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  1. Christopher is the poster child for younger gamblers who still enjoy slot machines. The 30-something travels to land-based casinos around the US and chronicles his slots adventures. In one video entitled “High limit slots, Up to $88/Spin, Slot Machine Fun,” he visits California’s San Manuel Casino to try Fu-Dao-Le slots.
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For some streamers, last week was a good one. For others - not so much. If you haven’t had the chance to catch up on recent events, we’re here to dissect what happened in the gambling world.

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Wednesday, 03 February 2021

Brian Christopher Slots For Today

Below are five major streams - some edits, to be precise - and brief descriptions of everything during those streams. As a bonus, we also included a few less grand yet important events. All videos are arranged by the amount of views. Let’s dive in!

1. $900 of Accumulated Wins at Platinum Jackpot

The first few videos are all from Brian Christopher Slots, who gave us impeccable content this week. In one of his streams, the player tested out six slot machines. We kept track of everything that happened on each.

  • Starting at King of Africa with $400, he exited the machine with $651. The $251 win at the first machine is a great way to finesse your way into the casino.
  • Proceeding to Quick Hit Platinum Plus with $700, the results were at $1713 by the end. That’s a gain of $1013 on one slot alone.
  • The next one was Dragon Link Happy & Prosperous, where he invested $600. As the final spin got his credits to $691, he came away with $91 in profits.
  • After depositing $300 at Zeus, he finished at $102.07. Unfortunately, the count was at -$197, not in his favor.
  • A game at Might Cash Ultra helped him win $257. He started with $650 and stepped away with a total of $907.
  • Black Diamond Platinum cost him -$482 ($500 at the first spin, $18 at the final spin).

Overall, the streamer exited the casino with $900 in pure gains. Congrats!

Video: My BIGGEST ? Quick Hit ? Platinum JACKPOT from the Casino!

2. Huge Jackpot in Hold On To Your Hat - $1475.10

On his next casino visit, Brian Christopher hit a jackpot of almost $1,500. Here is how this one went down.

  • The first slot on his list was Dragon Link Panda Magic. After depositing $100, he finished the game with $256. A win of $156 was a great start.
  • When playing Hold On To Your Hat, he lowered his initial stake of $800 to $401. BUT what helped him recover was a $1475 jackpot, scoring him $1076 overall.
  • The final slot choice was Lightning Link Happy Lantern, where he put in $230. After a series of great spins, the player was at $502. In total, this machine helped him gain $272.
Brian christopher slots rocky gap casino

On this day, the player finished a fabulous winning streak with $1500.

Video: Hold onto your's my BIGGEST JACKPOT on the Game!

3. Highs and Lows at Plaza Casino

The last notable stream for the week by Brian Christopher took place at Plaza Gaming Area. There were both prosperous moments as well as some less fortunate ones.

  • Starting off at Thunder Cash, he lost some of his $1000 deposit, having $510 by the end.
  • Then, he took those $510 to Dollar Storm Ninja Moon. The experience wasn’t much better - he managed to only keep $367.
  • Quick Hits Wild Red took him down a bit more. Those $367 quickly turned into $200.
  • Huff N’ Puff was another story. $200 left from the last machine were increased many-fold. When he stepped out, he had an impressive win of $1335.
  • From that point on, he wasn’t having much luck at the following games: Cleopatra II ($1335 turned into $802), Pinball ($802 turned into $507), Mega Vault ($507 turned into $2.30), Coyote Moon ($840 turned into $821), Eyes of Fortune ($821 turned into $499), and Lightning Zap ($499 turned into $333).

On this stream, we listened to his famous “rude” quite a lot. Indeed, it wasn’t the best day, but considering how well he played during the other days, these losses balanced everything out.

Video: LIVE - Brian Christopher Slots at Plaza GAMING AREA!

4. $35K Blackjack Winning Session

1883 silver dollar value.

As one comment noted, the king of blackjack on YouTube did a phenomenal job. This game of blackjack lasted 30 minutes, and almost right out of the gate, our player started to win. As the game progressed, it only got better and better.

It helped that the right splits and doubles yielded good wins. But what is more important is the professional level of play in general.

This video can be considered a learning experience as the player took time to summarize the gain/loss after each game, in addition to the overall gain and loss. This really gives the viewers clarity throughout the session. After all, the constant update on how each hand played out is helpful.

In the end, the player was left with a $35,000 win. After tipping the dealer, he went home with a whopping $33,500.


5. WPT Montreal: Main Event Final Table

Most likely, you don’t have 5 hours and 43 minutes to watch the entire Main Event Final Table of WPT Montreal. So, here is a recap of this major poker event.

The commentators for the event were Jeff Gross, Tony Dunst, and Kristen Bicknell. By the end of the first hour, there were seven players left: Andrei Kriazhev, Daniel Shak, Felix Daniel S, Rayan Chamas, Charles Chattha, Jakob Miegel, and Jack Hardcastle. The commentators were already anticipating the things to get wild. For example, the seemingly strong hand can get bluffed, but as they said, it’s the beauty of poker - such pressure at the final table especially.

By hour three, there were six players, which were going pretty tight - at 20mln, 28mln, 29mln for two players, 33mln, and 34mln. By hour four, there were three players left, with Jack Hardcastle leading the way. Everything ended with Jack Hardcastle winning $447,859, “well-played, well-deserved.”

Video: LIVE: Main Event Final Table $2M Gtd WPT Montreal partypoker

Other Notable Events for the Week

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Aside from the five streams we’ve already mentioned, there are wins and losses that received less attention. Still, we didn’t want you to miss them!

Wild West Gold: Top 5 Wins

We’ve stumbled across a fun compilation from several streamers playing Wild West Gold. The first players (Jack’s Gamblimg Channel on Twitch) won €4138, Roshtein won €14820, CasinoFamily won €5844, CasinoDaddy won €5801, and TCK won €4039. If these don’t give you hope for your next spin, we don’t know what will.

Video: Streamer Crazy Big Win on Wild West Gold Slot - Top 5 Big wins in casino slot

$1310 in Total Wins in Golden Goddess

Raja from The Big Jackpot had a good strike at Golden Goddess slots. It wasn’t the only game he played during the stream, but it was certainly the most eventful one. You can hear supportive voices in the background while the player wins a jackpot handpay of $1310.

Video: BOOM! Handpay Jackpot on Golden Goddess! ?‍♀‍ Does It Get Any Better than THIS?

WSOP Circuit Super Series Event

With live events at a halt due to the pandemic, the 2021 WSOP Circuit Super Series tournament is held online. One of the most recent events took place on January 28, and you can watch the entire 4-hour event here.

Video: WSOP Circuit Super Series Event #14 - $75,000 GTD NLH 2X RE-ENTRY

More Events Coming Next Week

This was our coverage of what took place in the streamers world for the past week. We’re already excited to see what’s coming next and keep our eyes peeled on streamers and tournaments. We’ll see you in a week for our next update!