1979 Susan B Anthony Dollar

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In addition to the coins struck for circulation, the San Francisco Mint also struck the Susan B. Anthony Dollar in proof format for collectors. These coins are produced through a specialized process which involves striking the coins multiple times with specially prepared dies. This results in sharp relief and a deep cameo effect, with mirrored backgrounds and frosted design elements. For the initial three years of the series, these proof coins were issued only within the annual proof sets.

  1. 1979 Susan B Anthony Dollar Errors
  2. Rare 1979 Susan B Anthony Dollar

One major variety of the 1979 P Susan B. Anthony (SBA) Dollar features a narrow rim on the obverse of the coin. The 11-sided rim is slightly narrower which results in more spacing between the 1979 date and the rim. This is sometimes known as the 'far date' variety as the date is farther away from the rim. The difference between the 1979 narrow rim vs wide rim (far date vs near date) Susan B Anthony dollar varieties is depicted below in the example comparison image. Value of 1979-D Susan B. The 1979-D Susan B. Anthony Dollars are easy to find in even the higher grades. Many collectors will pay top dollar for a nearly perfect coin to build their registry set. Most coins, especially those found in circulation, will trade for face value. The text on the Susan B. Anthony $1 coin reads as follows. The 1979 proof set is the first to feature the Susan B. 1979 is also also the year of 2 different types of proof sets - because the U.S. Mint changed the appearance of the 'S' mintmark on the coins in the proof set. One is called a 1979 proof set Type 1. The other is called a 1979 proof set Type 2.

The 1979-S Proof Susan B. Anthony Dollar (Buy on eBay) caused a stir within the collecting community when it was discovered that two different varieties of the “S” mint mark were used for the coins. The “Type 1″ variety for this year features a mint mark which appears to be filled. The “Type 2″ variety has a mint mark which is typically clear and shows a rounded top and bottom. The major third party grading services PCGS and NGC will designate the type of the coin on the holder.

The Type 2 variety is the scarcer of the two and commands a premium. From an overall mintage of 3,677,175 proofs, it is estimated that 400,000 to 500,000 of these carry the Type 2 or clear mint mark.

1979 Susan B Anthony Dollar Errors

Date: 1979 Proof
Mint Marks: S
Mintage: 3,677,175
Composition: 91.67% copper, 8.33% nickel
Diameter: 26.5 mm
Weight: 22.68 grams

Value of susan b anthony dollar

The first Susan B. Anthony dollars were struck in 1979 at all three mint facilities (San Francisco, Denver and Philadelphia).

The obverse die design was modified with a “wider” rim late in 1979. Multiplayer craps. This design change affects P-mintmark dollars only.

The date placement on the die did NOT change, only the design of the rim. This “wider rim” design modification only gives the appearance of the date having been re-located. In fact, all of the outer design features near the rim appear closer including the stars, LIBERTY, and IGWT, but the date is the most commonly mentioned aspect of this ‘wide rim’ modification.

Rare 1979 Susan B Anthony Dollar

Below are comparison images of wide and narrow rim 1979-P Susan B. Anthony dollars. The first whole-coin image represents the “wide rim” variety. Likewise, the first close-up of the date represents the “wide rim” variety.