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Club Keno

Players Keno customers now have the option to view game results from their home computer or mobile device!

Michigan Lottery Club Keno: How to Play. From the definitive point of view, Club Keno is played in such a way that players select up to ten (10) numbers from 80. In return, the Lottery draws 20 numbers, the resulting numbers which are then displayed on television sets three and a half minutes apart. Michigan Club Keno Extended random number generator; Number of random numbers: / 80 Number of sets to generate: All the available numbers (1-80) Only the numbers in. Michigan Lottery Site.

On your computer or mobile device enter:

Here are some great things the Keno Cloud allows Players Keno customers to do:
• View the current game results
• View previous game results
• Use the Find Game tool and look up the results for a specific game number
• Enter your favorite numbers and search to see when they last came in
• View the hottest numbers or coldest numbers throughout the day

Click the image below to access Keno Cloud for Players Keno:

Club Keno from the Michigan State Lottery is a unique feature that players can only find in one state. A draw game that is played every few minutes, seven days a week, Club Keno promises players a fantastic time along with the potential to earn one of the biggest prizes available from any game provided by the Michigan State Lottery. All it takes is a modest wager and a prediction of which numbers will be drawn.

Like most other draw games, the more numbers a player matches, the higher the prize draw payout climbs. Not only this, but there is a standard prize and an extra draw prize to be won in this unique feature. Keep reading to learn more about Club Keno. We’re sure you’ll want to play a game for yourself as soon as you’ve finished this short review.

Club Keno by the numbers

Overall odds in VIP Gold are calculated at 1 in 9.77. These are exceptional odds for a draw game and, after playing, players will agree that the opportunities to walk away with a winning outcome are too good to pass up.


Ticket prices

Club Keno costs only $1 to enter the draw for the standard game. However, tickets can be purchased for higher sums and yield higher payouts. To enter into the extra prize draw costs an additional $1. Yet another feature, The Kicker prize can also be purchased for additional winning opportunities. To be considered for the jackpot prize, The Jack, players will need to buy in at the cost of an additional $1. For the standard Club Keno game, wagering options number seven in all.

Stake levels

Michigan Club Keno

• $1
• $2
• $3
• $4
• $5
• $10
• $20

Default Ticket Price: 1 tickets x $1 = $1

Top Prize: $20,000,000

Bonus games: 0

Bonus features: 3

Club Keno gameplay

Club Keno operates just like any other draw lottery game. However, Club Keno tickets are only available for purchase in-person. That means players will need to locate a retailer that offers Club Keno ticket sales. The Michigan State Lottery provides a retailer search toolhere. Once the player has found a retailer, they’ll need to select their numbers and decide whether or not to buy into the additional features of the Club Keno game, Extra, The Kicker, and The Jack. To have the best odds of winning a top-notch payout, players will want to consider opting-in to all the additional special features.

Extra feature

To begin, the Extra feature costs an additional $1 to play alongside the standard Club Keno game. The premise behind the feature is that if the player’s Extra number matches the one drawn, Extra prizes will be awarded. Players can win in both games, as well. However, should the player in both games, the prizes cannot be combined. The player will have to opt for the larger prize of the two in this case. The maximum win amount for an Extra 10-spot wager is $10 million. If multiple players win such a prize, it will be divided equally among them.

Club Keno To Go Live Drawings

The Kicker feature

If a player wins the standard Club Keno game and has also purchased the Kicker option, then their winnings will be multiplied by the Kicker number (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10) for that drawing. The maximum prize for winning a 10-spot wager with a kicker option where the number is 10 is $20 million. If multiple players win such a prize, it will be divided equally Crystal slots at choctaw. among them.

The Jack feature

The Jack is the Club Keno jackpot feature and costs an additional $1 to enter. The jackpot is seeded at $10,000 and will continue to grow until won by one or multiple players. If multiple players win such a prize, it will be divided equally among them.

Summing up Club Keno

Club Keno Live Drawings

Club Keno is a must play, at least once, for players who want to take full advantage of a potential four-win feature. The game is easy to enter, requires no prior knowledge of how to play, and can pay off in a life-changing way.