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You’re getting paid out half as much as you do with the boxcar and aces bet, but you are twice as likely to hit what you’re looking for. Any 11 –If an 11 is rolled, you’ll get paid at 15 to 1. Any Craps –If a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled on the very next roll, you’ll be paid out at 7 to 1. Any 7 –If a 7 is rolled, you will get paid out. Craps is pure chance since you can’t affect the outcome in any way, but you do have the choice of several wagers. The majority of these wagers are ultimately based on what combination of dice will be rolled. The goal in craps is therefore to try to.

In craps (dice), slang term for throwing two sixes (at total of twelve).
by The Doctor January 09, 2005
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Being mad as fuck about something. Making fun of someone or trying to be annoying.
So what I ate all yo shit Daquan you big mad or lil mad
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A bet that pays off big or just something that is awesome. Comes from the racetrack, where a winning bet on a big ticket pays so many zeros that it looks like the dots on double sixes ('boxcars' in dice). Can be used in combination with ship it.
Craps chips setCraps
Man, I hit that moneyline parlay and it paid boxcars.
Dude, did you see that girl's ass? It was boxcars.
Guy 1: We just scored an 8th and it's nuggy.
Guy 2: Boxcars.
Guy 1: That slampig wants to f you later
Guy 2: Boxcars, ship it.
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To smoke massive ammounts of marijuana in multiple cars with the windows up and doorsclosed.
I do say Henry those cars in that unlit parking lot over yonder do appear to be box cars!
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An adjective describing someone that is anti-semetic
Dude, he's so Boxcar he makes Hitlerlook like Sammy Davis Jr.
Crazily stupid or idiotic, insane. Used to describe a person entirely lacking in common sense.
crazy, stupid, retarded, insane, half-baked, witless, a few crayons short of a full 52
That guy is boxcars, he just dropped his ipod in the toilet.

Electronic Craps Machine Locations

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An extra pocket sewn into the inside of men's underwear so that older men can have their scrotum supported.
Grandpa was hanging so low he needed a boxcar so he could wear his shorts.
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Types of Craps Bets

Line Bets:
Single Roll Bets:
Multi Roll Bets:

Wizard Of Odds Craps

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Boxcar Craps

Boxcars, also known as Midnight, Cornrows or Twelve Craps, is a bet where players wager on the shooter rolling a 12. This consists of a six on each dice. The way the dots are arranged on the dice, it looks like a rectangular box (like a box car) or rows of corn, which is how some of the names originated. Rising fire dragon slot machine. Midnight got its name because 12 o'clock is the same as midnight.

This is one of the more popular bets and one of the hardest to win. There is only one combination in all the outcomes of the dice that result in rolling a 12, so the odds are 1 in 36 (35:1). The payouts are only 30:1 or $30 for every $1 wagered. Because of this, the house edge is a hefty 13.89%, which is bad news for the player since the casino takes away more money and more frequently because of this huge profit margin.

Craps True Odds

The high house advantage means that you will lose greatly in the long run, but the payouts are very nice in the short term. This bet is great for players who are feeling lucky and want to take a proposition wager on it. I included a picture of where this bet is located on the craps layout in the center of the table. It is located inside the proposition betting box located in the center of the table, which contains bets with high payouts (and large house edges). I would not recommend the boxcar bet over the long term because of the bad mathematical odds and since you being paid much less than you should, but the payouts are huge if you get lucky.

Boxcars Craps

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