Atocha Shipwreck

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  • Sinking of Atocha In addition to a fortune’s worth of gold and silver bars, coins and jewelry, the bounty recovered from Atocha included emeralds traced to a mine in Colombia, along with items.
  • In 1999, Mel Fischer was accused of selling forged gold coins he claimed to be uncovered from the wreck of Atocha. The coins were then seized from his Key West shop, then flown to Lexington KY, where EAI would determine the coin’s authenticity, using trace analysis.

Atocha Treasure Coins specializes in the sales of authentic Atocha coins recovered by Mel Fisher from the Atocha shipwreck, a Spanish galleon lost off the Florida Keys during a hurricane in 1622. Over 160,000 shipwreck coins, mostly 8 reales issues. 1622 ATOCHA SHIPWRECK 8 Reales Silver Coin Grade 1 Assayer Q Philip III. $13.50 shipping. ATOCHA GOLD PENDANT NECKLACE CHAIN 2 ESCUDOS 22k SHIPWRECK TREASURE JEWELRY COIN. $44.50 shipping. Atocha 1622 Shipwreck- 2 Reale Grade 1- Mel Fisher Treasure Mounted Coin W/ COA.


On this same day, 35 years ago, the legendary deep-sea explorer Mel Fisher discovered the shipwreck of the Nuestra Senora de Atocha. The galleon was sailing from the new world to Spain.

Mel Fisher's Treasures is the world leader in historic shipwreck recovery and the source for authentic shipwreck treasure!

Mel Fisher was a dreamer, a visionary, a legend and most importantly, the World's Greatest Treasure Hunter. We carry on Mel's dream of sharing with the public the priceless historical and cultural heritage that these treasures represent. We continue to actively search for and recover the remaining lost treasures of the Atocha and the Santa Margarita while also searching for other yet to be discovered shipwrecks.
Each precious piece of history we recover goes through an extensive conservation process in our state of the art conservation lab. It then goes on to be studied and then recorded in our comprehensive data base. Our team of researchers, conservationists, archeologists, boat captain and crews have a blazing passion to locate and bring forth historic shipwreck treasures to the world.

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Experience the fun, romance and adventure of treasure hunting first-hand. Dive the richest Spanish shipwreck ever discovered, the Atocha! Search for the fortune in treasure that still remains to be found and take home your very own shipwreck treasure.

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Mel Fisher's Treasures is the source for authentic shipwreck treasure and one-of-a-kind treasure jewelry. The immensity of the Atocha's treasure is staggering. What was only a dream instantly became an undeniable reality. You can 'Own a Piece of History' by visiting our online Treasure Store or one of our 3 retail locations. As Mel Fisher would say, 'Today's the Day!'

Research & Recovery

THE SEARCH CONTINUES! We embody the legacy of Mel Fisher and his persistent quest to find the wreck site of the Nuestra Senora de Atocha which sank in 1622. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn about our history and to stay current with our new finds! Visit our Youtube Channel to see our latest videos. See underwater and behind the scenes footage of the Mel Fisher's dive crew in action. Learn tips and techniques from the pros!

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We wish to encourage you to learn from the knowledge obtained from these recoveries. Our purpose is to promote the highest standards of professionalism in the preservation of both the artifacts and the historical information discovered from these recovered treasures.

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Mel Fisher's Expeditions is currently working on four (4) major salvage projects.

Our first two projects are continuing our search and recovery of the remaining treasure from the Atocha and Santa Margarita. These treasure Galleons were part of a Spanish fleet that sank during a hurricane in 1622, off the coast of Key West. Our third project is a deep water shipwreck, code named 'Lost Merchant'. Our research, which includes eye witness accounts, tell us that the Lost Merchant sank off the east coast of Florida, loaded with gold bullion. We recently added a fourth project that could rewrite the history for the search and recovery of Spanish treasure galleons. If our assumptions and hard data are correct, we are on the verge of discovering a third Spanish treasure Galleon that sank in the same hurricane as the Atocha and Margarita in 1622. Ask how you can join in on the fun, romance and adventure of finding the next motherlode!

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Not a diver? Sift for Emeralds on the deck of the Dare or Magruder. Maybe you will find one of these green beauties.

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    “Mel, you found the Atocha “Motherload” in 1985, why are you still out there searching?

    Click here for Mel’s response any why it still holds true today!