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Alphabet Bingo is a fun way to practice recognizing alphabet letters. My kids love playing games to learn, which is why I thought of creating an alphabet Bingo game. This game is great for kids learning uppercase alphabet letters, which is typically in preschool. Alphabet Bingo is a simple activity to put together and your kids will love it!

Alphabet Bingo Directions

Bingo has always been a hit with the kids. If you have a young learner that is ready to learn his/her alphabet, then these FREE super fun alphabet Bingo cards will be a hit for them. You will love this collection of free printable alphabet bingo cards for preschool and kindergarten. Use this alphabet bingo printable bundle to reinforce letters of the alphabet all year long! Each version of the alphabet bingo printable cards will include both uppercase and lowercase letters which you can use the reinforce alphabet identification or letter sounds. Each version has 25 different. Included are 8 Bingo boards (4 with uppercase letters and 4 with lowercase letters) and all the letter cards. Laminate them for durability.I used this as a small group lesson during center work. I used it for letter recognition and letter-sound correspondence.Want to make your own Bingo. Aug 31, 2020 Bingo can be called when all letters of one color are covered. For a longer game, you can do blackout and call bingo only when every letter is covered. How To Play Alphabet Bingo On Zoom. Before you get started, ask the students to give you a thumbs up if they have their bingo cards and buttons ready. When you have everyone’s thumbs-up, you.

  1. Cut out the alphabet cards.
  2. Place the cards in a container.
  3. Draw one card at a time and say the letter name.
  4. Have your child or students cover the spot on their board if they have that letter. (You can use pom poms, buttons, gems or any other small item to cover the board.)
  5. Whoever gets five in a row first, is the winner.

Advanced version:

Alphabet Bingo Printable Black And White

Call out the words that begin with the letter on the card.

Example: instead of calling out “letter A,” call out “apple.”


Alphabet Bingo Printables Free

This game has 6 different game boards to choose from. To download this PDF, just click the button below.

Alphabet Bingo Printable Pdf

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