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Is there a Cbet mobile app for Android?

Treasures of troy free slots. Cbet betting site is yet to produce an Android app despite its stunning reputation. Punters can, however, access the bookmaker on their smartphones courtesy of the mobile version. The sportsbook has an incredible mobile interface that features an intriguing design. That way, you will not miss the lack of a dedicated Android apk. Furthermore, you will find it much easier to use than the desktop version due to its simple layout and multiple controls.

Using the mobile site, you can access various sports, esports, and virtual games. You can also access a wide variety of online casino games sourced from some of the best software providers. That is why you will see a significant number of Cbet fans opting for the mobile app.

A continuation bet, or simply put a c-bet, is a bet made by the last preflop aggressor. It is named this way because the player who decided to take the initiative preflop has continued seizing the initiative on the following street. Before we get into a specific hand example, let’s review why the in position player has such a great advantage. A 'C-bet' or 'CBet' stands for continuation bet in poker. Basically this means that you raised the pot preflop (or re-raised it), and then you 'continued' with the aggression on the flop by making another bet. The reason why this is such a powerful play in poker is because it shows a ton of strength. While on the Cbet casino page, you will be able to access some thrilling video slots, for example, Testament and Reactoonz. You will also come across Rise of Olympus and the people’s favourite slot game Book of Dead. For those of you who love playing card games, be ready for enjoyable table variants like Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack, and roulette. Cbet, or continuation bet, tells us how often the player bets at the flop given that he made the last raise pre-flop. So a cbet of 20% means he bets the flop as the pfr only 2 out of every 10 times. A Cbet of 70% means he bets the flop 7 out of 10 times. A continuation bet is opening the betting on a street when you made the last bet or raise on the previous street. Normally this means being the preflop raiser and opening the betting on the flop.

Is there a Cbet mobile app for iOS?

Similarly, the sportsbook does not have an iOS app. You should, therefore, not bother searching for it in your app store. If you have an iOS device, open the browser, type in the site’s URL, and proceed to your Cbet account. You can, thereafter, use the mobile version to bet on events and wager on casino games. What is more intriguing is the fact that you don’t need to download the platform.

That is because it is Instant Play, and so you will not end up filling your phone space. The whole mobile site is phenomenal. It comes with a unique layout with menu buttons both at the top and below the webpage. The platform also uses hi-tech graphics that give it a smooth feel and an appealing finish—altogether guaranteeing an absolute fun punting online.

Cbet mobile version

There are so many reasons why every sportsbook is striving to come up with a mobile version. Others are even introducing distinct apps for their bookies and casino. Well, Cbet came up with the mobile version to give punters the betting freedom. Gamblers can now access their betting accounts anywhere they want because mobile versions make the platform portable. That means you can bet in a cab, plane or even on a train. You can also bet while on vacation with your family or friends, regardless of the location.

Another benefit of the mobile version is that gaining access to your mobile Cbet account is effortless. Unlike the desktop version, you don’t have to wait for the computer to load for you to log in. You simply have to pull out your phone and proceed to your browser. You can, thereafter, begin to punt on different matches. Lastly, there is the fact that the mobile version comes with a minimalist design. The complete desktop site has been minimised to make betting manageable. You only get to access the relevant options with your mobile version. That makes it the best alternative to the desktop site.

Finding your way around the mobile version is quite easy compared to the desktop one. First, you need to get access to a reliable browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. You can also use Opera Mini so long as it is the latest version. After that, open your browser and on the search field type in the address of the bookie. Proceed by submitting your login details for you to gain access to your Cbet account. From there, you can perform any function you wish with only a few simple taps.

For example, if you want to place a bet, go ahead and select the sport or esports category you desire. What should follow is the league or cup then the specific match you wish to bet on. Click on the game to view all the available odds and betting options. Tap on your prediction and then finish off by clicking the bet slip to enter the amount you wish to bet. After that, wait and see if you made the right choice. By doing so, you will have placed a bet using the Cbet mobile version.

Sports Betting on mobile

Sports betting on mobile is as fun as doing it on a desktop. That is because you will come across a variety of betting options the minute you sign up for an account. The betting types you get will depend on which games you are planning to bet on. For example, if you want to predict a football event, you will come across the likes of draw and handicap. You can also choose options like total goals home team, and goals away team.

Other sports like tennis have few but distinct betting options like two ways bet types. Darts, on the other hand, has First Player to score a 180 betting option. Cbet incorporates a wide variety of bet types for every sport to give gamblers multiple betting choices. That is one of the few reasons why you will find betting on the mobile version to be fulfilling.


Mobile Features

Apart from having a notable selection of betting types, the bookie also has attractive features. These are the additions that make the mobile version entertaining and worth considering. You can, however, enjoy all the functions only if you log in to your Cbet account. Some of the intriguing features that you should expect while using the mobile version include:

Live Streaming

Livestreams have a way of adding value to a mobile version and a sportsbook as a whole. That is why Cbet includes the live streaming option to the list of functions you can access using the mobile phone. Punters should, however, keep in mind that the feature is only available for esports. To enjoy the live streaming service, click the live button on the menu bar and proceed to an ongoing match. You can then click the red TV icon and begin enjoying the gameplay. The mobile version allows you to choose the picture quality and regulate the volume of the game. You also get to decide whether to request for playback or not. That makes it an incredible service for those who want to view how the two teams tackle each other.

In-play function

Another outstanding function is the live betting capability of the mobile version. It is an inclusion that you cannot fail to notice even if you are new to Cbet. The live betting feature allows you to punt on continuing events regardless of the match stage. You can, therefore, wager on games while on their second-half or a few minutes to the completion of the match. The in-play betting is available on the live betting option. Punters can open the page by flipping the menu to the left of the Cbet page and selecting live betting. They will then see live betting matches and their latest results. Another viewable data is the number of minutes that have elapsed since the event started. Using these statistics, you can go ahead and wager.

Cash Out option

The bookie also includes the cash-out feature to the mobile interface as a way of amplifying its capabilities. With the cash-out option, you can easily withdraw your wager on a match after submitting the ticket. Just like the desktop version, there are three cash-out options on the mobile interface. That includes the partial cashout, express cashout, and the auto cashout. There are, however, requirements for you to use the cash-out function. One of the conditions is that the event on the ticket has to be active for you to be able to cash-out. With the feature, players no longer have to worry about losing a particular wager on a pre-match. All you have to do is cash-out and proceed.


The cash-out function is not the only feature that can help you avoid unnecessary losses while using the Cbet mobile site. There is also the SWAP, which allows players to switch matches before they begin. The swap feature is terrific in a way that you can remove a game from your ticket and place another. That minimises the chances of ending up with faulty betslips, which you only realise after placing the bet. It is among the many features that you are going to love while using your mobile to bet. The function comes with similar features as those of the desktop version though easier to use.

Cbet casino mobile

Cbet mobile casino is outstanding! You will be impressed by how similar the platform is to the desktop version. Everything looks similar – from the advertisement section to the controls. The arrangement is appealing, and so is the theme of the site. You will, therefore, find it a bit simpler to use and very attractive. How they managed to include the menus and all those gaming products in such a small space is terrific. One bit that you are going to love is the smoothness of the mobile version. Everything flows seamlessly, and so you get to have an incredible time online.

While on the Cbet casino page, you will be able to access some thrilling video slots, for example, Testament and Reactoonz. You will also come across Rise of Olympus and the people’s favourite slot game Book of Dead. For those of you who love playing card games, be ready for enjoyable table variants like Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack, and roulette. You can also opt for a more exciting section, like the live casino section. There you will find casino games like Deal or No Deal, Free Bet Blackjack, and Lightning Roulette, among others. That shows how interesting Cbet mobile version is more so if you are not used to such incredible selections.

Is there a mobile bonus?

The only thing that you are going to miss on Cbet’s portable version is a mobile bonus. That is because there are no mobile-specific offers. You can, however, use the platform to access other available bonuses like the Wednesday and Friday promotions. You can also claim your first and second welcome bonus, which the bookmaker rewards new signees. These are options that can easily make you forget about the mobile-specific bonuses. To access the available options, visit the bonus page, which is under the loyalty program on the site’s menu.

What every Cbet member should know is that you can only access the mobile version with a compatible gadget. Otherwise, it is going to be hard to access the site, let alone to use it. You need to make sure that your iOS and Android device come with the latest software version. The browser, on the other hand, should be able to open an HTML5 website. Some of the trusted smartphones that can open Cbet mobile site include Samsung, Sony Experia, Huawei, and Oppo. The iPhone variants include iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, and XR, among others. You can also use a tablet or an iPad to access the site.

Mobile Payments – Deposits & Withdrawals

Using a compatible gadget will not only allow you to punt comfortably but also streamline your payment processes. That is considering that the bookmaker is famous for its fully functional payment methods. While on the site, you get to access a wide variety of deposit options, including Skrill and Neteller. You will also find a bunch of reliable withdrawal methods, for instance, Bank Transfer and Paysafecard. The table below shows a complete overview of the payment methods that you should expect while using Cbet mobile version.

  • Deposit Methods
  • Withdrawal Methods
Payment MethodDeposit MinimumDeposit MaximumTime for Deposit
Paysafe Cardnot statednot statedInstant
Direct Bank TransferN/AN/AN/A
Payment MethodWithdrawal MinimumWithdrawal MaximumTime for Withdrawal
Netellernot statednot statedUp to 24 Hours
Skrillnot statednot statedUp to 24 Hours
Paysafe CardN/AN/AN/A
Direct Bank Transfer€50€1,000,000Up to 5 Working Days
CryptoPay, Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafe Card
Bitcoin, Neteller, Direct Bank Transfer, Skrill

Questions & Answers

Is there an available Cbet mobile app for my Android or iOS?

No, currently, there is no Cbet mobile app for Android or iOS devices. You can, however, access the site using the mobile version.

No, the mobile version doesn’t have the setting to allow you to change your odds from fractional to decimals. The same goes for the desktop version.

If you want to bet on games using your tablet or mobile phone, visit the website using your browser. You should, thereafter, pick the match, select the odds, wager, and then click bet.

Yes, you can play Cbet mobile for free. All you have to do is click the games and begin enjoying the free play mode. Games like live casinos, however, don’t have such an option.

Are their promotions with free spins on my mobile?

Yes, your mobile version has promotions with free spins. For instance, the Wednesday promotion offers free spins to punters.

Where on my mobile version should I go to change my password?

On your mobile device, click the account button. You should, thereafter, go to the change password section. Enter your old password followed by the new password then confirm the password to change.

Can I use the bonuses to win real cash on my mobile platform?

Yes, you can use the bonuses to win real cash on your mobile platform. You just have to place your lucky bet and wait for the completion of the event.

No, the mobile platform does not offer any free bet bonuses. You can, however, claim plenty of other bonuses and promotions.

About the Company

Cbet first came online in the year 2017 after its establishment by its parent Company AK Global N.V. It then went ahead to become one of the most valued online betting sites due to its services. The site specialises in offering professional betting and casino interfaces to punters. That is by providing fair gameplay and allowing you to experience the feel of a professional online betting site. To prove its legitimacy Cbet has a Curacao gambling license and, therefore, all its games are regulated. All those features added to its fully functional and dependable mobile interface make it a recommendable site to bettors.

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Contact details

Every gambling platform has a customer support section to help punters solve their online problems. That is why you are going to find a live chat function on the mobile version. You are also going to see the email address below:

With the contact details, you can easily reach the customer care representative and get answers to your problem. You can also make inquiries whenever you want and receive clarifications.

Mobile Rating and Conclusion

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Cbet bookie has a rather good rating because it covers nearly everything available on the desktop version. With the interface, you can place bets and play casino games for as long as you wish. All you have to do is log in to your site and begin enjoying what the platform has to offer. You can also use it to withdraw your winnings and make deposits so that you may wager. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a mobile bonus, which would make a significant difference.