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The kids will have so much fun with this Arctic Animal Bingo Kids Game! Not only will they be trying to win and yell “Bingo” but they’ll also get to see what type of animal live in cold weather areas as well. This is one family-friendly Bingo game that everyone can love and enjoy!

  1. Animal Bingo Game Pdf
  2. Animal Bingo Printable
  3. Printable Animal Bingo Game
  4. Animal Bingo Free Printable

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Jan 11, 2016 Changing up the rules each time you play Arctic Animals Bingo is a great way to give kids’ executive functioning skills a workout. For example, the first time kids need to get a straight line to win. The next time kids need to get the four corners to win. The next time kids need to fill in all squares to win. Great deals on Animals Bingo Board & Traditional Games. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at Fast & Free shipping on many items! This farm animal bingo game is a great way to host a family game night at home where everyone can join in on the fun. We tend to play bingo a lot in our house because the kids love being able to be active and show they’re responsible to keep track of their own bingo cards without help.

Arctic Animal Bingo Kids Game

Any type of animal activity is so much fun! We love to use this Kids Bingo Game as a fun activity to have less screen time and to get everyone involved and bonding together, too.

The great part about this free printable bingo game is that it’s created so that all different ages can be. The pictures are great for kids that haven’t quite learned to read yet and the sight words on the cards are great for the association as well. This is perfect for gathering everyone around the table and having a super fun family game night.

We actually play a lot of Bingo kids games in our house and we love having so many options to use. I also love that when you play Bingo, it helps to build their confidence, listening skills, and simple sight words as well.

You’re going to love being able to download this free Bingo Kids game. It’s fast, simple, and your family can literally be playing the game together in just a few short moments of time!

Animal Bingo Game Pdf

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Fun Prize Ideas for these Bingo Kids Game

It’s always fun to add in some simple Bingo Prizes that everyone in the family can enjoy. Pai gow joker. Feel free to use your own ideas but here are some that we’ve loved having as choices.

Some of my favorite simple BINGO prizes are:

  • Treats
  • Pennies or Coins
  • Trinkets
  • Extra 15 minutes of screen time

Just be certain that the prizes are appropriate for any age and make certain to ask the kids about some prizes that they’d like to have as well!

How to Play this Arctic Animal Bingo Kids Game

All you really have to do to start is print off the Bingo card below. That’s it!

Then just get your bingo dabbers, set some rules, and let the fun begin!

Download your printable free Arctic Animal Bingo Kids Game below

Animal Bingo Printable


If you are looking for the cards in black and white or for multiple themes then check out the Bingo Variety Pack. It includes 10 themes in color and black and white with 4 Bingo Boards each.

Printable Animal Bingo Game

If you are looking for a classroom Bingo set with 30 Bingo Boards per theme in color and black and white then check out the Bingo Bundle Classroom Set. It includes over 12 Bingo Sets, including the variety pack, AND includes holidays.

Animal Bingo Free Printable

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