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Blackjack Tournaments, whether played online or at land-based casinos, offer one of the best values in the gambling world. Since tournament players are competing against each other instead of against the casino, a smart player can get a big edge by learning to play better than the average gambler.

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Blackjack tournaments have become increasingly popular these days, and they are attracting more players to the game of blackjack. A blackjack tournament is a fun way to play the game with a minimum investment yet still have an opportunity to win a significant amount of money.

Articles about Blackjack Tournament Play

Those involved in online casino tournaments are usually competing by playing slots, blackjack or roulette, which are the three most popular casino games at online and land-based casinos. The card comparing game, blackjack has been around for years and soon after Blackjack tournaments were a popular way of attracting American players to land-based and online casinos. The tournaments are adored by US players for their prize pool and unmatched entertainment. The best blackjack tournaments are ones that are large and have medium to large buy-in fees such as the World Series of Blackjack. These kinds of tournaments usually have million dollar prizes. Usually tournaments take place at 'brick and mortar' casinos, but players can also play blackjack online for money as sometimes tournaments are. Authentic Vegas Blackjack with Match the Dealer bonus bets! Multiplayer online 21, chat, and FREE chips! Your Gaming History. Your game will start after this ad.

Blackjack Tournament Introductory Articles
IntroductionA basic introduction to blackjack tournaments
Strategy BasicsBasic concepts of tournament strategy
Blackjack Tournament Strategies
PositionExplains the importance of seat position in tournament strategy
Catch-Up BetsHow and when to make a “Catch-Up” bet to take the chip lead
Free HitsGetting something for nothing – “Free Hits” in tournament blackjack
Doubling for LessA powerful strategy to use in tournament play
The Rule of 2, 4, and 5A shortcut for finding an optimal bet in a hurry
Beyond WongTournament Tips Uncle Stanford Never Told You, by Anthony Curtis
Tools for Strategy Decisions
Dealer Outcome ChartsTable of exact dealer outcome probabilities
Double Down ProbabilitiesTable of exact probabilities for doubling down any 2-card hand

More Tournament Tips from Ken Smith

Want more tips from tournament expert Ken Smith?

Ken has written an E-book that contains a wealth of information about tournaments, and powerful tips and strategies for competing.

Available for immediate download at a price of $14.95, How to Win More Blackjack Tournaments – Volume I is a professionally produced 98 pages of information that will supercharge your game.

This E-book contains everything you need to take your tournament game to the next level. With material for every skill level, and many concepts that have never before appeared in print, this is a must-read if you are serious about blackjack tournaments.

The 98-page PDF book is available for immediate download after purchase.

A second book is now available as well: How to Win Even More Blackjack Tournaments – Volume II, also at $14.95. Or, you can get a specially priced bundle of both E-books for $24.95.

Much More Available at

Our sister site is the definitive spot for discussion of table game tournaments and tournament strategy. Many of the best players in the world participate on the active message board there. There is also a free listing of upcoming blackjack tournaments all around the country, with literally thousands of events listed. It is a goldmine of tournament information.

About Ken Smith

Ken Smith has been competing in and writing about blackjack tournaments since 1994. Like many avid tournament players, he had a lot of early success, winning a considerable amount of money in events in his first year competing. Ken lives in South Mississippi near the Gulf Coast, where the casino industry was still brand-new in the mid-90’s. At that time, the Mississippi casinos were competing for business and there were weekly blackjack tournaments literally every night of the week at the various casinos. In the weekly events, players could pay a $50 entry fee and compete for $10,000 in prize money. Larger events were held several times a year.

Play World Blackjack Tournament Free

Since tournaments were new to the area, many of the players were unfamiliar with the appropriate strategies and were at a significant disadvantage to the sharper players. Week after week, the same names appeared at the final table, and Ken was among them. He played often, learned a lot, and made a nice supplemental income.

Ken’s appearances on televised blackjack tournaments include all four seasons of the World Series of Blackjack on GSN, the Ultimate Blackjack Tour on CBS, and the Las Vegas Hilton Million Dollar Blackjack Tournament on the Travel Channel.

More information about Ken is available here.

Welcome to, the #1 resource on the Internet for Blackjack tournaments. We were compelled to create this site after searching the Internet for information about Blackjack tournaments and finding it lacking.

Most of what we found didn’t really apply to the tournament form of Blackjack play at all, so we did our own research and created this site to share the information with you. We hope you enjoy it. Please bookmark this page and come back often for additional updates.

Tournament Strategy and Other Quick Tips

Playing in a Blackjack tournament is quite different from sitting down at a table in your favorite casino. Instead of playing only against the dealer, you must also play against all of the other players seated at your table. The objective is not simply to finish up with more chips than you started with, but to be a chip leader throughout each round of play.

On this site, we explore all of the aspects that make playing in these types of tournaments so unique. If you are new to the game, you will find sections to help you understand the history of the game itself, how to blackjack odds, and all of the etiquette involved in playing at a live Blackjack table.

Those who have a bit more knowledge of the game will discover a useful section on card counting. There is another on how to pick the best table in the pit area. These contain tips that any player can take immediately to the bank. And there is even a section on setting up your own home game (similar to a poker home game).

The majority of this site, however, is dedicated to tournament Blackjack and assumes that you already have a fair bit of experience at the tables. Knowing basic strategy, memorizing the play chart for multiple-deck Blackjack, and being familiar with some betting systems may come in handy. Scr888 live. But as you will see, successful tournament play depends on taking risks one would never attempt in straight games.

Getting Competitive

Blackjack Tournaments online, free

Take a good look at the section about different types of tournaments. There are many formats, not just one. You’ll also want to become familiar with tournament rules. Knowing how a tournament is conducted, what’s allowed and what’s not, is critical to making it beyond the first table and into the money rounds.

We go into some detail regarding additional tournament strategies and other tournament tips gleaned for top players. Some of the information provided may seem contradictory. That’s because there is more than one way to win a blackjack tournament and each player must adopt an approach best suited to his/her personality and style of play.

Another aspect of blackjack tournaments given special treatment here is risk management. Slow and steady doesn’t always win the race. There are times when a player must make a dangerously high bet to catch up to the leaders or stay on top of the chip count, especially during the last several hands of a round. There are times to lay low or sandbag, too, relying on the dealer to draw well and eliminate opponents.

The section on Elimination Blackjacksheds light on this increasingly popular version of tournament Blackjack, while a retrospective on the Ultimate Blackjack Tour provides insights into the professional level of play. No stone has been left unturned in this unmatched presentation of playing in Blackjack tournaments.

Types of Blackjack Games

Online Blackjack Tournaments For Money

As blackjack tournaments expand and become more prevalent, opportunities will arise for those who specialize in particular versions of the game. With this in mind, we have compiled a series of introductions to nine of the most popular and innovative types of Blackjack variations. We will also attempt to list the best real money blackjackgamesyou can actually play at on the internet!

We begin with the classic—single deck Blackjack—and cover all of the basics. Every other version is rooted in this game. Then we cover the more exotic forms, from European Blackjack played without a hole card to Match Play 21 and Spanish 21—two different games played with a 48-card deck containing no 10s. Attention is also given to a coupler of new, up-and-coming casino favorites, too—the single-deck game called Super 21 and the side-bet heavyweight known as Perfect Pairs.

One section deals with the nuances of playing Double Exposure Blackjack, with both of the dealer’s cards showing. Another takes up the topic of Blackjack Switch, which allows cards to be swapped between two separate hands. Here is even a section on Pontoon, the English staple that’s characterized by its aggressive doubling rules.

Blackjack Tournament Online

The more a Blackjack tournament player knows about all varieties of the game, the more likely he/she will be to see opportunities that traditionalists and even strict card counters will be blind to. Winning at tournament Blackjack requires thinking and playing well outside the box. It is out hope that you will gain from this site all of the tools you need to go on to Blackjack tournament victory after victory.