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Russian Artist Roman Booteen has developed quite a fan-following on Instagram where he shares photos and videos of his masterpieces.

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While hand-graved coins alone are cause for fascination, this artist has also added incredible Mechanical elements to his coins too which make the coins a marvel of both engineering and art.

His latest piece is a coin with an intricate carving of a knight and a lady gazing at a dip in the wall. However, there is a hidden delight to the coin. In the video shared by the artist on his Instagram, the shows that the Knight’s sword can actually be removed and then used to push inside a tiny notch at the top of the coin. Doing so open ups a small covering that reveals a golden goblet inside.

Booteen has carved over fifty such coins each a masterpiece. He also carves other things like cigarette lighter carvings which are equally impressive. These videos show some of his pieces.

Check out Boteen’s impressive portfolio on his Instagram for viewing the whole range of his beautiful coins packed with small engineering surprises.

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There are many coin and money craft ideas and projects all over the internet. You can make so much cool stuff from money and coins.

You can make a charmed bracelet from coins of countries you have visited or turn your lucky coin into a cool pendant or you can make a pair of coin earrings. You can also turn a coin into a button by drilling four holes into it. You can also make a cute coin clock.

Dollar bill origami is very popular and is commonly used as a replacement to the standard origami paper. Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding and the most common dollar bill origami is a heart.

Coin and Paper Trick

Cut a narrow strip of stiff paper, about 12 inches long by 1/2 inches wide. Paste or staple the ends to form a loop. Set the loop on mouth of a small glass and place a penny on top of it. (as in illustration 1 above) The trick is to take a pencil, and with it, knock away the paper loop so neatly that the coin will drop into the glass. (illustration 2.) You can do it every time, but when others try it, they fail. The secret is this: Instead of hitting the outside of the loop, as you appear to do, swing the pencil at a forward angle, so that you miss the outside of the loop but hook the inside, pulling it out from beneath the coin, which then falls straight down. (illustration 3.) Hitting the outside with the pencil knocks away the loop alright, but the coin goes along with it. That's why other people fail.

Torn Dollar Bill Trick

(1) A dollar bill is held in the left hand. The right hand approaches, takes the free end of the bill and gives it a hard, downward tear. The bill is heard to tear apart, but when the hands are brought together and spread again, there is the bill completely restored! Illustration 1 gives a 'front view' of how the bill is held. Note that the second finger of the left hand is behind the bill, the forefinger in front. (2) The right hand takes the bill as shown and secretly loosens its grip, as it makes a quick, downward sweep, as though tearing the bill. At the same instant, the left forefinger acts even more quickly, snapping inward toward the left palm. (3) This snatches the protruding portion of the bill from the right hand, folding it into the left. (illustration 2.) The right fingers stroke the folded bill, producing the tearing sound. The hands are separated, being partly closed, as though each held a half of the torn bill. They are brought together and the bill is drawn out as though restored. (illustration 3.)

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