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Dragon Tiger (Habanero) Demo Mode Enjoy Habanero Free Baccarat Online NO Download NO Registration NO Sign In. Tiger is a side bet in Tiger No Commission Baccarat that wins if the Banker has a winning total of six. The win depends on whether the six is composed of two or three cards. For more information, please see my page on that game. Dragon Tiger Baccarat. Dragon Tiger (ดราก้อนไทเกอร์) เสือมังกร คือ อะไร หากจะถามหาเกมไพ่ที่ได้รับความนิยมอันดับต้น ๆ ในหมู่นักพนันแถบเอเชียแล้วละก็ชื่อของเกมไพ่ บาคาร่า.

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You are familiar with the fact that Baccarat is one of the most popular games played at Macau-based casinos. You can play it at live casinos on the web at tables designed to provide you with a genuine casino atmosphere making you feel like you are at a brick-and-mortar casino in Macau. If you are a Baccarat enthusiast, you should also check out the live dealer game called Dragon Tiger. It is the simplified version of Baccarat popular with Asian players. In this article, we bring you all you should know about Dragon Tiger and the main differences between the two games.

Dragon Tiger Explained

Dragon Tiger is a table game themed on the concept of Yin and Yang where the Tiger stands for Yin and the Dragon stands for Yang. While this concept from Asian culture may seem complicated to the Western world, the game’s rules are nothing like that. Actually, the game is pretty simple to play with the dealer showing two cards on the fields representing the Tiger and Dragon. The highest card wins.


All you have to do as a player is to place your bet on one of the two sides. The dealer will place two cards on the table, face-up, and when they are compared, the bet on the highest card wins. If both cards have the same value, it is a tie. In this case, the house takes half of every bet. A Tie bet is also an option we will discuss later in the text. When you bet on the Dragon or Tiger and your bet wins, you receive a payout of 1:1. The Tie bet pays from 8:1 up to 11:1, depending on the game variant you play.


Key Differences Between Dragon Tiger and Baccarat

The biggest difference is in the layouts the games use and the number of cards dealt by the dealer. While the outcome of a round in Baccarat is based on two cards at least per side, in Dragon Tiger each of the sides receives a single card. Another difference is in the payouts as in Dragon Tiger, there is no commission taken from any of the prizes.

Baccarat Dragon Tiger Ball

There is also a difference in card values since in Baccarat, face cards are worth zero and an Ace is worth 1 while in Dragon Tiger, Aces are worth zero and other cards have their actual value with face cards being the most valuable. Check my euromillions. Both games offer side bets, but they are completely different. While Baccarat side bets include Pairs, Bonus, Banker Bonus, Either Pair or Perfect Pairs, in Dragon Tiger, you can go for a Big or Small optional bet. When you play these side bets, you predict that the Dragon or the Tiger card will be over or under a 7. These bets pay 1:1 and lose if either of the cards is a 7. In Dragon Tiger, you can also play an optional Suited Tie side bet to predict that both cards are equal in both rank and suit. If this bet wins, half of your main bet will be returned and the side bet pays 50:1.

Closing Thoughts

Baccarat Dragon Tiger Game

Dragon Tiger is considered the easiest table game to play. To be successful in it, you should stick to the Dragon and Tiger bets as these bets have the lowest house edge of 3.73%. On the other hand, the Tie bet is the one you should avoid, just like in Baccarat. In Dragon Tiger, it comes with a house edge of 32.77%.