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YES Agogo Club Pattaya. Now if your out for the night and you are heading into Walking Street, well be sure to check out YES Agogo.

Why you may ask? well, simply put, because it’s worth checking out. Honestly, we have been in here a fair few times and this Agogo bar really does have it sussed. Knowing that when you walk in you are greeted with a large stage packed with girls is always a bonus. Likewise having sexy girls gyrating all over the poles and more is also a bonus too.

Despite the amount of Agogo bars in Walking Street YES Agogo seems to hit the spot with many. There is always a good supply of customers and an even better supply of girls working each night. Depending on what floats your boat will depend on where you sit. Maybe stage side is your thing, or perhaps you prefer a more subtle view from afar.

YES Agogo Club Pattaya is an ACTION packed gogo bar!

Wherever you decide to sit, don’t worry you will soon be getting smiles from plenty of sexy girls. Now isn’t that wonderful! Service staff will make sure you are kept in drinks and without being pushy. Once you have locked down eye contact with your chose girl, invite her to join you. Soon as here set is over she will join you. Don’t get upset if you have to wait a song or two until she is finished. somethings the best things are worth waiting for right?

Positioned in the right hand side is a smaller stage. Girls will dance on the podium for your pleasure. be sure to smile and always be polite and courteous. Considering the girls are on their feet hours at a time it amazes us how they maintain a smile for so long.

Music is good and at a great level. Drinking beers is always a cheaper option and there are normally promotions available for you to enjoy.

If you enjoyed your visit please let us know. Share your feedback with us, we love to know how well a club is doing.

Location & Intro:

Club Baccara

Baccara Club & Lounge is a great place to hang out. The whole building has three floors and even a rooftop section which have been recently developed. They even have a nonsmoking section on the ground floor which is more for family and kids who are not into smoking (sheesha & cigs). The first floor and third floor is the usual cafe type chic ambience. The second floor is special as they have special cabana arrangements.

What I tried:


All of the dishes were presented excellently and good to taste. Usually, in restaurants, when food is made fancy, the taste sometimes gets compromised. However, Baccara didn’t fail to impress me.

I took some Gigantic Sheesha here with a couple of my friends. The sheesha was special one mixed with many flavors and it was quite strong. If you like strong or want to go for some good smoky sessions, this is the place for you. I also took a normal sheesha which was good.


I took Watermelon Aqua Fresca, Tender Coconut Mojito, Peach Iced Tea, Mixed Berry Shake, and Mango Mule. All of the mocktails were really good. I am not a cocktail or a mocktail connoisseur but all of them were equally good. My recommendation would be Tender Coconut Mojito and Mixed Berry Shake.

Club Baccala Kcmo



• French Onion Soup – The French Onion soup was good to taste. I enjoyed it quite much. The flavor of onion was evident in it.

• Tom Yum Soup with Prawn – I am not a prawn lover and moreover, I don’t enjoy prawns in soup. One can give it a try if you love prawns.

Continental Appetizer

Peri Peri Chicken Wings – The chicken wings were stellar. It is a must try out here if you love wings. The flavor of peri peri was evident and it was not very spicy. Just the way I like it.

Pop Corn Chicken – The popcorn chicken was good to taste as well. It was crunchy and tasty.

Asian Appetizer

• Chicken Sui Mai – The Sui Mai was good to taste and presented nicely.

Smoked Thai Chilli Chicken – I loved the way it was brought to our table. Tasted great. #recommended

Thai Fish Cake – It seemed okay to me. Nothing extraordinarily good.

Continental Mains:

Catalan Cottage Cheese Tower – The cottage cheese cake was good to taste and presented nicely. The vegetarians can surely give this one a try.

Chicken Stroganoff – The Stroganoff was excellent and i would surely recommend this one if someone wants to eat heavy food.

Asian Mains:

Pad Thai Noodles Chicken – This was my second experience with Pad Thai Noodles. I must say they did a commendable job and i really relished the thai flavors on this one. #recommended.

Nasi Goreng Chicken – The Nasi Goreng was extremely tasty and I relished on this one too. #recommended.

Club Baccara Cancun

Chinese Special:

Orange and Basil Chicken – If you are looking for a perfect chicken starter along with sheesha, this is it. It tastes really good. #recommended.

Fish in Parsley sauce – It seemed like basa fish to me. It tasted great. #recommended #fishlovers

Special thanks:

1) Argha Banerjee, Digital Brain for inviting me over.

2) Baccara Club & Lounge (Including all their staffs who worked hard to provide us with a memorial experience.)

Price for two: 500-1500 approximate (Excluding Sheesha) (Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc.)


• HUGE seating capacity.

• Great food presentation.

Club Baccara Barcelona

• Good food quality.

• Amazing hospitality

• Cabana Section is also there.

• It becomes a club and a lounge during the late evenings and night.

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I really had a great time here with my food buddies and would recommend everyone to give this place a visit for a lip-smacking as well as a mesmerizing experience.


I was invited by the management of Baccara Lounge and the views expressed herein are solely my own.


Club Baccara Barcelona