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1900 1900 Barber half dollars are relatively common coins that are particularly sought after by type collectors who want a decent specimen without having to fork over large sums of cash. In fact, virtually every issue (except for the 1900 proof half) is affordable in a grade of Good, and can be commonly found in the upper grades, too.

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Mintage: 6,962,813

Finest Known: MS65 (NGC) MS66 (PCGS, unique)

Auction Record: $587,500 (MS66)

The Philadelphia Mint struck 6.9 million Morgan dollars in 1901. A number were released into circulation soon afterwards. PCGS estimates that about 10% of the 6.9 million total mintage survive in all grades today.

No 1901s were apparently released in the great Morgan dollar Treasury disbursements of the 1950s and 1960s, leading numismatists to assume that nearly the entire mintage was melted down in 1918 under the Pittman Act. Seeing as how the bags of Mint State 1901s would be sitting at the front of the Treasury vaults, this is a logical assumption.

The Value of a 1901 Morgan Dollar

The 1901 Morgan dollar seems like nothing special, when looking at the mintage of over 6.9 million coins. In circulated grades, it carries a modest premium. But in uncirculated condition, the 1901 Morgan dollar is the rarest of all Philadelphia business strikes, except for the 1895 Morgan, which has no surviving non-proof coins at all. This makes the 1901 one of the great Mint State rarities in the entire history of the Morgan dollar. With nearly no Mint State 1901 Morgan dollars (less than 200 are believed at MS63 and above), Almost Uncirculated examples are sometimes used as 'stand-ins'.

  • Current silver melt value. for a 1900 No mint mark is $20.68 and this price is based off the current silver spot price of $26.74 This value is dynamic so bookmark it and comeback for an up to the minute silver melt value. Want to join CoinTrackers and Track Your Coins 100% FREE? More of the Same 1882 S Morgan Silver Dollar.
  • Searching for error coins continues to be a growing hobby. If your coin hunting or metal detecting for rare coins worth money, you will want to know these va.
  • These 1900 Morgan Silver Dollar coins have a diameter of 38.1 mm and are made of a 90% silver and 10% copper composition. Each of these Silver Dollar Coins contain.0321 troy ounces of silver. These Morgan Silver Dollars are graded using strict Photograde standards.
  • The 1900 silver dollar with no mint mark and the 1900 O silver dollar have similar values. Each coin is worth around $30 in very fine condition. In extremely fine condition the value is around $33. In uncirculated condition the price is around $45 for coins with an MS 60 grade. Uncirculated coins with a grade of MS 65 can sell for around $120.

Unfortunately, most 1901 Morgan dollars have a soft strike that is more often associated with mintages from New Orleans. Some of the higher grade coins still extant do exhibit a sharper strike with more mint luster.

There have been no MS65 1901 Morgan dollars appear at auction in ten years. The sole surviving MS66 (PCGS) coin holds the world auction record for a 1901 Morgan, selling for $587,500 in the October 2015 Legends auction of the Coronet Collection.

Because of the extreme rarity of 1901 Morgans in Mint State, frauds and counterfeits abound. Beware of 1901-O or 1901-S Morgan dollars that have had their mint mark filed off, so to pass them off as a 1901 from the Philadelphia Mint. Experts strongly urge collectors looking at 1901 Morgans in AU condition or above to only purchase coins authenticated, graded, and slabbed by one of the major third-party grading services.

1901 Morgan Dollar Price Guide

Circulated Grades
Very Fine 25Extremely Fine 45About Uncirculated 55
Uncirculated (Mint State) Grades
Mint State 61Mint State 63Mint State 65Auction Record (MS66)

The information on this page does not constitute an offer to buy or sell the coin(s) referred to. Statistics are for Mint State coins only. Proof and prooflike examples of this issue may have greater or lesser 'finest known' and different record auction prices.

1900 Silver Dollar

Grading Morgan Dollars

The value of a Morgan dollar depends on its rarity and condition. Like anything else, the better the coin's condition, the more it is worth. Prices show a substantial jump as their condition reaches mid-level uncirculated grades.

Determining the condition of a coin is called 'grading.' The coin grading scale, for reasons too lengthy to cover here, goes from 1 to 70. A Mint State 70 coin (MS70) is completely flawless, even when examined under 5x magnification. This level of detail was impossible with the coining technology of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

There are a few high points on the Morgan dollar that will be worn down first. Other than rarity, the amount of wear in these high places is what drives most of the value of the coin.

  • Top of cheek
  • Brow
  • Hairline
  • Hair over ear
  • Curls over date
  • Top of cap
  • Eagle's breast
  • Eagle's legs
  • Eagle's head
  • Right wingtip

Note that some mintages of Morgan dollars may have been weakly struck at the Mint. Morgan dollars minted at the San Francisco and New Orleans Mints are more likely to have weak strikes than those produced at Philadelphia. A weakly struck Morgan dollar may be missing some fine detail, but this does not mean that the coin is worn. Be aware if the coin you are looking at is from a date known for weak strikes.

There are certain places on a Morgan dollar where damage is far more noticeable. Damage in these 'focal areas' will affect the grade a Morgan dollar achieves, more than damage in other places.

  • Face and neck of Liberty
  • The field in front of Liberty's face
  • Body and wings of the eagle
  • Fields to sides of wings and above eagle's head

Very Fine

A VF25 Very Fine Morgan dollar will have light to moderate wear. Wear will be greater on the high points of the coin. Bag marks or circulation damage may be present in prime focal areas, keeping this coin from a higher grade. High points will show some flattening and loss of detail, but all major and many minor details are still present. Most or all mint luster will be gone.

Liberty's hair will show flatness along the hairline above the forehead, over the ear, and down next to the date. Liberty's cheek might show moderate abrasion. The top of Liberty's cap will show wear. The cotton bolls in Liberty's crown will have some minor detail worn away. The cotton leaves will also exhibit flatness.

The top of the eagle's breast and legs will be worn smooth. The head and neck will be worn, but not to the same extent. The talons will be flat. The leaves of the wreath will be distinct, but with many showing wear. All wing feathers will be present, but some will be missing detail. The right wingtip will be worn.

Extremely Fine

The XF45 Extremely Fine Morgan dollar will exhibit light wear overall, focused on the usual high points. Nearly all minor details are present and well defined. It might display up to half of the original mint luster. Again, marks or circulation damage may prevent this coin from earning a higher grade.

Liberty's hairline is full, with some flatness on the high points above the eye and ear. The hair retains fine strands, giving the face a more detailed appearance. Mild wear has taken the luster from Liberty's cheek, but it retains its full shape. The cotton bolls are beginning to exhibit minor details. Flatness is evident on the top of the bolls and the edges of the cotton leaves. The high point of the cap is flat.

Feathers are beginning to show on the eagle's breast. The head and neck are more detailed, but retain some flatness. The legs show major details on the sides, but the tops are worn. The talons are slightly flat. Most wing feathers are well-defined. The right wing shows wear across 25% of the wing. The edge of the left wing will show some wear.

About Uncirculated

An AU55 About Uncirculated Morgan dollar will present very light friction or wear, but only on the high points. Mint luster should be complete, or nearly so. Scratches and marks should be small and unobtrusive. An AU55 Morgan dollar should present positive eye appeal, even when compared to low-grade Mint State coins.

Slight rubbing or friction may be seen at the regular high points. Liberty's hair will display high detail. The cotton and wheat in the hairband will have full detail. The cheek may show impaired or missing luster.

The reverse should present full detail, aside from faint rubbing on the high points of the eagle (the head, breast, top of the legs, and talons.)

Mint State Morgan Dollars

Mint State (Uncirculated) coins are those that remained in sealed canvas Mint bags before being acquired by a coin collector. As a rule, these coins will have complete mint luster, and no 'post-Mint' damage. However, when talking about Mint State coins, 'uncirculated' does not mean 'undamaged.'

That last detail is important, because while Mint State Morgan dollars were never paid out (people preferred paper silver certificates), they could still see substantial damage from being slung around in the giant canvas bags the same way bags of quarters, nickels, dimes, and cents were. The damage coins receive from banging into one another is called 'bag marks.'

No matter how beat up a Morgan dollar looks, if there is no circulation wear and it retains mint luster, it will grade as Mint State. This is why Mint State coins are graded from MS60 (worst) to MS70 (perfect). Because Morgan dollars were handled like any other circulation coin, there will never be a perfect MS70 Morgan dollar

Mint State 61

A MS61 Mint State Morgan dollar will have substantial mint damage. Much of this damage will be in prime focal areas (see 'What Are The Prime Focal Areas On Morgan Dollars', above.) Many large and small bag marks, and even gouges make this coin unattractive. It is readily apparent when a coin is going to grade as low as MS61. Coin collectors will not waste money having such a coin professionally graded, unless it is a rare mintage.

Mint State 63

Mint State MS63 (and MS64) Morgan dollars are more attractive than lower grades, with good strikes and mint luster. They will still have enough marks or scuffs to be distracting. Some of these will be in prime focal areas. None will be heavy or particularly detracting. MS63 and MS64 are the most popular grades of Morgan dollars. They're nicer than the MS60-MS62 coins, and not nearly as expensive as MS65 ones.

1900 Silver Dollar Worth

Mint State 65

A Mint State 65 Morgan dollar is also known as 'Gem Uncirculated,' with good reason. It will have a sharp strike, and full, attractive luster. It will show scattered, light marks, with none in the prime focal areas. The eagle's breast or Liberty's cheek may display light friction from the time the coin spent in a bulk canvas bag in Treasury vaults The far higher attractiveness of a MS65 Morgan dollar explains the large difference in price when compared to a MS63 of the same date.

Mint State 66

MS66 Morgan dollars are rare, even when compared to a MS65. They will have a clean, sharp strike. The MS66 Morgan dollar boasts a pleasing, full original luster. It has very few, very light marks or imperfections that barely detract from the coin's very attractive appearance.

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Coin Values Moving with Precious Metals: Up-Dated 2/8/2021: Gold $1813 Silver $26.90

Part of your 1901 Morgan silver dollar value rises and falls with silver value. Currently minimum value of your coin is $27.01 .

A good example of how the value of your coin rises separately of silver is mintmarks. These small marks used to identify mints striking 1901 dollars each have a different value to a collector. You can easily identify the mint of your coin by finding a particular mintmark on the reverse. A close-up image of its location is just after the value chart.

Next to consider is condition. Collectors and their desires hold the key to this next part of the value equation. Simply stated, nice condition 1901 silver dollars enjoy a collector value premium. Realize your 1901 is not encountered as often as other dates especially in top condition. Have a look at the image to the right. This gem quality silver dollar is prized by collectors and valued highly.

With condition so important to value, give 'grading' your coin a try. See the section below, with a little comparison; it gives an insight to how your coin is viewed by collectors.

Morgan dollars are very popular, studied closely and widely collected. Your 1901 silver dollar does have added potential value. As a collector would, use the three major criteria found on the coin and determine its true worth; date, mintmark and condition.

Scarcity and demand combine to raise the minimum value of 1901 silver dollars minted at the Philadelphia mint. An absence of a mintmark indicates the Philadelphia coin. Two other mints struck 1901 dollars; San Francisco used an 'S' and New Orleans an 'O' mintmark. Location of these marks is the area above the DOL in Dollar.

1901 Morgan Silver Dollar Values
Condition of Coin
1901 Morgan Silver Dollar Values Updated 2/8/2021
1901 $28.24 $34.96 $62 $2,660
1901 O $27.01 $28.24 $29.58 $51.74
1901 S $29.58 $32.95 $51.10 $376

1900 Silver Dollar Coin

Auction Results of a Rare 1901 Morgan Silver Dollar

Pictured is a classic and rare Morgan silver dollar, minted in 1901 at the Philadelphia mint and still in uncirculated condition. Using these three top value factors; date, mint and condition it is recognized a scarce coin. What takes this coin to the 'rare' level is collector's appreciation of subtle elements that are rarely found on 1901 silver dollars.

Walking Liberty Silver Dollar 1900

Because of study, collectors realize, examples with a bold strike are rare. Liberty is often lacking detail because of a soft strike during minting. This coin is notable for the crisp detail within the design.

Next, surface preservation is closely inspected. Although many nicks and abrasions to the surface are apparent, they are light in nature and not severe. Given the large size of silver dollars contact marks from each other are usually large and deep. This 1901 dollar is a rare exception.

Additionally, quality of mint luster is outstanding. Adding to eye appeal, a bright white radiates across the surface enhancing its satiny texture. With all these factors combined an easy choice for collectors.

Proven rarity, popular series and placed in a quality auction setting resulted in a top price. 1901 Morgan silver dollar value in rare choice condition reached $2,760 at a David Lawrence rare coin auction. Meeting all major and subtle value factors, it is a desirable coin.

1900 Silver Dollar Value O Mint Mark

Key to 1901 Silver Dollar Value is Judging Condition

The degree of wear (hopefully none at all) is a little hard to gauge but is one step that needs attention. Following the lead of collectors, examine the condition of your 1901 dollar closely. As you compare your coin to the images, a close match of its condition becomes apparent. This process determines the 'grade' and using the above chart identifies accurate 1901 Morgan silver dollar value.

Uncirculated: To reach 'uncirculated' condition all original, as minted detail remains. None has been removed due to wear. OK are nicks and abrasions from contact with other coins, this is normal due to the minting and storage process of silver dollars. Confirming the uncirculated grade is mint luster remaining on the entire surface, including her chin, neck line and hair below and above the ear. These areas are the first to wear and exhibit a dull and smooth texture once in circulation.

Extremely Fine: As silver dollars begin to show slight wear their condition is graded as 'extremely fine.' Noticeable within the hair above Liberty's forehead and behind her neck, flattening is evident. Wear and loss of roundness also shows atop the folds of her cap. Your coin in this condition is still very sharp and crisp.


Fine: Time in circulation has removed a moderate amount of detail on a silver dollar in 'fine' condition. Large portions of hair have merged with only the deepest of lines showing. Wheat ears above the lettering of 'Liberty' and the cotton blossoms just below are now just outlines. Silver dollars in fine condition give the impression of lost detail but not overly so.

Good: Noticeable, heavy wear has reduced the entire design to just a few elements. A silver dollar with extensive wear is designated as 'good' condition. Wear has removed most detail leaving Liberty as an outline in low relief. Remaining are a few and now flattened hair curls showing behind her neck and ear. In this condition your 1901 Morgan silver dollar value moves with bullion silver price.

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Silver dollars are Popular, very Popular… finding a Morgan silver dollar in your box of old coins is finding a coin worth at least $24.55 . Now determine its date, mintmark and condition, refer to the chart and its value is often surprising.

No surprise here, the large size and classic designs insure Silver Dollars are one of the favorites with collectors. Each series is covered in detail, with values listed for all dates and mintmarks, including more on your 1901 Morgan silver dollar value. Compare your coins to images in the sections 'How to grade Silver Dollars' and accurately discover how much your old dollars are worth.

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Today there is a wide range of common to rare coin values found in your box of old coins. From your old pennies to gold coins, all US coin series are covered. Check value charts, identify mintmark locations and judge condition using grading images.. all combine to accurately discover the value of your old coins.

Safe Coin Storage Recommendations

1900 Silver Dollar E Pluribus Unum

Recommendations on basic supplies that greatly improve coin storage. Providing for safe handling, preserving of value and organizing your box of old coins. Old silver dollars need a certain amount of careful handling to maintain their appeal to collectors. Housing them safely is covered in the Safe Coin Storage article.