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INCREDIBLE, JUST INCREDIBLE on the China Shores Great Stacks slot machine by Konami!

China Shores is an online slot played against the backdrop of a dense, bamboo filled setting with hills in the background. In fact, there isn’t a single shore in sight. The scene changes to a celebration when you land the feature, with fireworks illuminating the night sky. At The Boardwalk, Carnival City, Carousel, Flamingo, GrandWest, Sibaya, Sun City, Time Square and Wild Coast Sun. The pandas are wild in this five-reel, 30-payline game. The cute bear can.

China Shores Great Stacks is a really interesting game played on a large reel set compared to the original China Shores and I feel it improves on it greatly!

You win in the base game by landing winning paylines and to help, before each spin special reel positions will all be set to the same symbol, including the bonus symbol, giving you an easier shot to 'Fill the Screen' for that Big Win or Jackpot or insanely good bonus: this is known as the 'Action Stacked Symbols' feature.

The bonus is triggered by landing 3, 4 or 5 bonus or wild symbols on a payline for 8, 10 or 15 free games respectively. All free games are played at 2x although you can select the 'Balance of Fortune' feature and play games in the following way:

Credit Prize: All of your games are converted to a Credit Prize within the presented range.

Green Super Free Games: All 'Action Stacked Symbols' transform either into the Top Symbol or the Bonus symbol and all wins are multiplied by either 2x or 3x!

Red Super Free Games: All wins are randomly multiplied by 7x, 12x or 18x!

Yellow Super Free Games: Only Premium symbols appear on the reels and all wins are multiplied by 2x or 3x!

It occurs to me that China Shores Great Stacks is exactly the same game as Mayan Chief Great Stacks but without the drama of the reveal of the Action Stacked Symbols! Off my Slot Bucket List, Enjoy!

Magic Man

IMO, when you have something as big as 440 free spins, I would've gone back & forth between the Red Super Free Games & the Yellow Super Free Games. You may get much lesser spins, but you'll get something decent in exchange.
With the Red Super Free Games, you would receive either 7x, 12x or 18x multipliers each & every time you make a match.
With the Yellow Super Free Games, you would receive even lesser free games than with the Red Super Free Games & will only receive either 2x or 3x multipliers like the Green Super Free Games does, but it would also remove all lower paying symbols.
Congrats to you on winning this, by the way!


Just watched this video.i was thinking.that yellow spot u picked did say X2 and x3 but it seemed u were expecting more .it was the other colors that had moreX.. but that prize thing was crap wasn't it? but still great luck catching that machine at the right time.👍.

Noel Foley

Hey Tim, great win! Last week at Pala Casino, I won 284 games @ $1.20 bet. But I didn't realize you could move back and forth between levels. 284 games returned $372, but now I'm thinking 'Oh, what could have been!' LOL! Oh well, next time, right? Thanks for sharing, love your play!

A little darling with a big story

Im glad that you tried them all that way I can see how they all look.. I'm going to have to look for that game at my casino 😃

Drew DeMarzio

I was expecting a much bigger win. I hit for $1100 with a 60 cent spil bonus recently. I was shocked at the amount on such a small bet.

Ecstatically Extreme

at least you dont have to pay taxes but you made the wrong choice at the end you should have went with 2 yellow games. I would guess your winnings would have been $200 to $500 as it usually hits on those final one or two!)

Ecstatically Extreme

I hit 4 full lines almost and got about 600 spins. Always go for the YELLOW!!! But go with a few regulars first. Yellow though can be insane. I won $1000 3 spins in a row within a minute lol

Ecstatically Extreme
China Shores Slots

This is the most amazing machine ever. If you know how to play the correct way, this machine is beatable long term. and extremely profitable even short term. I won over $5,000 my last visit. Got over 4,834 off a 60 cent spin and I KNEW I was going to win. Hit the maximum jackpot

Sinan Vasic

Très bien joué salu de Paris classique bien jouer 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷👍👍👍🍀🍀🍀

Carmen Ghersi

Short, but very productive. Great job!

Stephen Helton

Great video nice run. I would have went all gold.


Nice Win! I personally would have done the least amount of games with the highest multipliers. The wins can be huge!! Im always looking for that monster hit and win. Continued success on the slots!

Slot Mom

Absolutely LOVE this game, I like choosing red. CONGRATS!!

Laneisha Patton

I loved how you showcased your free made it entertaining!!!

Simply YGO

Great win! Once, I bet 1$, got free games, then chose the super green. On the 10th spin, got half the screen with the red chinese symbol, got me 950$.

Gaming 03 Aug 2015 By Sun International

With thousands of games to choose from, have you ever wondered what Sun International’s most popular casino slot games are?

Unlike Africa’s Big Five (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo), Sun International’s Top 5 slot machines to play feature dragons, bats, pandas and koi fish in sometimes winning combinations. N2 live casino.

If you want to play the most popular casino slot games, we highlight the top 5 slot machines in South Africa, and where you can get your game on:

1 88 Fortunes and 5 Treasures

At the following Sun International Casinos: Boardwalk, Carnival City, GrandWest, Sibaya, Time Square and Wild Coast Sun.

Also known as Du Fú Du Cái, which translates to ‘much luck’ or ‘good fortune’, 88 Fortunes is one of Sun International’s most popular level 4 progressive casino slot games. In 88 Fortunes, three or more scattered Asian gong symbols trigger 10 free games, while three or more red doors in 5 Treasures unlock six free games, which means that both sets of free games can be endlessly re-triggered for hours of gaming.

Best feature: In both games, the Lucky Fú bat symbol triggers the jackpot feature, where you’ll play 12 gold coins until you see three matching Du Fú baby symbols. Each baby symbol (there are four different ones) corresponds with one of the four different jackpot levels: the mini, minor, major and grand jackpot.

2 Wild Panda

At Boardwalk, Carnival City, Carousel, Flamingo, Golden Valley, GrandWest, Meropa, Sibaya, Sun City, Time Square and Windmill.

Featuring an adorable panda, this slot game uses Chinese symbolism such as the pagoda, koi fish, umbrella, lotus, ruan (guitar), golden Ching coins and bamboo in a 100-line game, where one credit buys two lines. Keep an eye out for the pagoda symbol, which pays 1 000 credits times your bet multiplier.

Best feature: Trigger the free games feature when you spell the word ‘panda’ across the first five reels. All the panda letters will change to the panda symbol, and you’ll score five free games.

China Shores Slots Download Free

3 China Shores

At The Boardwalk, Carnival City, Carousel, Flamingo, GrandWest, Sibaya, Sun City, Time Square and Wild Coast Sun.

The pandas are wild in this five-reel, 30-payline game. The cute bear can substitute for any of the game’s symbols, except the bonus Yin and Yang symbols that trigger free spins. Hit three, four, or five in a payline to get eight, 10, or 15 free spins respectively. Free games pay twice your linebet and are always played on maximum lines. Hit five Yin and Yang symbols in a line and you’ll win 100 times your linebet.

China Shores Slots Bonus

Best feature: If you’d prefer to swop your free games for a random credits reward, choose to play the Balance of Fortune option.

4 Sky Rider

At The Boardwalk, Carnival City, GrandWest, Sibaya, Sun City and Time Square

If you’re a fan of all things magical and mystical, Sky Rider Silver Treasures and Sky Rider Golden Amulet feature Celtic dragons that swoop in for near-miss experiences between wins.

Best feature: The stacked symbols, in the right combinations, mean big wins. When you hit three scatter symbols, the free-spin feature kicks in, giving you another chance to win.

5 Five Dragons

At Boardwalk, Carnival City, Carousel, Flamingo, Golden Valley, GrandWest, Meropa, Sibaya, Sun City, Time Square, Wild Coast Sun and Windmill.

As the game’s name suggests, there are five different dragons (white, red, black, yellow, blue, and the wild dragon – green), which get substituted to trigger free game play. Free games are won when any three or more scattered coins appear and wins (based on the relevant dragon substitute) are multiplied accordingly.

Best feature: What makes 5 Dragons such an exciting slots game is that it offers players 243 ways to win, meaning you have more ways to win greater amounts more often with free spins, wild symbols and jackpot bonuses.

Have you played any of these casino slot games? Tweet us and let us know which your favourite Sun International casino is, and give us your top five 5 slot machines to play.