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Bongo's Bingo started out in Liverpool two years ago, with the team now travelling up and down the UK bringing their own brand of absolute BATSHIT BONKERS. Bingo with a big night out. Bongo’s Bingo is bringing its very own lockdown talent show live to your living room By Emily Sergeant Follow 6th January 2021 Bongo’s Bingo is kick-starting the new year by hosting its very own talent show that you can stream right to your living room this weekend.

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Yeah you can create a datapack for that. If you want all of the tasks to have the same weight, you can just run '/bingo dump true' (in singleplayer). This will generate a file for each task type that contains every possible item/advancement/potion effect.. Then you need to merge all the tasks into one bingo (see here). As a last step you need to filter out all unobtainable tasks like command blocks, bedrock, the bad luck effect.. If you want you can then adjust the weights but you don't have to. Feel free to send me a DM if you're stuck in the process.

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