1900 Indian Head Penny Value

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On an Indian Head Cent the word LIBERTY would be found on the Indian's headband though it is Lady Liberty and not really an Indian. It is not easy to grade coins without help and a lot of practice. You might consider joining a local coin club. Please check the links for more information. 1800'S -1900'S INDIAN HEAD/WHEAT PENNY ROLLS FROM ESTATE LOT SALE. @ LARGE COLLECTION OF INDIAN HEAD CENT PENNY COINS 1858-1909 @ OLD ESTATE SALE @ $28.80. Or Best Offer (5) Vintage Indian Head Pennies 1 Cent US Coins Penny Lot 1900s Good or Better! Not a date commonly found anymore, your 1900 Indian head penny value is $1.45 per coin, even with heavy wear. Minimum value is quickly left behind if your coin is in reasonably nice condition, and only just moderately worn. One of the important factors used by collectors to value old pennies is their condition. Value - A Half-Million Dollars There are five Indian cents known that are stuck on gold planchets. Among them are three dated 1900, one piece dated 1905, and an example dated 1906. The Judd pattern reference lists 1900 and 1907 gold cents in the section on mint errors.

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1900 Indian Head Penny Value
U.S. Mint

1900 Indian Head cents are extremely common and are often found in mixed-date rolls and bags of Indian Head cents. They’re also found at most coin shops that handle 19th- and 20th-century U.S. coinage. Coin collectors often pursue 1900 pennies for type sets as well as to complete series collections of Indian Head pennies.


1900 Indian Head cents were made in large numbers, with 66,831,502 business strikes produced. Examples of 1900 pennies in a grade of Good-4 retail for $2 each. In addition to the 66+ million business strikes, 2,262 proof specimens were struck, and these retail for $1,275.

James B. Longacre designed 1900 Indian Head pennies. Interestingly, an “Indian” doesn’t actually appear on this penny at all. In fact, the bust that is featured on the obverse of the coin is actually the figure of Miss Liberty. Longacre’s daughter, Sarah, was the model for the coin. The story goes that she and her dad were meeting with a Native American, who playfully placed his traditional headdress atop the young girl’s head. Amused, her coin designer father sketched the scene to show his wife. As a sidenote, Longacre also designed the U.S. two-cent piece, which in 1864 became the first coin to bear the motto IN GOD WE TRUST.

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1900 Indian Head Penny Value

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