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The NFL totally revamped its Super Bowl Ticket Lottery last year and it looks like they’ll be keeping things the same this year. That means no traditional random drawing, but more of a reward system for NFL fans. We’ll keep you posted on any news or updates, but for now, it looks like their official announcement from June 21 is the latest scoop we’ve got on the situation.

49ers Lottery Teatime

So what’s happening with the NFL Lottery this year?

According to their official statement, the NFL wants to give back to some of their most loyal fans since, after all, the fans are the ones who make the NFL successful. They want these fans – well, a select few anyway – to be able to attend the big game without the worry of big ticket prices. Just like last year, during the 2018 season, the NFL will choose fans to surprise with free tickets to Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta. By the end of the season, they’ll give away 500 total tickets – less than 1% of all available tickets.

Who has a chance to win Super Bowl tickets from the NFL?

Well, you kinda need to be a fan… and a great person.

Super Bowl Tickets are being handed out by NFL to deserving people around the league. What are the qualifications for winners? Well, there aren’t any exact specifications, other than that the recipients will be “the most deserving fans, those who exemplify the heart of their team’s spirit.” That includes “community heroes” and “the most avid followers” of the NFL around the globe. This is their attempt to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience to fans and show their appreciation for that support.

49ers lottery results

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How exactly will they give away the tickets?

Well, based on their statement last year, they allowed the teams themselves to hand out 256 of the 500 available free tickets. Because, in their words, the NFL clubs and players know their fans best. Throughout last season, they surprised fans at tailgates, stadiums, and even at home.

Then, 64 of the tickets were distributed by nominees for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award. Finally, the NFL distributed the remaining 180 tickets at league events like youth football clinics, fan forums, and using social media and other channels. They also partnered with the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee to give out tickets to local fans. They even gave some away at the Super Bowl Experience just moments before the game.

Right now, we’re not sure whether the NFL is planning to distribute tickets in a similar manner to last year, but it seems likely given the fact that their press release about the lottery and the number of tickets they plan to give away are basically the same.

49ers Lottery Results

Roger Goodell (@nflcommish) gave four Super Bowl tickets to Fire Chief Bill Duggan, a volunteer fireman for over 40 years who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. It’s always been Bill’s dream to see the big game 🙌 pic.twitter.com/GVhXKzILhS

— The Checkdown (@thecheckdown) December 11, 2017

49ers Lottery Prizes

What types of people won free Super Bowl tickets last year?

Lots. For starters, the Phelps Falcons, an entire youth football team from Minneapolis. These eighth graders and their coaches and pastor won the first batch of tickets in last year’s giveaway. Apparently, someone at the NFL read a story about how two brothers on the team were adopted by their aunt and found solace in football after the murder of their mother. Roger Goodell and Stefon Diggs surprised the nonprofit group with the tickets in October of 2017 and the announcement was made at the Vikings-Packers game.

Goodell and his wife also surprised hard-working fire chief Bill Duggan with four Super Bowl tickets, delivering them (along with homemade cookies) directly to a New York firehouse. The 41-year-old Patriots fan with stage 4 brain cancer was given the tickets after a GoFundMe page and his story reached someone at the NFL. It was his dream to one day catch the big game.

Other recipients? Four LAPD officers who coach a youth football team of 8- to 13-year-olds in a high-crime neighborhood. They keep the kids safe after school with football, providing tutors as well as incentives for better grades. The officers took a group of young players to a Falcons-Rams playoff game where they were called out onto the field and presented with tickets by Goodell.

So it’s possible that we can expect a similar timeframe and even more heart-wrenching stories during this year’s giveaway. The NFL’s senior vice president of events, Peter O’Reilly, said, “It’s not a sweepstakes. It’s about identifying incredible fans and those who are doing great things in their community.”

49ers lottery

Roger Goodell (@nflcommish) gave away Super Bowl tickets to these LAPD officers, who are also youth football coaches who started the Watts Bears, a football program serving kids in one of the most gang affiliated neighborhoods in LA. 👏pic.twitter.com/s0uXVqKvFw

— The Checkdown (@thecheckdown) January 7, 2018

49ers Lotto

But hey, some lucky folks win tickets from Roger Goodell while they’re tailgating or hanging out at the bar before NFL games. It could happen!

Are there any stipulations if you win?

Yes. You have to pick them up at the stadium on the day of the big game. And you can’t resell them.

What about the ADA Lottery?

The ADA Random Drawing for Super Bowl tickets will remain unchanged from previous years. They’ll accept entries from February 1 to June 1, which means you’re already too late to enter for Super Bowl 53.

The only other tickets that come straight from the NFL will be sold through their licensed hospitality partner, On Location. We’ve actually reviewed those ticket packages, FYI. The rest of the NFL’s tickets are sent directly to teams and their family members and friends, season ticket holders, and members of the media, NFL partners, and sponsors.

So that’s it! Just be an all-around great person who loves football and get your story to the NFL! And you might have a chance at their Super Bowl giveaway…