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Warning warning bovada blackjack highly rigged. A certain wizard of odds character pops up all over game review rooms and is also quoted in many blogs as having endorsed the casino. The game is so rigged, one can call also into question this wizard of odds character that endorses bovada. Blackjack with their rules has a house edge of.7% meaning if you play 20000 required you would lose 7 bucks for every 1000 you bet or 140 for 20000 bet.if you think Bovada is GIVING YOU 110.

Bovada are the best and largest online casino that’s open to USA players. Not only do they have a Real Time Gaming powered casino, they also offer poker and sports betting all from one account. They are one of very few companies with all of these features.

Licensed in Canada, they have been online since 2011 and have millions of customers not only from the USA, but around the world. They process withdrawals within 24 hours and have their own in house customer support team which is why they’re our top pick for the USA. Click here for their official website.

Is Bovada A Scam?

Due to the lack of regulation in the USA gambling industry, trust is imperative as there are a lot scam casinos that don’t pay out winnings and refuse to answer emails. If you search online, there aren’t any complaints about Bovada casino which is a great start.

The only exception is a forum thread where people were talking about the blackjack games at Bovada and someone randomly joined to call it “the most rigged blackjack ever” which is a bit bizarre. The roulette and blackjack games at Bovada are not rigged because they have a house advantage on each of the games and millions of customers. They don’t need to rig anything.

Furthermore, the Bovada games are endorsed by industry mathematician and the casino is approved by industry watchdog The truth about these “games are rigged” complaints is that some people find it easy to point the finger rather than look in the mirror after they’ve lost.

Further searches online reveal a few other nonsense forum threads, one of which is titled, “Bovada poker is a fukking scam”. The person that created this thread accused Bovada of being a scam because he or she lost at poker to a better hand from another player. The post is so idiotic that the frequent posters just replied with stuff like “you mad bro” and “Gotta love retards”.

Silly complaints like this are nothing new; it’s exactly the same for the UK’s leading gambling companies such as William Hill. When you have millions of customers, you’re bound to get a few disgruntled losers along the way. We’ve never experienced any problems with Bovada and nor have we ever had anything but positive feedback from our visitors.

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Roulette, Blackjack and Slots at Bovada

Seen as how we’re a roulette website, we’ll start with the roulette games. They offer both European and American roulette with table limits of $1 – $1,000.


European is the game you should play because it has a lower house edge (2.7%) than the American game (5.26%). Click on the image to the right for a full size screenshot of their European roulette game.

Bovada Blackjack Reddit

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For blackjack, they have 6 different games to choose from, including the popular Perfect Pairs which as the name suggests, has an (optional) side bet for card pairs. They also have a single deck blackjack game with a house edge of around 0.5%.

Raja slots live. For the slots, they have around 100 different games to choose from, including 3D games, 3 reel and 5 reel. The minimum bet per line on some of the games is just $0.01 so they’re open to even the smallest players. The graphics, particularly on the 3D games, are very smooth, crisp and enjoyable to play.

Sports and Poker

As we mentioned higher up, you get casino, sports and poker from one account when you sign up to Bovada and moving money from one to another takes just a few clicks. The poker at Bovada is one of the best because they have the traffic and player base that’s required for a successful poker site.

Nobody wants to sit around waiting for a game and that isn’t an issue at Bovada because they have thousands of players online around the clock, so getting a full lobby does not take very long.

For the sports, you get access not only to USA sporting events, but events all around the world, including European soccer. Here’s just a small election of the sports you can bet on:

  • Football (NFL, College, Superbowl, etc)
  • Baseball
  • Basket Ball
  • UFC
  • Soccer – Many leagues around the world, including English Premier League, Uefa Champions League and MLS.
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Golf

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There aren’t many gambling companies open to USA players that offer this much to their customers and it’s why Bovada are our top pick. With the casino, poker and sports, plus in house customer support and withdrawal times of just 24 hours, they are easily the best casino for USA players. You can sign up for a casino account on their official site at