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Brain to Books is an extension of and is run and managed by Angela B. Chrysler.

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The Brain to Books website will be closed on 19 October 2016. The new home base is Facebook, which I use alongside Goodreads.

On 28 October 2015, I have decided to close the website for Brain to Books. Facebook will become the new “Homepage” for Brain to Books and will be used in conjunction with Goodreads. All news and updates will be posted there.

The website will close one year from now on 19 October 2016. This will give me ample time to publish all articles on the website to Goodreads and Facebook. This is due to a financial decision I have made.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

In accordance with this decision, I have created this page

Please note, this change does not alter the events or promotions. The website is simply not getting enough traffic to justify the expense when the majority of activity occurs on Facebook and Goodreads.

Brain to Books on Goodreads and Facebook

Most posts have been moved to Facebook along with the pages! Have a look at

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