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The gardeners believe ‘A rose is still a beautiful rose even if it has only one petal left’, Black Baccara Rose also exhibits such elegance.

Like any other beautiful flower, Black Baccara Rose is a hybrid tea rose with stunning black velvety look grown in patio containers and along borders as cut flower.

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  • 2 What Is the Meaning of Black Baccara Rose?
  • 4 Black Baccara Hybrid Tea Rose – Plantation and Growth

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This stunning flower is must grow rose as your garden will be obscure without it.

So, must know about history, meaning, key attributes, plantation and uses of Black Baccara Rose that are discussed in detail.

Black Baccara Rose Plant – History

Thanx to hybridization for giving such a fabulous rose with unique reddish black colored flower.

Black baccara rose was first introduced by Meilland International in France, year 2000. This variety of rose is not naturally occurring but is gift of Hybridization in which two varieties with unique characteristics are crossed in order to produce a new variety with absolutely new features.

This is the case how Black Baccara Rose came into existence when Jacques Mouchotte crossed Feugo Negro rose with a Celica rose.

Later on, it was introduced in other countries like Conard Pyle introduced this stunning flower in United States in 2002.

In 2005, introduced in U.S by Star Roses (Pennsylvania).

This was the era of its spread when after its production as cut flower, it is now available to grow and beautify our garden.

What Is the Meaning of Black Baccara Rose?

Every unique thing has something to tell about. Dark red hybrid baccara tea rose with velvety petals signify its attributes.

  • Mystery

As black roses are unnatural, they have always been mysterious to their beholders.

  • Love and Devotion

The rose is a flower of love.

When you grow this fascinating rose in your garden, it shows your love towards black roses. As it is also used in wedding bouquets, specifically winter weddings are incomplete without these floral bouquets.

Above all, it is the symbol of love, romance and devotion.

  • Hope and Optimism


Hope and expectations always begin with mysterious attributes to unreveal like Black Baccara Rose is not truly black and not exist naturally, it is said to symbolize hope and optimism for existence of originally black rose.

Black Baccara Red Rose – Key Attributes

Black Baccara Hybrid Tea Rose member of ‘Rosa Black Baccara’ is commonly known as Black Rose or Black Rose Bush.

Baccara black rose is perennial shrub with high quality luxurious blooms giving pride to your garden all the summer with stunning blooms.

General ‘Hybrid Tea’ variety blooms elegantly all the summer starting all summer from June through October.

All captivating blooms stand on long and strong sturdy, thorny stem that matures up to 95cm displaying large, deciduous 5-6 oval glossy foliage.

Thorny stem does not mean it is not beautiful because a rose with ten thousand thorns is more valuable than a daisy without even one.

Deep dark red to blackish baccara flower grows up to 5 feet height and produce about 3-4 inches diameter, highly centered solitary blooms.

Its compact flower, although not having significant fragrance or mild, is highly appealing with showy 40-45 petals having velvety appearance giving your garden and patio container a full bloom.

Warmer USDA 7b zones are best suitable for its glamourous blooms that are used in cut flower blooming all the way without fading for 2 weeks in vase.

So, is there any excuse to miss this stunning rose in your garden?

Black Baccara Hybrid Tea Rose – Plantation and Growth

Now, surely you are ready to plant Black Baccara Rose in your garden.

What you have to do is to get ready for its plantation and wait until bloom as roses do not bloom hurriedly, they take time to beautify their blossoms.

Hence, you need to look what requirements you have to fulfill for its plantation and to get blooms.

1. Temperature

If we talk about its temperature range, it is noteworthy to consider that Black Baccara hybrid tea rose is not suitable for areas with low temperature.

But if you can provide warm temperature or use greenhouse even in cold areas, you can enjoy beauty of this rose variety.

Above all, it is most suitable in areas least suspected of frosts in spring as it is extremely vulnerable to frosts. 6 – 10F (-13 to -15oC) is the minimum temperature you must give for its proper plantation and growth.

Temperature makes a big deal to add blackish red tone to this plant as in colder areas with temperature near to lower safe limit, darker colored roses are more observed.

Thanks to this deep dark red color flower giving black rose appearance.

2. Does it Need Full Sun or Shade?

This rose plant is an outdoor variety that needs full sunshine. Shade or improper sunlight will not result its proper growth and blooming.

Baccara Now

So, select a place that is in full sun so you get best. Beds and borders, patio and containers are best places to plant in yard.

City and country yard gardens also give best sunny places.

3. Soil

You must take fertile loamy soil for its plantation. So, before deciding a day for plantation, visit your nearest garden center or local store and pick a bag of organic compost.

Mix compost with soil in ratio of 1 part compost and 2 parts soil.

As far as pH of planting soil is concerned, it grows in wide range of pH ranging from 5 to 8 starting from moderately acidic (5.6-6) to slightly alkaline (7.4 – 7.8).

4. Watering

Black baccara rose needs moderate watering. Check the soil before giving water. If it is half inch (0.5 inch) dried, give it water.

Baccara Then And Now

During summer, twice a week watering meets the need of watering while you can skip to once a week during winters.

5. Fertilization

Adding fertilizers to soil at time increases possibility of timely good quality flower. Basically, fertilization also depends on age of plant.

At the start of spring, administration of 10-10-10 fertilizer gives blooms because it is growing season and if its nitrogen demands are fulfilled at start of growth, in addition to iron chelate, would be beneficial for plant.

You have to fertilize when Autumn approach is approached, add fertilizer of formula 6-4-10 +2 MgO every 20-25 days. Follow this procedure until mid of the autumn.

This is the type of hybrid plant that requires trace elements, humus and compost for better protection of plants.

Fulvic and humic acid also give good result.

Try not to skip fertilization as it meets demands of plant nutritional growth.

6. Pruning

Pruning of roses is must do thing for increased flowering and to maintain shape of plant. Winter pruning is most important as it is best time to give it shape.

Remove all dead shoots, diseased flower and branches.

Dispose of any debris or dead leaves lying around plant base so that it would be safe from pests and diseases.

It will give boost to plant growth.

Black Baccara Rose Problems

When you plant any flowering tree, fruiting tree or any shrub, you remain alert to combat any problem. So, when you grow this captivating rose in your garden, again you need to be conscious.

Black Baccara Rose is also susceptible to diseases and pests that needs to be monitored from time to time.

Some of the pets and insects that attack on black rose are

Baccara Nowa Sol

  • Leafhoppers
  • Aphid
  • Red spider mites
  • Caterpillar

Baccara Group Now

All you need to control on these pests is to keep an eye on leaves that whether they are suffering from any illness. Insect eggs also symbolize insect attack.

Use insecticides and pesticides for proper control of pests and insects.

Black Baccara Rose – Uses

Rose in your garden are not only showy but are also used in versatile ways. Like you can see how black rose is used in various ways

  • Black rose is now prime interest as cut flower for display in vase that has long life span.
  • People Grow Black Rose as hedge plant.
  • You can grow this lovely flower in large containers or can be grown as small tree.
  • Black Baccara Hybrid Tea Rose exhibits anti-aging cosmetic properties.
  • It is also used in luxury cosmetics intended to protect integrity of skin and hair and for sebum secretion regulation.

Baccara Band Now

So, coming to end, hope you have get enough about Black Baccara Hybrid Tea Rose and decided to plant this stunning rose in your garden so that you can beautify your garden with this exceptional rose plant.

You can ask any query about it and also share your experience regarding this fabulous rose.

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