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Leovegas live blackjack. Valuing the 1947 Roosevelt Dime The minimum value of a 1947 dime lies in the silver content. Based on the current price of silver, the melt value of this coin is approximately $1.04. Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1901-2000 (47 th edition). Krause Publications, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA.

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Type: Panama Silver Balboa
Years: 1931 - 1947 Cat. Num.: KM# 13
Country: Panama Period: Republic
Currency: Balboa Face value: 1 Balboa
System: Decimal 100 Centesimos = 1 Balboa
Obverse: Standing figure with arm on shield
Legend: REPVBLICA DE PANAMA LEY.0,900 GR.26,73
Reverse: Vasco Nunez de Balboa armored bust left
Legend: -VN-BALBOA-
Purpose: Circulation

Unlike the Silver Roosevelt dime (1946 to 1964), the clad Roosevelt dime can still be found in circulation. Even with this low cost of acquiring these coins, Roosevelt dimes are not widely collected. However, if you are looking to move beyond Lincoln pennies and Jefferson Nickels, this would be the coin collection for the budget minded collector. 1947 Mercury dime, Amazing condition with a shiny luster. One pictured is the one sold. Great gift for an avid collector! The 1947-D, like many D-mint coins of the 1940s, yielded a fair number of Full Steps examples and many of these survive. Far more common, however, are examples in Mint State that do not exhibit.

Mintage: 500,000
Grades & Prices Available

1944 Dime

Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.9000
Weight (g): 26.7300g
Weight (Oz): 0.86 Oz
Net Content: 0.77 Oz (24.06g)
Bullion Value: $21.14
Diameter: 38.10mm
Value Range

1947 Dime Coin

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