/01/01 2021/06/01
Access to your money Anytime, Anywhere.
3.77 1 USD 1 USD 25,000,000 USD 50,000,000 USD 2020/07/01 2021/06/30
Futbol Coin
Futbol Coin is a Cryptocurrency for Soccer
4.15 1 USD 0.25 USD 500,000 USD 20,000,000 USD 2020/07/01 2021/06/30
The decentralized crowdfunding portal for start-ups, entrepreneurs, businesses, & investors.
422,000 USD 845,000 USD 2021/01/15 2021/07/15
Blockchain-based Bank Full Eco System WorldWide
4.90 0.1 USD 0.05 USD 1,000,000 USD 30,000,000 USD 2019/07/22 2021/07/22
CoinDCX’s ETH-backed token
2020/11/12 2021/11/12
NF Token
Digital competitive blockchain game built on the Ethereum
0.21 USD $ 1.20M $ 2.10M 2021/02/06 2021/11/30
Digital Swiss Franc
A Decentralized Network
0.055 USD 5000000 USD 50000000 USD 2020/12/31 2021/12/05
De-Fi & De-Bet on TRON Network
0.1375 USD 0.125 USD  156,250 USD 800,000 USD 2020/12/20 2021/12/27
Collaboration, decentralization and digital democracy: three keys to combat climate change
3.60 2.7 USD 0.83 USD 10,000,000 USD 60,000,000 USD 2020/07/08 2021/12/29
Yield Optimization Platform & Protocol
0.05 USD 533,000 USD 2021/01/01 2021/12/31
Create Living Spaces
3.95 1.2 USD 1000000 25000000 2021/01/01 2022/01/01
The Marketplace of Shared Economy Apps
2.78 0.01 USD 2018/01/24 2023/01/24

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