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BetGames Lucky 5 – Lottery Games In India

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The trend of playing lottery games dates backs to the Vedic period in India. During this period, houses, land, slaves, or other precious metals were used as a bet by the gamblers, and the one who used to participate in this game used to stake high. And during the rule of the British East India Company, the lottery-style games gained more traction among Indians.

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The private firms used to organize lottery draws. But in 1967, the Kerala government forced restrictions on a private lottery and created a national lottery system. Other Indian states also followed the footsteps of the Kerala government and brought lottery games on their radar.

Betgames Casino

Craps seven or eleven. Today, things have pretty much changed. People no longer have to attend the lottery venues. The advent of a modern and digital form of lottery games has made it easier for everyone to enjoy lottery games from the luxury of their home at a casino site or online betting app.

In the past, lottery fans needed to pay the entry fees and wait for the draw results. It used to take several days to know the lottery results. But these days with betgames Lucky 5 lottery-style live gameplay, you can participate in a draw in every 5 minutes and know the draw results instantly. Let’s know in detail about the Betgames Lucky 5 playing guide and strategy to win massive money in India.

Betgames Lucky 5 Playing Guide

Lucky 5 is a keno style live dealer game designed by Betgames.TV. Here, the five balls are randomly drawn from a pool of 36 balls. To ensure the game impartiality, the machine randomly draws the winning balls. After you select one of its betting options and add it to your slip, the game of betting will begin.

You have to decide how much you want to wager. There are in total 94 betting options in Betgames lucky 5, and you can receive up to 1000x payouts. On your game screen, you can see the display of Lucky 5 bet types and the potential payout.

Once you choose the best odds for yourself, you need to press the “Place Bet” button to participate in the draw. Once the draw starts, fold your arms, sit comfortably and wait for the draw results. Within five minutes or less, you can see the outcome. If your prediction goes right, you will receive the respective payout, or else you can prepare for the next round.

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Lucky 5 Betting Option

Altogether there are six betting categories that you can choose in Betgames Lucky 5. Even though it is not like a traditional lottery game, some of its markets resemble that. For instance, you can select the correct winning balls to get the highest odds. However, the betting options of betgames live lucky 5 are extensive, which we are going to explain below.


Every coloured ball is embedded with a number. In this option, you have to predict what numbered balls are likely to appear. Here you will have a chance to wager on the number of even, odd, or the sum of all balls. For example, you can guess and bet on the ball that is likely to drop with numbers from 1 to 36.

You can also place your bet guessing the probability of odd or even number. Besides, you can wager on the sum of the numbers on the dropped balls predicting whether it will be odd, even, less than 92.5, or more than 92.5.

The highest payout on the number bet is 500x that you will receive after winning on “Three selected balls will be dropped with a number starting from 1….36”.

White Balls

It is one of the four different coloured balls that can be drawn in the game. Out of all white-balls bets, the highest payout i.e. 1000x is for the winning bet of guessing five white balls will be dropped. Among many odds, here you can bet on the count of white balls being more or less than a particular number or you can place your wager guessing how many white balls will be dropped.

Green Balls

In this type of bet, you can bet guessing how many green balls will be dropped. Also, you can predict and bet on the count of the green balls will be either more or less than the particular number. The highest payout (1000x) among green-balls bets is for the winning bet of “Five Green Balls will be dropped.”

Red and Blue Balls

Like in the white and green balls, the betting options are similar in red and blue Balls. Here, you will receive a similar payout of 1000x as the highest payout if your prediction goes correct on five red or blue balls will be dropped.

Different Colors

It is the largest betting category where you can bet by guessing which colour combination will appear more than or equal to others in a live betgames lucky 5 draws. The highest payout on this bet is 250x that will be provided to you if you place your bet predicting five identical colour balls will be dropped.

BetGames Lucky 5 Strategy

While Betting on Betgames lucky 5, it is advisable to bet on options that maximize your chance of winning while keeping an eye on the odds that pay a considerable amount of money.

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This strategy will only work with your dedication and best efforts. As a fresher, you can choose to bet on the options that offer a fair chance of winning.

You can consider betting on the probability of certain numbered balls not appearing, or you can wager on the likelihood of specific color being drawn.

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Next, you can look into each betting category and search for the betting markets that offer the highest value for your stakes. Some of the betting markets pay you in three or even four figures for your staked wager. These types of odds rarely appear and have high risks, but if you are a high roller, then it could be your ideal choice.

Thus we like to recommend you to choose the betting types that suit your budget and interest.


Betgames lucky 5 is all about predicting the right numbers or colors in a specific manner. If you follow our strategy and utilize it in your lucky 5 gameplay, you are going to hit big. So, what are you waiting for? Register at and enjoy lucky 5 gameplay. The game is fun and addictive, and we recommend you to follow bankroll management. Know the importance of responsible gambling and always play online casino responsibly.

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