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Brain to Books proudly welcomes eBook BFF

Brain to Books proudly welcomes eBook BFF to the site!

Brain to Books is currently working on collaborating with eBook BFF who will be making a permanent guest appearance here on Brain to Books until further notice. Not sure what BFF is? I wanted to know more as well. 

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Brain to Books: What is “BFF?”


eBook BFF: eBook BFF, meaning eBooks Best Friend Forever. I have always been an avid reader and as a single child, books were literarily my best friends from an early age, when I learned to read. I want this feeling to convey on others, the worlds, universes and lives that are in books is too wonderful to be kept a secret.

B2B: How did it  get started?

BFF: Well, it’s all BookBUB’s fault. :)  I was planning a huge promotion for a friend of mine. His book is lovely and there are too many beautiful messages sprinkled throughout the story. Of course, as everyone in the literary world knows, BookBUB is the bees knees right now & the biggie in the promotional efforts. And as many others before him, his book was turned down. It felt quite personal for me, so I wrote them back and “made a case” for his book in the process. Interestingly, they replied, but their answer was still a big, fat NO. I couldn’t believe it, but after the initial pity party, I sat down and came up with the eBook BFF.

B2B: How long has BFF been running?

BFF: It’s been going for little over a month now. I came up with Twitter and Facebook page first and couldn’t believe how fast the Twitter-verse took to it. That was a real confidence booster and I knew I was on the right track.

B2B: What are some of the things you did to get BFF where it is today?

BFF: Well, I hustle a lot. I love interactions, finding great books, finding interesting writers and bloggers… I am very active on Twitter, retweeting, favoriting and engaging mostly independent authors, writers and the indie writing community every day, except on Sunday. I am also trying to get more active on Facebook, although that is really not my forte just yet. There is plenty to learn, but I am not afraid and love the challenge and to embrace new things.

B2B: What is the greatest reward you have experienced in doing this?

BFF: I met some amazing people, not just as a promoter, but as an indie supporter. I don’t want to be the next BookBUB. I want to be THE eBook BFF. I believe it’s just like with books. There is plenty for everyone and even though I am a single child, I love to share. As an avid reader and a ferocious writer, I learned from an early age that you don’t just buy and read one book. You read one and then another and another and so on. With this new wonderful age of social media and viral approach, most people do like to share as well. People listen their friend’s recommendation and spreading the word has never been easier. I want to be the book’s best friend. I want to find the great new literary gems, hidden talents and fantastic indie writers and put them up on the shelf with the literary masters, making them equals. I believe that there are many more fabulous authors out there like Hugh Howey or Andy Weir, they just need the exposure and platform to show off their talents and their ability to write and entertain readers. I already have some of my favorite, with beautiful book covers and amazing stories to tell, like Angela Chrysler and her fabulous Dolor & Shadow, or C.L. Schneider and the kick ass Crown of Stones trilogy.

B2B: Where do you see BFF going in the future?

BFF: I cannot believe the wonderful opportunity I have been presented with. To be part of a great movement in how we read and how we, as readers and as writers, cross promote each other is absolutely brilliant. I can’t wait to start on Brain to Books. Our promo website is coming soon, where we would primarily promote indie authors and their special free or countdown promo days. I would like to start a Pinterest boards soon, with all the cool authors that will do interviews, cover reveals, blog tours etc. with us. I think there is a lot to explore and lot to offer. There has never been a better time to be a writer, but also never a worse time to be an author. To learn and to navigate the sometimes very murky and very treacherous waters of self promotion, publishing and marketing is not an easy task. I would like to make it much easier, less painful and in the long run more fun for writers to put their work out there and share it with thousands and who knows, maybe even millions of people some day. I don’t want writers to dread the day they are going to release their work. I think it’s already pretty stressful for an indie author to do everything on their own, finding their own editor, copy editor, good freelance art designer, proof reader, book formatter etc. I want the day they finally release their beloved book to the world to be a special event, a party and a joyous moment, with the help from a team of people who stands behind them and cheers them on. I think that would be absolutely amazing.


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