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That’s right. The first step is admitting you have a problem. We all do, when it comes to the Buffalo slot. Why is that? As much as we may like other slot machines, the Buffalo calls to us, almost like that slot machine in the old Twilight Zone episode that calls out the hapless hero’s name (and at one point, follows him up to his hotel room). Très creepy.

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The Buffalo slot machine (in all its manifestations) has none of that creepiness. The sound effects are benign, even friendly. Buffalo seems like such a good-natured machine. And it’s generous, too. So what if the wins tend to be less than huge?

Best Free Casino Slot Machine Games 2019. Buffalo Slots is packed with BIG WINS, FREE SPINS, Jackpots and incredible slots bonuses available daily to give you the best slots experience every time. There are a few variants of the Buffalo slot machines: Buffalo Grand, Buffalo Stampede, Buffalo Gold, and the original Buffalo. The machines themselves are all pretty similar, but the major difference is in the progressive rounds. Buffalo slots are classic games – a part of slot history. The game play is relatively simple. There is an all-ways system, free spins and wilds which can get multipliers. What is different about this game is that the balance is just right.

Ask anyone who’s shoveled a hundred bucks or more into a “cold” slot machine, and they’ll tell you that small-but-frequent wins are easily preferable to huge-but-rare wins. Well, they’re both nice, but in our heart of hearts, we slot players know that the pay tables eventually favor the house.

Somehow, the Buffalo slot manages to convince us we’re ahead of the game (or drawing closer to it), even when we’re clearly not. How does Aristocrat achieve this?

It’s a clever and skillful combination of those frequent small wins with bonuses inside bonuses, free spins, re-triggers, multipliers that multiply other multipliers, and at the heart of it all, Aristocrat’s own invention, Reel Power.

Reel Power (and its own spin-offs, Xtra Reel Power and Super Reel Power) is a departure from the time-tested single-line slot machine that required symbols to line up along a horizontal line etched into the glass face of the machine.

Oh, there were some innovations, such as three-line and five-line machines, but these all required a bet placed on each line to activate it as a winning option.

Other manufacturers built three-line and even five-line machines, all of which required an escalating coin-in to qualify for the full number of win-lines.

Enter Aristocrat. In the 1990s, Aristocrat developed what it called Reel Power, which did away with the “lines” concept and made the entire face (the five mechanical reels were now mere digital images on a video screen by this time) a winning field.

Instead of five pay lines (three horizontal lines for the three rows of symbols, along with the two diagonal lines), Aristocrat made a lineless screen, and five matching symbols appearing in any of the three horizontal rows resulted in a win.

Not to go all mathematical on you, but with five reels, each presenting three symbols, this gave the slot player 243 ways he or she could win.

Naturally, with this arrangement, wins would occur much more frequently, and since slot players aren’t paying for those machines — casinos are — Aristocrat had to downsize the wins.

Along with more frequent wins, Aristocrat tossed in bonus rounds, nested multipliers, and wild cards that double as win-multipliers, and you have a winning combination.

By the way, Xtra Reel Power is the addition of a fourth horizontal row of symbols to the game, which gives the player 1024 ways to win, and Super Reel Power is the addition of a fifth horizontal row of symbols (giving the player over 3000 paths to glory).

Me, I’m waiting for Aristocrat to develop Super-Duper Reel Power, in which I win without leaving the house and they just mail me a check.

But we were talking about Aristocrat, the American success story from Australia.

It took some time for the Buffalo to catch on, particularly in “destination” cities like Las Vegas and Reno.

Coin master free spin 2021. Vegas and Reno (and even Atlantic City) weren’t the only places with casinos, as it happens. Tribal casinos were springing up in the oddest places, and — more often than not — they catered to locals much more than the “destination” casinos did.

Aristocrat put Buffalo slots in these tribal casinos, and — wouldn’t you know it? The locals liked the reality of many small wins to the fantasy of the big jackpot. They adored the cry of “Buffalooooo!” whenever even the smallest win took place. And they were enamored with the idea of “lineless” slots, where even the minimum bet could reap real rewards.

When you mention Buffalo to anyone who has played slots before, they will usually think of the Buffalo slot machine developed by Aristocrat. And, rightly so, as it not only created a huge following of players, but it also inspired a number of Buffalo-inspired slot games in both land based casinos and online. This page is dedicated to Aristocrat’s Buffalo slot, but other pages detail the many of the other Buffalo-themed slots that have been made by other developers.

Buffalo slot by Aristocrat

The great wild plains of North America form the backdrop for one of Australian slot game developer Aristocrat’s most popular exports. The slot game Buffalo was believed to have been created to help Aristocrat crack the U.S. land-based casino market. It’s instantly noticeable American theme, coupled with excellent game mathematics, makes Buffalo one the of the standout performers in the Aristocrat slot portfolio.

I can’t put my finger on one particular thing that makes Buffalo slot so special, it’s just a very well put together game. The animal noises, such as the call of the Eagle or the thundering hoofs of the rampaging Buffalo’s can be heard in hundreds of North American casinos. I have also played this in the UK and on trips around Europe, such is its popularity. Like with many Aristocrat slots, the math of the game can make it hugely addictive. The potential for great big wins, despite there being so many ways to win is testament to the developers, who figured how to make that work.

Game screen and symbols

Buffalo Slot Machine Game Download

Buffalo slot pay table
Free games triggered
Free games screen
Bonus games final result

Buffalo slot free play

For many visitors the thrill or playing Buffalo slot even just in free play can be really enjoyable. We do our best to have a working version of Buffalo slot here on this site, but if it should ever be down then there is normally a working version on this Buffalo slot page. Hopefully we will maintain a working version here, so you can play it as and when you like.

Buffalo slot review

When Aristocrat started moving several of their most popular slots online, it didn’t take them long to getting round to Buffalo. We are talking about a game that has dominated North American and Australian casinos since its launch in the naughties. Its popularity is such that in Vegas you can find rows of Buffalo slot machines together and all of them will be full!.

Help from friends
Getting Buffalo slot online required the expertise of gaming specialists GameAccount, who took the Buffalo game engine and reconstructed the slot for internet play. There are some subtle nuances that you may have noticed, such as the ambient casino/bar noise in the background (which you can turn off by the way). There are also some noises missing from some of the characters, such as the eagle – a sound so familiar to many casino floor’s around the world.

Free Buffalo Slot Machine Game

Buffalo slot is part of the Xtra Reel Power series from Aristocrat, meaning there are a staggering 1024 winning combinations. That pretty much means that if you have matching symbols on adjacent reels from left to right then you are pretty much guaranteed a winning line. Incredibly Buffalo remains a medium to medium-high volatility slot, despite there being a staggering number of different ways to win. This is a testament to Aristocrat and the time and effort they put into getting the maths right in games like Buffalo.

Buffalo stampede
Stacked Buffalo’s appear on all reels and can reward you with some fantastic wins if they land on multiple reels simultaneously. You will hear the cry of ‘Buuuffffaalllooo’ if you have hit a winning combination. Remember the Wilds will replace Buffalo symbols, which can be very rewarding if they assist in making a winning combination of stacked buffalo’s.

Buffalo slot bonus feature
There is two key elements to the bonus in Buffalo that make this game so enthralling. The first one is that you need only two scatters anywhere to retrigger the bonus, which can happen multiple times during the feature. Secondly, Wilds can be multiplied across reel 2, 3 and 4. The maximum you can achieve is 27x (3x multiplied 3 times). If you hit this then you will be looking at a very nice win!

The bonus is triggered by landing 3 or more scatters anywhere on screen. This will release between 8 – 20 free spins, depending on how many scatters are in view. As previously explained the potential for retriggers and multiplied Wilds makes this bonus very exciting. However, you should be warned that Buffalo doesn’t always pay and you can go through a bonus feature with nothing more than a few small wins.

Buffalo slot facts
Type:Video slot
Paylines:1024 way
Coin Range:0.01 - 1
Max Win:250,000
Symbols:Single and stacked
Bonus Type:Free Spins
Freespins Enhancement:2 or 3x multiplying Wilds
Wild Reels:2,3,4
Wild Type:Single 1x multiplier/scatter
Buffalo Slot Machine Game

To fully understand the significance of the RTP (return to player) in the above table then check out the page slot RTP’s explained. It should help make some sense of why slots have different RTP’s and also the effect on your balance as a player.

Buffalo Slot Machine Games

Symbols of significance in Buffalo
Like most slot games, there are certain symbols in Buffalo that have more significance than others. Here are what I would call the symbols of significance:

Buffalo – The most valuable of all the regular symbols on the reels, the Buffalo symbol is also stacked. This means that if the symbols fall in the right places you can be in for some very big wins. You will know if you have one as you will hear the cry of ‘Buuuufffffaaaalllllooooo’.

Coin Scatter – The free spins feature in Buffalo slot is triggered by the coin scatter. 3, 4 or 5 coin scatters in view will trigger 8, 15 or 20 free spins respectfully. During the bonus feature 2 or more coin scatters will unlock between 5 – 20 free spins dependant on how many are in view.

Sunset Wilds – These appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 only, leading to 1x multiplier in the base game. During the free spins feature they increase to either 2x or 3x and are multiplied if appear on adjacent reels. This can produce up to 27x multiplier if they are 3 sunset wilds at 3x on a winning line.

Buffalo Slot video

You can get a great deal of understanding about the Buffalo slot from this video. The camera has deliberately been left the rolling as the bonus round is triggered to show how wins can be significantly better during the feature. If you are unable to access Buffalo slot from where you are then you may find that this video allows you to understand how the online version of this slot plays compared with the land based slot. What this video doesn’t show you is details of pays or the paytable, which are contained within the demo version and real money version of the game.