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Barry, SJ, explored that question in his book, Experiencing God in the Ordinary. To encourage people to think about finding God in all things, some less-than-obvious, Loyola Press created a God in the Ordinary Bingo game inspired by Barry’s book. Download the game cards at Catechist’s Journey. This bingo card has a free space and 39 words: Jill Scott, Maxwell, D'Angelo, Usher, Tina Turner, Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys, Donny Hathaway, Anita Baker, Barry White.

This bingo card has a free space and 54 words: 'Thinking Bee!', Barry steals a bee-styled VW Beetle, Vanessa gives Barry a small flower, 'Tying your shoes is not a special skill', A bee sues the human race, Ken destroys Vanessa's property, Sting's Real Name, 'The perfect report card: All B's!', This movie shouldn't have been made, Adam, a bee, got a hospital bed, A family of five causes several car crashes, 'I'll get a gold tooth; start saying 'dawg', Evil Bee-Keepers??, 'Hey! Yellow and black, let's mix it up!', 'I believe you're about to EAT IT', Barry becomes a jock, Barry's parents meet the president, A bear eats Barry, Moose-blood!, Vanessa punches a princess, Montgomery accuses Barry of witchcraft, Winnie the Pooh, Barry's uncle says something weird, Vanessa loses her grip on reality, Vanessa cosplays as a bee, Vanessa dies, A joke that made you laugh, The judge is Judge Judy, Barry talks to a worm, A cow jumps over the 'moon', Barry joins a 'con-spirabee' group, Vanessa punches Ken, Moose-blood has a PHD, Ken and Barry get married in the end, Ken wears Gucci, Barry divorced a Roach, Vanessa eats a flower, Barry sticks a crumb in his jacket pocket, Barry fights a thumbtack, Barry gets his stinger pierced, Barry mentions a watermelon, Vanessa used Barry for fame, Barry dresses like Captain America, Adam becomes a dentist, Barry is Jerry Seinfeld's self insert, Barry's parents retire to the Caribbean, The Queen Bee is Beyonce, Moose-blood goes to Alaska, 'Ya Like Jazz?', 'He is here, I can sense it', Bees have cars despite having wings, Bees have stairs in their houses, Barry nearly drowns in honey and Vanessa freaks out a janitor.

As an avid bingo player I have to say Barry's is one of the best. I started playing bingo in San Diego from the Church BINGO to the Indian big stakes bingo, Viejas,Sycuan to name a couple. Johnny chan. Jan 06, 2021 THE dad of X Factor star Amelia Lily was spared a prison sentence after he illegally pocketed almost £80,000 in VAT. Company boss John Barry Oliver ploughed most of his ill-gotten gains into a. Oh, Barry😪 Share. This bingo card has a free space and 30 words: 'Someone talk about that', Answers.


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This bingo card has a free space and 30 words: 'Someone talk about that', Answers a question with a question, Asks the person who asks a question to answer it themself, 'Look, I agree with you', 'I lived in Europe', 'I have a friend in..', Completely ignores or dismisses something someone says, 'I was a public defender', 'No, we cannot not talk about that', Hypes himself up (drink twice if it's about him being a good lawyer), 'If everyone could turn their cameras on', Asks who read the chapter, Calls someone out (drink twice if they don't have their camera on), 'Let me ask you this', 'I went to college in Vermont', 'I'm gonna try to end class early today' (drink again if class actually goes over), Is met with a long pause (drink twice if he gets upset about it, three times if he crosses his arms), Interrupts someone, 'If I can figure it out on Blackboard..', 'I haven't made up the assignment yet' (drink again if he says that the day it was due), 'Send me an email if you have questions' (drink again if you do and he doesn't answer:)), Mentions his family, Reads directly from the lecture notes, 'Let's hear from someone else', 'Why do you think that is?', 'I don't know a whole lot about..', 'Tell me/us about that/it', Sits close to all of class in the exact same position, Asks if everyone can hear him and 'Has anyone seen the movie..' (drink again if you have seen it).

Barry's Bingo Denver Schedule Tonight

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Barry's Bingo Hall

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