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Strategy for Caribbean Stud Poker Unlike some other games, Caribbean Stud only has one decision you need to make. Once you look at your cards, you need to decide if it’s good enough to continue, or you rather give up at once. The only additional piece of information you have is the dealer’s up-card. Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy: Follow a Simple Plan and Enjoy Big Wins. Caribbean Stud Poker is a casino game where players compete with each other, rather than, competing with the dealer. If you want to unwind and relax your mind, it is the right poker game for you. Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy Your level of skill, how committed you are to the game, how often you play, and how much you want to bet when you play online will determine what kind of strategy is best for you to learn and take into the game when you are playing.

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Caribbean Stud Poker is the first new casino game widely used by an automatic shuffle machine. This is a standard size board game with a dealer.

The game was conceived in the early 80s, and everyone from less fortunate poker players to cruise ship managers to poker boss David Sklansky could be the real inventors of the game.

Therefore, today’s article will guide you on how to play strip poker. Invite you to follow this article to know!

What Is Caribbean Stud Poker?

The phrase “Caribbean Stud Poker” actually refers to two different games. One is an actual casino table game (owned by SHFL, formerly ShuffleMaster), and the other is a series of games, modeled after a trademarked version.

Caribbean Stud Poker Online allows you to access this popular table poker game from your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or another Web-accessible device. Caribbean Stud Poker is a variation of table poker with five cards.

This casino game is a computerized version of the five stud poker game. The game is similar to standard poker using a regular 52-card deck. The main difference is that the player is trying to beat the dealer, not the other player.

Like many free online casino games, Caribbean Stud Poker has quickly been chosen by many Asian casinos. The game is a popular choice for most casino players in Macau, Korea, Singapore, Australia, and many Asian countries.

And currently, there are three popular types of Poker games: Draw Poker, Stud Poker, and Community Card Poker.

Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

The game is played with a standard 52 card deck. The goal is to match the cards to find the person with the higher hand after two betting rounds.

You start the game Caribbean Stud Poker online by placing an ante bet. Once the ante bet has been placed, you have the option to place a progressive bet. The stakes are usually $ 1.

After the bets have been placed, you and the dealer are dealt five cards each. Your cards are face down. Four of the dealer’s cards will be face down, one face up.

The only information that you will have to make your next decision is the content of your hand and the dealer. At this point, you can fold to avoid additional losses and lose only your ante and progressions (if placed).

Or you can choose to place an additional bet in the hope that your hand is higher than the hand of the dealer. On the contrary, you should not choose to bet, because you have to bet twice your first bet.

If you decide to place an additional bet, the dealer will open all cards. If you find your hand is higher than the dealer, you win. To be eligible, the dealer’s hand must contain at least one Ace and one King.

If the dealer’s hand does not qualify, the dealer will discard the hand, and you will only be paid an amount equal to your original bet. Additional stakes will not be paid.

What if the dealer’s hand qualifies? The dealer is forced to match his hand against yours, based on standard poker rules. If your hand is higher, your ante bet is paid out at 1: 1.

The funniest part is when the dealer qualifies, and your hand wins. Your additional stake will then be paid. The standard winnings for additional bets are as follows:

Royal Flush100 to 1
Straight flush50 to 1
Four of a kind20 to 1
Full house7 to 1
Flush5 to 1
Straight4 to 1
Three of a kind3 to 1
Two pair2 to 1
All other1 to 1

Let’s say you’ve made an ante bet of $ 5, have three Js, and win the qualified dealer. You staked $ 15 in total and made $ 40.

What if the dealer wins? You will lose both your ante bet and your additional bet.

Instructions On How To Play Caribbean Stud Poker

How to play Poker Stud is so simple. You just need to follow these steps:

First, click the Deal button to deal.

A five-card hand will be split between you and the dealer. The cards dealt to you will be turned face-up, one card dealt to the dealer will be dealt face-up, and the rest face up.

When you watch the cards, it is you who decide to either play or stop.

If you stop (click the Fold button), you will lose your initial bet, and the round ends.

If you continue playing (click the Call button), you will add double your original bet.

Now it’s the dealer’s turn to show the cards to everyone.

  • If the dealer hand does not include an A / K combination or higher, the dealer does not qualify. You win 1: 1 on the original bet, and the stake is refunded.
  • If the dealer’s hand includes a higher than yours, you lose both the initial bet and the current bet.
  • If the dealer has A / K or higher, but your hand is even higher, you win 1: 1 on the original bet and add the bonus to the current bet based on the payout chart.
  • If you want to play another round, click New Game. Then place your bets as described above and click the Deal button or click Rebet to place your bet.

Similar to round, if the dealer has A / K or higher, but your hand is even higher, you win 1: 1 on your original bet and add the bonus to the current bet based on the payout chart.

If you want to play another round, click New Game. Then place your bets as described above and click the Deal button or click Rebet to place the same bet as in the previous round.

Jackpot Progressive Caribbean Stud Poker

What about progressive betting? This is the important part. Each online casino has a slightly different payout schedule for this bet, so find out before you play.

Players have the option of making an individual bet on the Progressive Jackpot offered on most Caribbean Stud tables.

The stakes are usually $ 1, and the accumulation is usually over $ 100,000. This bet is popular because of its high odds of winning, but it varies between playing regions and online casino sites.

The progressive pot gets bigger as the player places money on the option bet. So you can see the big difference in the total jackpot, the bonus for the barrel, the hand, and the quarter of the player.

All casinos pay 100% of the accumulation amount to Royal Flush and 10% of any Straight Flush. Four of a kind and Full House are also paid extra at all casinos, and many online casino sites offer extra bonus cards, such as US casinos.

If you play online, make sure you have found the best winnings on accumulative bonuses as well as the highest payout for Royal Flush.

Four of a kind bounty can be as large as $ 5000 or 5% of the accumulator column, but it can be as low as $ 500 when the bonus is paid.

When the trump card is not awarded, you can be confident that the bounty for the quarter and ticks will be much greater.

Many players only play Caribbean Stud when the jackpot is over $ 200,000 because Royal Flush’s odds of winning stakes go up to 1 to 650,000.

Odds Of Caribbean Stud Poker Online

Comparing the house odds at Wizard of Odds, Caribbean Stud Poker gives the casino a 5.22% return.

But the use of different payout rules and tables at different online casinos means all of their games have slightly different amounts in that category. The average is about 5.5%.

The dealer margins range from 5.2% to 5.5%, Caribbean Stud Poker is not a gambler’s advantage. In fact, this game offers players the same odds as betting with money on an American-style roulette wheel.

What can that number tell you about your future sessions? In this game, you gave up about 5.5% per session.

Let’s say you are playing with an ideal strategy. If you play this game with the ideal strategy at $ 1, you will have a loss of around $ 10 per hour. That number is correct for online gaming and would be much higher at an actual casino.

For whatever reason, modern gamblers still love the poker variations played on their tables. Caribbean Stud Poker is one of a series of games registered by Scientific Games that are similar to the story of Three Card Poker.

The addition of the progressive bet is a concession by the players, giving the house a 3 or 4 percent advantage.

The Basic Strategy Of Caribbean Stud Poker

The basic strategy of Caribbean Stud Poker is both simple and easy to remember and easy to execute.

Basically, this strategy includes the following 2 points:

Avoid folds

If you consider yourself a newbie to Caribbean Stud Poker, you may have some confusion when you find yourself having low denomination pairs. In fact, you will find that you will get low denomination pairs quite often.

Eventually, you will find that these low pairs will prove to be quite valuable, and you will be able to knock the dealer out of the game quite often and win the bet. Therefore, you should keep your pairs low and hope for the best.

Avoid weak hand play

Provided you have a weak hand, and you should definitely not hesitate to play.

A weak hand consists of a hand that has no Ace or a king and is not considered a Royal, Straight Hand, Quad, Full, Straight, Straight, Triple, Two Pair, Pair, or Card High.

Advanced Strategy Of Caribbean Stud Poker

The Advanced Caribbean Stud strategy is much more complex than the basic strategy.

However, if you learn to execute the basic strategy well, then you will easily be able to build on the knowledge you have acquired, and you will be able to turn the odds in your favor.

The advanced strategy includes the following points:

Call on Hands includes pairs or more

If you are dealt a hand consisting of a pair or better, you should definitely call/raise. For further subdivision, you should:

Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

  • Call if the dealer’s hole card is 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, and matches one of your cards.
  • Fold if the dealer’s card is an Ace or a king, and you have a queen or a chess piece in your hand.
  • Assuming that the dealer’s rank doesn’t match any of your rankings and you have a queen in hand and the dealer’s face-up card is smaller than your fourth highest card, you should also call.

Remember that if you choose to call, you will bet with your double amount. For example, if your previous bet is $ 5 and you decide to call instead of a fold bet, your call would be $ 10. So you’ll bet a total of $ 15.

The folding hand does not cover at least one high card

Due to the fact that you will find that the dealer’s door usually qualifies 50% of the time. You should make sure your hand is strong enough to beat the dealer’s hand even if you are at least holding a high card (Ace or a King).

In short, you should only play this type if your high card matches the dealer’s hole card (the only card out of the 5 cards the dealer has dealt to himself).

Using both the basic strategy as well as the more advanced Caribbean Stud Poker strategy, the rule of thumb is to fold if luck does not belong to you, and you happen to get a hand that doesn’t rank well.

Common Mistakes That Beginners Make

One of the most common mistakes made by inexperienced Stud Caribbean poker players is to think that the low hand pairs are not worth continuing.

Just consider that an average of 46% of bookmakers are not eligible to play. The first helpful tip for Caribbean Stud Poker is that even a weak pair has a 50% chance of winning.

Another mistake is to play unless you don’t have at least one Ace / King card. This is the limit for the dealer to be eligible to join the game.

Caribbean Stud Card Game

When the dealer is eligible to join the game, you will automatically lose both BET and ANTE.

In principle, just remembering two basic rules should be enough:

  • Play whenever you have at least a pair or more
  • Always fold unless you have at least an Ace / King

Where To Play Caribbean Stud Poker Online?

To play Caribbean Stud Poker online in particular and casino games in general, you should look to a reputable Malaysian online casino or famous international online casino.

You should choose top reputable bookmakers, are provided with random dealer certificates, and are always supervised by neutral organizations.

You absolutely do not play with untrustworthy casinos and show signs of defrauding players. All are programmed so that the dealer has a huge advantage, even dealing with intent, not randomly.

This will cause you to be tricked into losing money while playing this game.

To be able to choose the most reputable bookmaker, you can consult the website Betting Valley. This website specializes in providing information related to betting and online casino.

The list of bookmakers on this website are evaluated and ranked based on certain criteria, ensuring their reliability and reputation.

Therefore, you can count on the bookmakers on Betting Valley to join the Caribbean Stud Poker game.

Moreover, if you want to experience other casino games, Betting Valley always has a lot of casino games for you to choose from.

The games have specific instructions when playing, so it is certain that you will have the best relaxation with Betting Valley.

Final Words

So through the above article, you must also have a clear understanding of how to play Caribbean Stud Poker at the online dealer. Playing Caribbean Stud Poker in particular or gambling, in general, is largely based on luck.

However, you can also improve your odds of winning and reduce the house edge with your smart thinking and rational tactics.

We hope that, through this article, you can clearly grasp information regarding Caribbean Stud Poker.

We hope you will have the most enjoyable experience with this game.

Thanks for reading!

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There are fewer games you will come across at the casino tables or online poker rooms with a cooler name than Caribbean stud. If the first thing that comes to mind is a devilishly handsome Caribbean gentleman surrounded by ladies, you wouldn’t be the first. Unfortunately for us players – and by this, I mean poker players – Caribbean stud was not named after some legendary ladies’ man with a legendary knack at the tables. Yes, I know, pretty disappointing.

It is much simpler than that. You see, Caribbean stud, also known as “Casino Stud Poker,” belongs to the stud poker family. The name gives it away, right? Anyway, games which fall within the stud poker bracket are categorized as those where players are dealt face down cards and face up cards in betting rounds.

In Caribbean stud, this is the case. However, it does have a number of differences which every player should be aware of before they play. The one thing which sets Caribbean stud apart from other stud poker games is that you play against the dealer. There is more, but don’t worry as we will explain the rules of the game – and everything else you need to know – in this guide.

You probably want to know about how the game came to be, first, right? Well, in that case, let’s take a look at the history of Caribbean stud.

Caribbean Stud History

You may be surprised to learn that Caribbean stud is a relatively recent addition to the poker sphere. It is believed that the game only really became widespread in casinos in the 1980’s but the true origins of Caribbean stud is a matter which is still up for debate. This is a little unusual, for a game with limited history.

Among the most likely claims to the invention of Caribbean stud is professional poker player and three-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner, David Sklansky. According to Sklansky, he was the brains behind a game called “Casino Poker,” which would eventually become (you guessed it) Caribbean stud poker.

Sklansky never patented the game, due to laws at the time preventing him to do so, but did trademark his invention. The poker expert put it on trial at the now-defunct Vegas World Hotel. However, due to the death of his girlfriend, Sklansky was ‘not up to’ following up on promoting the game more.

Given the geographical connection, there are many who dispute Sklansky’s version of events, believing that the game originated in the Caribbean (Aruba, to be precise). A widely accepted theory is that the game was popularized in Aruba, having made its way there via one of the many cruise ships which stopped off at the island. Others agree that the game was founded at the casino tables of one of Aruba’s hotels.

The name of one hotel frequently pops up in this ongoing debate and that is the “Excelsior Hotel,” formerly known as “The King International.” At this point, Scooby Doo and Shaggy couldn’t crack the case. To add even more intrigue, Sklansky later claimed that he received a proposition from a casino owner in Aruba. The offer was to use his “Casino Poker” idea and host the game at the casino in question. The rules were slightly altered, with the name also being changed to “Caribbean Stud.” It proved to be a good move, as the game took off and enjoyed considerable popularity.

Off the back of the success the game was enjoying, the casino owner in question sold the patent for $30 million. Caribbean stud still enjoys a very healthy reputation as a table game with great odds and tons of excitement.

Now that you know the history of the game, let’s take a look at the rules and what you need to know before you play.

So if you want to play Caribbean stud. Of course, you do! There are a few things you should know first, naturally. Before we break these down for you, it is safe to say that the rules of this game are very easy to get the hang of. There is nothing you will be required to do which would make it any more difficult than blackjack, for example. Incidentally, the Caribbean stud poker table does resemble a blackjack table.

As this is a table game, you will need to find a Caribbean stud poker table at the casino to take part. Always make sure you check the table limits and are happy to play within these parameters. Once you have your chips and your place, you will be ready to go.

Before we cover how to play, let’s take a look at the rules.

Rules of the Game

Like any other game, there will be rules players must adhere to in order to play. In Caribbean stud, the rules are fairly strict. This means that you should follow them if you want things to run smoothly. You are only permitted to play one hand in every round of betting, so forget about bogarting the table!

As previously mentioned, casinos frown upon players sharing details of their cards. You must refrain from showing your cards to other players and/or discussing what you have. This is seen as a violation of the rules and the game, which will lead to players forfeiting their bets as a result. You will be required to keep your hand within the sight of the dealer. This is common sense, but still, there will be that one guy that wants to put the cards into his pocket. Not a wise move.

You only get one chance to lift your cards in order to see what you have. As such, it is important to understand the strength of your hand before you put them down and before you bet! Rules are rules, right? Luckily for players, these are all pretty easy to understand. Just make sure you are aware of these requirements before you play, as no one likes forfeiting bets!


In Caribbean stud, you are not playing against other players but against a dealer. Unlike other poker games, the cards of any other players on the table don’t matter. The game will start when you place a bet in the ante box (this could also be a circle). You will also see another box (or circle) which is reserved for the progressive jackpot bet. We will cover this in more detail below.

Keep in mind that there is no requirement to go for the progressive bet, so this is completely up to you. The odds of hitting the jackpot are considerably high, so if you do go or this bet each time, you may eat into your bankroll. If it comes in and you don’t have it, that would be a very painful night to endure. Once the ante bet and progressive bets have been placed on the table by all players, cards are dealt.

The Deal

All players on the table will receive a total of five cards each, as will the dealer. All players’ cards dealt are face down, so you should keep what they are to yourself. As we mentioned above, other players’ cards cannot affect the game, but sharing what cards you have with another is frowned upon by casinos.

The dealer will place four of his cards face down and one face up. You will then have the opportunity to take a look at your cards, to see how strong your hand is. The idea is to play on the strength of your cards. If you believe that your hand contains a combination of cards strong enough to likely beat that of the dealer’s, you can then choose to bet. Conversely, if you have nothing, you can fold.

To Bet or Not to Bet?

These are essentially your only two options: to bet or to fold. Making the decision to bet will cost you more money. If you decide to fold, you will lose your ante bet and your progressive side bet (if you have placed this bet). The decision is yours and should be based on the strength of the cards you have.

If you have looked at the five cards you have been dealt and see a potential way you can win, you will then be required to make another bet (raise) to see the dealer’s cards. This bet is double the ante bet. So, if you bet $50 on the ante, you will need to bet $100 to see their cards. Remember, one of the dealer’s cards is face up, which means they have four other cards to be turned over before you know if you have won.

When you have placed your bet and all other players on the table have bet or folded, the dealer will reveal their cards. In Caribbean stud, the dealer must always fold unless they have an ace/king or better in their hand.

The Dealer Must Qualify

Did the dealer have a minimum of an ace/king in their hand? If they did not, they will fold. They have not qualified, so, if you have been victorious, you will win your ante bet at odds of 1:1. So, that $50 is returned to you with another $50 that you have won. The second bet you made is void (on account of the dealer folding) so you will receive this back.

So, if you placed the ante bet of $50, your second bet at $100, and the dealer folded, you receive $200 at the end of the game. If you had made a progressive bet, this is lost. The progressive bet is never paid back to you unless you win the jackpot bet. This is the same whether the dealer folds, you fold, the dealer wins, or you win.

If the dealer does qualify and you have a stronger hand, you win the ante bet at 1:1 plus your second bet according to your hand. For example, a two pair pays 3:1, so keeping with our example bet above, you would bag a cool $300 (plus your stake of $100). All in all, you would receive $500 in winnings, including the total stake of $150 dollars.

As we covered above, the first bet is the ante. The ante is essentially your buy-in to the game. All wins on your ante are paid at 1:1. The second bet, however, is not mandatory. This bet is double the amount of the ante and will allow you to see the dealer’s hand.

The payout in Caribbean stud depends on how strong your hand is. The absolute lowest you can win is also 1:1, which pays out on one pair or below. The highest payout you can receive is 100:1 for a royal flush (the progressive bet is not included in this).

You can find the payout odds table for Caribbean stud, below:

Royal flush100:1
Straight flush50:1
Four of a kind20:1
Full house7:1
Three of a kind3:1
Two pair2:1
All other1:1

Progressive Jackpot

You could argue that Caribbean stud poker would not be as popular without the progressive jackpot. You would not be alone in thinking this. The opportunity to pick up a life-changing win from just one hand (and usually, just one dollar) keeps many of this game’s enthusiasts coming back for more. After all, if you could scoop the jackpot – which typically ranges in the hundreds of thousands – the rush would be euphoric!

To play the progressive bet in Caribbean stud, you will need to place your bet in the appropriate circle. As we previously covered, it typically costs $1. To win this bet, you need a flush or better. You may find that the payouts are different depending on the casino or table you play at, but typically, you can expect the entire jackpot for a royal flush and around 10% for a straight flush.

So, what if two players at the same table get a royal flush, you ask? Well, the odds of this happening would be staggering, granted, but casinos do have a rule. In most cases, the jackpot would be paid to the player closest to the dealer’s right. The next player would get the amount the jackpot is reset at, which is typically in the region of $10,000.

When it comes to the progressive bet, many betting experts discourage it. Given that the house edge on the jackpot can go up to about 80% in some cases. It averages out at just over 26% for the most part, with payouts very rare. The house usually takes around 70% of each dollar bet on the jackpot to allocate to the jackpot meter. The rest goes into the owners’ pockets.

So now that you know the rules, how to play the game, you are probably still wondering if that progressive side bet is worth it, right? Hold that thought for now, as we are going to look at some basic strategies for playing the game. While these strategies do not guarantee success – and will not change the house edge – they will hopefully help you win.

The Basic Strategy

Ask any Caribbean stud enthusiast about the strategies they take to the table and they will more than likely have the same response. In simple terms, experienced players will generally:

  • Look to raise with one pair or better
  • Fold with cards worse than the dealer’s qualifying hand (ace/king or better)

In Caribbean stud, you can see one of the dealer’s cards. Aside from this, you will have no indication of the strength of their hand. Well, naturally. Otherwise, we would all be rich, right?

You should only bet on a strong hand. While it may be tempting to bet on every hand, remember that there is a reason why the dealer doesn’t play without an ace/king or better. Without these cards in the dealer’s hand, there is a better chance of you, the player, winning.

In this case, it can often help you to be smart with how you bet. If you don’t have a pair or better in your hand, you are taking a huge risk against the dealer. In other poker games – or those which you play against other players – there is always a chance that you can bluff your way to victory.

In Caribbean stud, there is no bluffing, so you must rely on the strength of your hand. The dealer is not going to get psyched out and fold, as they are required to follow basic rules: play with an ace/king, or fold with anything less than this. That’s why it is important to play conservatively yourself. Statistically, you will have a good chance of beating the dealer’s hand with a pair. If you don’t have a pair, you should fold immediately, unless your cards are at least an ace/king or better.

Alternative Strategies

You can also choose to opt for other ways to play when you have no pairs in your hand. If you hold an ace/king and the dealer’s first card is anything from a 2 up to queen (and matches any of your other cards) you can raise. This is a popular way of playing for players who have first checked that they hold no pairs. Alternatively, you can opt to bet with a queen or jack in your hand if their first card is either an ace or king. Always ensure that you have thoroughly checked your cards before you bet.

It can also be a good idea to bet when you have an ace/king when:

  • The dealer’s first card is not a match for any of your other cards
  • The dealer’s first card is lower than your fourth strongest and you hold a queen

It is always important to remember that any strategy you come across is not a surefire way to win. However, using strategies can help you maintain discipline at the tables and prevent you from playing into the house’s hands.

Caribbean stud is quite a unique game to play, wouldn’t you agree? Now that you have read through this guide, you will certainly be equipped with the knowledge required to give your opinion on the game. Despite having a tropical-sounding name, you can find a table to play at in even the wettest and windiest cities in the world. Now, you would probably prefer to play the game somewhere else like Aruba or Barbados (with a Pina Colada in your hand), but at least you have the choice! If you are drawn to the game by the often-gigantic progressive jackpots on offer, maybe a vacation to the Caribbean would be the goal.

The game is more than just a $1 punt on a progressive jackpot. It is a form of stud poker where you play against the dealer, rather than other players. A popular game in many casinos across the globe, you should find the game easy to find in many casinos You may be surprised at just how similar the Caribbean stud table is to a blackjack table, but the similarities pretty much end there. This is a game where you will be looking to put together the best five-card poker hand you can, with some tasty odds on offer for anything from three of a kind up to a royal flush. Of course, to win these odds, you will need to know just how strong your card truly is.

When playing any new game for the first time, it is important to know how the game works. Once you have mastered the basics, playing practice games (there are many free versions online) can be fun way to get a hang of the game. For players who like to strategize, there are certainly ways to adopt smarter ways to play. They won’t change the house edge, but they may help you find a little more success.

Now you know the rules, its time to try Caribbean stud for yourself! When it comes to that progressive jackpot bet, are you going to give it a shot?

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