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Jul 12, 2015 - Watching your favorite TV shows while playing online bingo. See more ideas about bingo, favorite tv shows, tv shows.

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Bingo, the popular British game, has become a sort of cultural phenomenon throughout the country. It has become so popular that many films and TV shows featured it in a few of their scenes. The bingo-themed scenes are usually light-hearted, aiming to put viewers in a good mood.

An important factor that contributed to this game’s popularity worldwide was its launch in online casinos, such as Online casinos made bingo more accessible to a wider range of players, offering them a variety of prizes and bonuses. Us gov mint. Being able to play it on the go on mobile devices gave a tremendous boost to this industry. But, perhaps the biggest factor was its pervasive nature when it comes to pop culture, as evidenced by these top nine bingo scenes in movie and TV history.

1. Inglourious Basterds

Although this film doesn’t feature the game itself, there is a phrase that became a memorable quote from it: ‘That’s a Bingo!’. As highlighted by, the phrase resonated with the viewers and it is even recognised as one of the best Quentin Tarantino scenes of all time.

2. Bad Grandpa

As with all of the Jackass films, this one is up to no good. In the bingo scene, Johnny Knoxville’s elderly title character gets into a bingo hall to stir up some trouble. There, he starts acting in ways that disgust the other players to cause the shock effect that everyone expects from his films. It’s a classic, even if only for the unwilling participants’ responses to his actions.

3. King of the Bingo Game

The whole plot of this short film revolves around bingo and one player that hopes to win the big prize for his family. The film is an emotional roller coaster, with many ups and downs presented throughout. It is definitely worth a watch for fans of the game!

4. Better Call Saul

This spin-off and prequel of Breaking Bad, as discussed in, follows the story of lawyer Saul. In one of the episodes’ scenes, he decides to host a game of bingo for the elderly as an attempt to win over new, potential clients. This doesn’t turn out well, though. By the end of the scene, he ends up having a mental breakdown and lamenting the direction his life is taking.

5. The Babadook

Even horror enthusiasts can get a taste of bingo in a scene from this popular film. Amelia, the main character, works in a care home and in order to engage the residents, she starts a bingo game. As this goes on, though, her instability begins to become more apparent and the gravity of the situation she finds herself in dawns on her.

6. Rampage

This thriller portrays best how dedicated bingo players are to their game and how captivating it can become once they start playing. When a killer enters a bingo hall and wanders around, he doesn’t even get noticed because no one lifts their eyes from their books. NEVER interrupt a die-hard player’s game.

7. Big Momma’s House 2

This film has one of the highest-quality and funniest bingo scenes out of them all. Momma decides to show the family how she spends her spare time and takes them to a bingo game. There, one of the children starts indiscriminately shouting ‘bingo’ in the middle of the game. I think we can all imagine what happens after that.

8. Curb Your Enthusiasm

In this cult classic sitcom, comedian Larry David joins his father for a game of bingo in his retirement home. Things don’t go as planned though, because he starts losing his cool, which causes many laughs amongst the audience. Remember to always keep your cool. Not just at bingo, though.

9. Beach Blanket Bingo

This 60’s comedy is proof that bingo has been a popular game for over 80 years. During a bingo game, some of the participants start swapping numbers on their bingo cards, which leads to a messy love triangle.

10. The Simpsons

While it isn’t a scene every fan will remember there was indeed a scene and it has a few good laughs. The called calls out the number, the players can’t hear what he is saying then the caller shouts out BINGO when no-one has one. It’s funnier than it sounds I promise.

It’s not news that bingo is a game that’s been popular for decades. However, it’s easier to forget just how popular a plot device it has been in film and TV. These scenes are a testament to that fact.

Bingo Tv Show

Although it has a rather humble gameplay, bingo is also massively enjoyable which makes it the ideal game for casual gamers. Unlike its more glamourous casino counterparts such as poker, most people think of bingo as being anything but cinematic. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as Bingo has featured in a number of popular movies and television shows, not to mention some of the fun and interesting bingo TV ads from companies like Sun Bingo that we have seen over the years, especially with the huge rise in popularity of online bingo sites. We’ve listed some of the best bingo scenes from TV and film over the years.

Bad Grandpa

Johnny Knoxville may have accomplished some pretty courageous and often silly stunts during his time on MTV’s Jackass, however, when the well-loved character Irving Zisman got his own film in Bad Grandpa, he really managed to steal the show in a completely new way. In a scene from the film that’s now quite iconic, ‘Irving’ plays a game of bingo whilst engaging in conversation with some of the other players. As usual, the ‘bad grandpa’ was testing everybody’s patience and pushing them to their limits during the game. At some point, he decided that drinking the bingo marker fluid was a good idea — a scene that surely makes everybody who watches it laugh.

Better Call Saul

AMC has a bit of a knack for producing hits, and this spin-off of popular Netflix TV show Breaking Bad certainly went down well with the fans. Designed as a prequel to the infamous story of Walter White aka Heisenberg, Better Call Saul allows watchers to learn more about the story of sketchy lawyer Saul and discover how he became such a big success in his own right. At some point during the show, Saul calls a game of bingo for some older people in a bid to win over some potential new clients, but has what looks like a mini mental breakdown in the process, ranting about his ‘piss-poor’ life. The bingo game becomes a pivotal point in his life, spurring him to change from a failing lawyer to the Saul of Breaking Bad that we all know and love.

Hotel Transylvania

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Bingo isn’t just a fun game for adults, as there are many kids who enjoy playing the game and variations of it, as well. Hotel Transylvania takes the game and approaches it from a whimsical and childlike perspective. Dracula’s hotel provides the perfect place for monsters, ghouls and goblins to take a break and have some fun, with spooky bingo being a part of this. The bingo in Hotel Transylvania isn’t the traditional game that we all know; it takes on its own spooky twist with the ‘bingo balls’ actually being skulls that creepily hiss out their numbering to the bingo caller and players.

The Babadook

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If you enjoy horror movies and are also a fan of playing bingo, The Babadook is the perfect choice of movie for you to watch. A psychological thriller which tells the story of Amelia, a troubled widow who works in a care home and during the movie calls a bingo game for the residents that she cares for in an attempt to liven up the atmosphere. The movie incorporates bingo in a clever way to give the viewer a chilling insight into the lives of the main characters.


A murder thriller which premiered in 2009, Rampage features a hair-raising scene in which the killer wanders through a hall filled with bingo players who have their eyes down concentrating on the game and don’t even notice that he is there. The scene, although frightening, is a great representation of bingo and how it can be a captivating and interesting game to use to pass the time, allowing you to forget what’s going on around you!

Do you enjoy watching TV shows and films that feature bingo? Have you seen a bingo scene in a movie or television show which we haven’t mentioned here? If you’d like to share your own favourite bingo-themed movie scene with us, we’d love to hear from you — leave your response in the comments below!