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It should come as no surprise that the most watched TV show is also one of the most popular slot machine themes in casinos today. This popularity outside of the casino has helped make Big Bang Theory one of the most popular slot machine in casinos.

The Big Bang slot is a fantastic game and a real hardcore gamblers favourite. It has entertainment, anticipation and the ability to provide massive amounts of cash wins at any time. The increasing multiplier feature is so good that it actually makes the game fun to play as a free lay slot, something most high volatility games fail utterly at. All you need is start to play Big Bang online, and it will take you back to the Universe of about 13 billion years ago, such chance you will never be given again. This slot is similar to Wild Rockets. Big Band – a new video slot created by NetEnt developer gives you such opportunity, taking you back to the universe to escape from daily routine.

The video slot machine(s) by Aristocrat are easy to find in casinos. The Big Bang Theory slot machine is available in no less than three different versions and multiple denominations. Depending on which casino you visit, you may find the original Big Bang Theory available in two versions of the Helix Wonder Wheel or newer versions in the Arc cabinet or gigantic 84 inches tall Behemoth cabinet. Larger casinos may have a mix of these games.

As the Big Bang created the wondrous Universe, Big Bang video slot laid to the gameplay the chances to win big money at low bets. As to the first, this is of course pure theory. And for the second, your bets doubles by progressive multipliers up to incredible x32! While Wild substitutes integrate into combinations completing winlines. The Big Bang Theory Helix cabinet slot game boasts 200 pay lines but instead of crowding them all onto one display they are divided across four video screens. Each screen has 5 reels and 50 paylines. The four games play concurrently and any of the can trigger a bonus round. Also, players can control how many pay lines are active.

Even though there are different versions of the Big Bang Theory slot machines, each form is heavily focused on the TV show and the individual characters. There are bonuses, features, and scenes from the TV show featuring Penny, Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon Cooper, Raj Koothrappali, and Howard Wolowitz. Unlike some TV or movie themed slot machines there are a lot of scenes from the Big Bang Theory in this game.

There’s a lot of action in every version of Big Bang Theory slot machines. The original Helix Wonder Wheel version of the game has 10 bonus features, three mechanical wheels, and 4 video slot displays. Each slot game has 5 reels and 50 pay lines. This is penny slot machine has a minimum wager of $2 when you play all four games. Meanwhile, The three-reel video slot machine in the Behemoth cabinet features 15 pay lines. This version of Big Bang Theory is most often a $1 per credit slot machine.

Big Bang Theory Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds in the Big Bang Theory video slot machine are as important for the entertainment you derive as they are for the jackpots. There are bonus rounds for each of the main characters from the TV show. The bonus games include the Penny Friendship Paradigm, Hofstadter Collision, Koothrappali’s Scavenger Vortex, Howard’s Mystic Warlords of Ka’a, Cooper Roommate Agreement, and the general Electron Progressive bonus. Here’s what to expect from each fun bonus round game.

Cooper Roommate Agreement: This bonus round is a slot game that might look familiar. It’s laid out in a magazine fashion similar to the comic book layout of the Joker bonus in the Batman and Robin slot game.

Hofstadter Collision: This is a Free Spins game with a multiplier. The best feature with this bonus is that you pick the combination of spins and multipliers you want to play from four options.

Howard’s Mystic Warlords of Ka’a: Here you choose a Hero Card from the Mystic Warlords of Ka’a game and a hidden cash bonus.

Koothrappali’s Scavenger Vortex: This bonus round allows you to choose between puzzle pieces and “other people’s dirty laundry” to win a single bonus or all of the bonus prizes.

Penny Friendship Paradigm: The screen fills with pictures of Penny and one of the guys above, or “Soft Kitty” and then you win a certain number of free spins.

Electron Progressive Bonus: Pick a prize and win a random cash bonus or the machine’s progressive prize.

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Additionally, you’ll find different random bonuses for each version of the game. All penny slot games are volatile and the Big Bang Theory is no different. When you play a themed slot machine it’s usually for entertainment. The bonus rounds in many of the Aristocrat penny video slot machines come often so that you can play often and see more bonuses and features. This version of the game might be short on big jackpots but it’s big on entertainment and action. The Behemoth version of Big Bang Theory has fewer bonuses but naturally, has bigger jackpots, and progressive payouts since it’s often a $1 game.

Big Bang Theory Online Slots

Big Bang Theory is produced by Aristocrat, which means that while it is not currently available at any online casinos, there is a good chance that it will be seen soon, assuming the game retains its popularity. Another victim of the current strict online gambling environment in the United States, it would be more likely to see this game at UK online casinos in the near future, except that its popularity as a TV show is primarily in the US. We would estimate that it is a toss-up as to whether Big Bang Theory ever sees an internet version.

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The Big Bang theory (Science, not the TV Show) is, despite being widely accepted by most of the general public, a somewhat controversial theory in some circles. NetEnt of course, care little about this, they simply thought it would make a great theme for one of their popular online slot games! Space themed slots are hardly unusual, in fact, it’s one of the most popular genres, NetEnt themselves have slots like Alien Robots and Aliens to point to right off the bat, with dozens of different styles of this theme in play with them and many other slot gaming manufacturers.

The Big Bang slot is slightly off the beaten track for both NetEnt and slots in general in several ways despite the incredibly popular theme. Firstly, outside of their branded games NetEnt rarely go in for photo realism, preferring a more cartoon character driven approach. This game, in contrast, has very sharp and detailed graphics and a more video game like display and audio set, with huge crescendos accompanying big wins. Also, the game has no dedicated feature round which is very unusual for a video slot. Instead, it has an accumulating multiplier feature within the base game. This all adds up to a very unique space themed video slot which is truly out of this world!

Big Bang uses the most common video slot layout there is – 5 reels and 3 rows. There are 25 pay-lines in play and as with most NetEnt slots these are fixed, you can’t change the number in play. What you are free to adjust is the bet value by means of the coin system. On this slot there is a coin value of 0.01 – 0.50 and just four bet levels, this gives a bet range of 0.25 – 50.00 credits which might just be a little shy of what some of the high rollers would like with this being a high variance game that’s known to attract big bettors.

As is the norm for Net Entertainment online slots you can adjust many things to tweak gameplay to your own personal preference. Music, sound effects, ambient noise, volume, speed of spin and the auto-spin menu all have a number of options for you to pick through if you want though just spinning with the default set is fine for most players. The games well optimised for mobile play too, in fact, we think it’s as a mobile slot on the small screen the animations really come to life without the distraction of the backdrop.

It’s no huge surprise that the pay-table on the Big Bang slot from NetEnt features ten overall symbols, five high and five low. The big five are all amazing planet portraits that could easily have come out of the latest Star Trek movie universe, they look amazing and have great audio snippets which accompany them as part of a winning combination. What will excite you more is that up to 1000 coins is available if you can collect five of the top planets in sequence. This being a game based in theory it’s worth noting that the maximum theoretical one off win on this slot is a mind-boggling 270000 coins! You’ have to hit big wins on multiple pay-lines with a big multiplier for that to happen but knowing it hides out there in the universe of this game makes the virtual cosmos that little bit more enticing to explore!

Big Bang Slot Win

The low pay symbols are our old friends the royal playing card icons, having been around since slot games were mechanical and rarely welcome. They are visually well produced on this game with an illuminated digital font but still, it’s a lacklustre effort, we think the whole pay-table should have been bespoke. On the other hand, it does make the game easier to follow so we can write it off to personal preference.

The classic fruit machine is popular because of it’s high variance, the ability to deliver very big wins. To do that requires all the cash action to be centred in the base game and not diluted by any feature games. To get around this and not lose any entertainment value whilst still providing gambling action NetEnt have used an accumulating multiplier feature on the Big Bang slot.

There’s a meter on the left of the game grid running x2/x4/x8/x16/x32. Each win in sequence, you collect moves the multiplier up one position, doubling the value each time. This means if you hit five successive wins – the last one will have an absolutely huge x32 multiplier in effect, which will only end on a losing spin! Put two or three of those spins together in a row and string theory will have a whole new meaning for you!

There’s a wild in play too, a little of an anti-climax in that it is just a fixed wild but be aware of the hidden potential, you need to put together sequential winning spins to hit multipliers, a wild symbol aids massively in the potential odds of that happening!

Big Bang Slot Game

The Big Bang slot is a fantastic game and a real hardcore gamblers favourite. It has entertainment, anticipation and the ability to provide massive amounts of cash wins at any time. The increasing multiplier feature is so good that it actually makes the game fun to play as a free lay slot, something most high volatility games fail utterly at. However, you must remember that it is a high variance slot and despite the lower than normal max bet, this can bust your bankroll with the speed and effectiveness of the gravity in a black hole!